What If I Love You?

Lucy can't understand why Natsu is always on her mind, why she is always extra-embarrassing around him, or why her dreams are now populated with Natsu, Natsu, and more Natsu


1. You Can Cook?

Lucy balanced along the curb of the bridge, effectively ignoring the concerned shouts of the fishermen greeted her unhearing, uncaring ears. Her small, dainty feet in their new high heels clicked on the stone, feet landing neatly in front of each other as her mind wandered across the day’s events. Natsu’s grinning face appeared a bit more than was comfortable, so she focused on the composition of the letter she was going to write to her dead mother once she arrived at her house. The blonde stepped off of the curb once the curb ended, and absentmindedly wandered over to her front door. Before she entered, however, the girl stared suspiciously up at the lit window of her bedroom. You or me would probably freak out at this point because we would already have,in that split second, arrived at the conclusion that burglars had infiltrated our apartment. But not Lucy. She simply sighed and readied herself for disaster before opening the door and stepping inside the originally stylish place. Sure enough, there were no burglars, just Natsu and Happy eating the meat that she had prepared the day before. “Honestly, would it kill you two to tell me when you plan on coming over? And wait-IS THAT THE MEAT THAT I’D SPECIALLY PREPARED FOR LEVY????? I TOLD YOU THAT YOU SHOULDN’T EAT THAT!!!!” Natsu had the bad sense to shrug at this, having forgotten how badly Lucy’s kicks hurt. A second later he was on the floor, apologizing with a bruise of his face. “We’ll help bake something else! Hold on-I know how to make a killer fried fish with sunnyside up eggs!” Natsu’s said with his usual enthusiasm, face lit up at the last comment. “Aye! Natsu’s really good at cooking fish!” Happy said in his usual cheerful manner. “Fine,” Lucy said, anger replaced with a sense of gratitude, “I have some fish...I might have used up all the eggs though… … After a period in time in which Lucy was almost exclusively annoyed, amused or amazed, the odd meal was (almost) perfectly baked. With frazzled nerves and slightly burnt fingers, Lucy decided to head to bed so she could rest up before Levy came. Of course, she had to (quite literally) kick Natsu and Happy out of the house first...
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