The Super Babies - Part 3

The S.M.S.B. is back, but now they're all a lot older. In this era of peace, Baby Intelligence, now going by Master Intelligence, continues to train the group. Among them is a new member named Red X, whose powers could be more than meets the eye. And at Bast Castle, a past enemy is planning to return from the dead and seek revenge. And if the NoHeads return to power, chaos will follow.


5. The Tower of Reincarnation

Finally, the plates were successfully complete. Master Intelligence told Telekinibabe to fetch Lindsay from her room. Telekinibabe nodded and headed down there to find Lindsay reading.

"Lindsay?" said Telekinibabe.

"Come in."

Telekinibabe opened the door. "The plates and surprise supper are complete!"

Lindsay lowered her book and looked up. "OK. I'm coming." She stood up and followed Telekinibabe to the kitchen.

There, Master Intelligence was waiting. He was wearing an apron. Lindsay walked over and stood next to Red X.

"Your plates turned out great!" said Master Intelligence. "And now for supper!"

With that, Master Intelligence disappeared behind a door. When he returned, he was carrying a pot, a kettle, and a plate of steaks. The other members headed to the long table. They had already fetched their cups. Master Intelligence laid down a steak on everyone's plate, then called everyone over to get macaroni and cheese and peas from the pot and kettle. Everyone came excitedly.

When all the plates were assembled, everyone began to eat. For Sebiscuits, the food had been mashed so he could suck it past his vocabulator.

Lindsay looked over, then down at her steak. It was covered in blood. She sat there for the longest time, watching everyone else eat.

Finally, she spoke up. "Master? Excuse--" As she spoke, she put her elbow on her plate.

With that, the plate jerked upward, bringing Lindsay along with it. She felt her feet leave the ground; the plate was pulling her away in a howl of wind and color. She screamed in terror, unable to see anything except a volley of pink light in front of her. And then, the light disappeared and she saw the ground coming down hard. She hit the grassy floor hard; her hand let go of the plate at last. Startled, she stood up and looked around. Behind her, the plate landed and broke.

She had obviously been transported for dozens of miles, maybe even hundreds. She was standing instead in a large courtyard. Her mind reeled as she attempted to process her thoughts. A courtyard...the one from my dream! This is Lioness graveyard, and the plate's a transport!

She pulled out her sword, but kept the blade detracted. Lindsay kept looking around her. She still had the strange feeling she was being watched.

Up ahead was a tunnel. Lindsay chose to enter it, not knowing where she was.

Her heart pounding, she reached the other side to find a small, empty room with a curtained room nearby. Suddenly, she saw Whammo Fireball stepping out from behind the drapes, steadily making for her. At first, she could not make out what he was carrying. But a second look, and she saw, in his arms, Hell Burnbottom's head, which Whammo was holding like a baby.

Lindsay screamed in terror. Was this a trap all along? More than ever, she wanted to be back at her home, assuring everyone she was all right, and had only left for a little while...

And then she felt a surge in the dark side, and was then disarmed of the sword in her hands. The following moment, Lindsay was lifted off her feet. She felt herself slam into a metal board; dazed, she was only peripherally aware that her arms had been chained. After checking the cords were in place, Whammo then turned to a large and empty electric prism above him. Lindsay looked around her, and saw the broken plate lying some twenty-five feet away from the entrance. Looking down, she saw a nine-foot-snake, and quickly realized it was Nagatha.

Suddenly, a shrill, cold voice said, "Do it! Hurry!"

Whammo stepped up and under the prism and then hurled Burnbottom's head inside the rectangle; Lindsay heard it land with a soft thud. Let it burn, she thought. Let the electricity consume it...

Whammo performed another surge, and seemed to focus on the night. "Bone of the erutul..." A large bone rose from the corpse of a erutul. Lindsay could barely see in the room behind the board binding her. When the bone ascended into the prism to join the disembodied head, Whammo stepped outside. When he returned, he was holding a woarc egg.

"And egg of the woarc..." he said quietly.

What is he doing? Lindsay thought. In front of her, the prism turned from a light blue to burning red; the tint shone through Lindsay's eyes.

Not until Lindsay heard deep breathing did she realize that Whammo was standing right in front of her restrained form. Lindsay paled as he extended his hand. "And power of the hero."

Suddenly, Lindsay felt everything go black, she was pressed roughly from all sides, she could not breathe...

And then her surroundings returned, along with a universal sense of agony. She felt incredibly weak. In Whammo's hand was a small bottle of yellow light. He walked back over to the prism and opened the lid, so the waves of light ascended into the prism to restore Burnbottom's corporeal form.

"The NoHeads will rise again!" Whammo shouted, telekinetically forcing the prism into a blinding white mass. Lindsay was too weak to do more than open her jaw wide. The mass began to shrink...

Then an enormous, deafening explosion of energy filled the room. Whammo's arms were shifting quickly, evidently he was trying to control the contents of the explosion, which fell into a mass of sparks behind the criminal.

"NOOOO!!!" Lindsay screamed.

The sparks simmered before dying down and a thick white steamed the process now completed. Lindsay saw with an icy stare of terror the cold, sinister figure of Hell Burnbottom regaining his physical body and emerging slowly from the ashes. He then rose, lifting his bald head. His eyes were glowing red, his nose hooked, his teeth razor-sharp.

As Lindsay continued to scream, the reborn Dark Lord took some time examining his body and getting reaccustomed to it. His fingers were unusually long; he had two marks of darkness on the top of his head. She looked into the face of the man who had haunted her for years...

Hell Burnbottom was alive again.

The son of Mr. Stupid NoHead walked forward on his new boots and chuckled. Whammo looked up.

"My sword, please," said Burnbottom. "The one you recovered from the Yellowstone Base."

Whammo held out his old weapon, and Burnbottom took it abruptly. He then turned his head upward, calling the Lunch Money Bandit to him.

The criminal landed in a cloud of smoke, and moved slowly and cautiously, as if he could not believe his eyes. Hell Burnbottom turned and addressed him.

"Sorry I'm late," said the Lunch Money Bandit.

"Welcome my friends," said Hell Burnbottom. "Both of you...are officially NoHeads."

"I am honored," said the Lunch Money Bandit.

"What he said," seconded Whammo.

Hell Burnbottom also swore he would teach them how to use the powers they possessed. If they were Fobbles, why were they so talented? He also swore vengeance on Master Intelligence.

"Where is Darren Slade?" Hell Burnbottom inquired.

"He came to me when the Sign began freezing," Whammo answered serenely. "Slade will flee, probably as we speak; you know how many NoHeads he put in Beta Prison in his place."

Burnbottom hissed angrily. "Slade will pay!" he said angrily.

"No!" Lindsay shouted, before she could stop herself. "Have mercy on him!"

The Dark Lord turned to Lindsay. He was about to speak when she disappeared. He turned and looked around. "Come out and face me!"

Lindsay was nowhere to be seen.

"What are you trying to accomplish, Limdsay?" he taunted. "Cowardice will get you nowhere in this fight. If you want to achieve something, you will face me and fight like a man."

Lindsay's face twisted as she reappeared in front of him. She sealed the distance and ignited her sword, pointing it toward Burnbottom's red eyes. Burnbottom drew his own sword and lit his cloak on fire. The battle began.

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