Descendants: The Secret Daughter

Morgan, Daughter of Morgana, lives in, a famous place called, Isle Of The Lost where the villain lives in...

And she swam away from her underwater home.

Now she's becoming a human and apply for Auradon Prep...

Everyone in Auradon hates her real mother, Morgana because she would ruin Auradon and they fear her.

She changed her real name into her fake name, Mat, Daughter of Pocahontas.

Everything goes well at the beginning, but in the end, everything goes wrong!

Because she fell in love with Cyrus, Son of Queen Melody and It's wrong!

Does she sort it out?

Meanwhile, Morgon will meet a popular in the school of Vallian Kids, Mal, Jay, Evie and Carlos, and she begs for their help...


2. Chapter 1

Chapter 1




I swam away from my home because my mum planning to put a curse on some place, Auradon.

I can imagine that many people might be in danger!

So, I swam away from her and my hometown.

Goodbye, Mum!

My name is Morgan, Daughter of Morgana.


I am at the underwater and I am the next sea witch as a villain.

I don't like it when I got black magic in my body.

So, I need to practice on the spell and that's why I bring a spell book with me.

I got a transformation human potion with me in my bag.

When I get to arrive in Auradon, I pop up in the air and I saw a big castle as I look up slowly.

I was surprised because I see how big is it and I saw a sign that say 'Auradon Prep'...

I wonder, what is it?

Then a kind gentleman, who has a short blonde hair, royal clothes with white color and has blue eyes, came out from the castle.

I pop in when he take a view to looking around on the sea and when he looks away from the sea, I pop up from my eyes to nose slowly.

What's handsome gentlemen?

I pop up more and I sigh sadly.

I can't be fell in love when I just met...

I never have a love before...

Well, I have once.

To loved my mother...

I had stuck in the house and I spent in the house for 16 years straight!

I know right!

Maybe run away is a good thing to do!


Just then...

"Sea Witch!" That was another gentleman yells as I was startled by the person.

I roll my eyes and I jump in like dolphins can do.

Royal coward came out and throw the food in the water.

My guess is they hated my real mother.

I sigh sadly.

I guess I could use the potion.

I sigh sadly and take it out of my bag.


I can't drink here because I'm in underwater, so if I were human, then I drown as I can't swim!

I gotta to find surface but where?

Auradon has a lot of Kings, Queens, their children and normal people.

I'm sure my mum says to me 'Isle Of The Lost' would be good for me.

Here I go!

I swam away and when I arrived, I pop up to see the forest.

I sigh sadly.

Here is it!

I close my eyes as I didn't want to see myself and I lean forward to potion bottle.

My mum says to me before she makes it, 'Now, when you were human, you never forget me and walk like a human can do or whatever they do.'

This potion is my mum's dream but I stole it from her...

I want to be a good kid, not be like her!

I drink it all when I got a small thing in the bottle and I dropped it as I choked to death because I drink it all...

I could feel like death.

I fell down the hard rock ground and I open my eyes to see my white hairs turn into dark brown hair as a little white highlight.

I was shocked as I look down on the reflect me to see my yellow eyes turns into dark brown eyes and at last, my purple skin turns into a perfect light brown skin.

What's up with the clothes?

I look down on the new update clothes and it's...

"Mat?!" That was the man's voice. 

Just then, I tried to get up but I was weak and I fell over.

Everything went blank.

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