Descendants: The Secret Daughter

Morgan, Daughter of Morgana, lives in, a famous place called, Isle Of The Lost where the villain lives in...

And she swam away from her underwater home.

Now she's becoming a human and apply for Auradon Prep...

Everyone in Auradon hates her real mother, Morgana because she would ruin Auradon and they fear her.

She changed her real name into her fake name, Mat, Daughter of Pocahontas.

Everything goes well at the beginning, but in the end, everything goes wrong!

Because she fell in love with Cyrus, Son of Queen Melody and It's wrong!

Does she sort it out?

Meanwhile, Morgon will meet a popular in the school of Vallian Kids, Mal, Jay, Evie and Carlos, and she begs for their help...


1. Deception + Cast

Hello, love!

This is Descendants: The Secret Daughter for Descendants fans.

I know I'm old to watch Disney Channel, so what?

I love it!

So, Descendants is inspiring me because I have an idea over Morgana have a daughter.

Morgana is from The Little Mermaid 2: Return To Sea as Villan.

I want to write this story to prove you that I am a good writer. :)


So... Here is the Character!


Hallie Berry as Morgana

Vanessa Morgan as Morgan/Mat

Austin North as Cyrus

Dove Cameron as Mal

Cameron Boyce as Carlos

Booboo Stewart as Jay

Sofia Carson as Evie

More to come!


I don't have time to write more cast.


Enjoy the story that you actually liked!

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