What If I Love You?

Lucy can't understand why Natsu is always on her mind, why she is always extra-embarrassing around him, or why her dreams are now populated with Natsu, Natsu, and more Natsu


2. Dream On

Natsu stepped closer.

    And closer.

    And closer, until he was about a centimeter away from her face. Lucy blushed and stuttered, “Wha-what are you doing, Natsu?”  

    Natsu averted curiously intense eyes from her lips to her own brown pupils and asked, “It’s kinda obvious isn’t it?” in a husky growl of a voice that was far sexier than she had ever remembered it to be. Lucy’s face turned tomato-cherry red, and she felt the familiar feeling of shame and embarrassment she always felt  when she messed up in front of the pink-haired dragon slayer, except a thousand times worse.

Natsu sexily stepped towards Lucy (I don’t know how a sexy step looks like either. Poetic licence?) and stroked her hair, long thin fingers combing through the golden locks before he leaned over to close the way-too-small-for-an-iota-of-comfort space in between them, Lucy shivered and heard a voice cry, “Lucy! Hey! Wake up! Seriously, Lu-chan, last time I checked, you weren’t a panthera leo.”

Lucy woke up, still blushing, to Levy’s smiling face.

“AAAH! How did you get in?

… Actually, I probably shouldn’t be surprised at this sort of thing anymore….Oh! Levy! Sorry, I fell asleep. Hold on, hold, on, let me drag myself out of bed...!”

Levy waited patiently, giggling and uttering consoling words of forgiveness as Lucy composed herself, blushing and apologizing profusely for being such a bad host to her blue-haired bookworm of a guest.

Once the two girls were ready, they headed down and Lucy presented the meal of fish and eggs to Levy, who found it a strange combination but ate it happily anyway. As for dinner conversation, what could be more fitting than an explanation of how that night's meal came to be? Now, normally such a conversation would bore the pants off of anyone who isn't the cook or someone who is obsessed with cooking (read, "Gee, thanks Dad and Grandma, for discussing how the meal could be better and how you make it et cetera, et cetera while your daughter/wife and grand kids/children faceplant on the table repeatedly out of boredom."), but this dinner was made by Natsu Dragneel and Happy, and that is guaranteed to be hilarious.

"Then, Happy ate the last half of the fish, and we had to go buy another one, which Natsu burnt by getting to excited. He was seriously bouncing up and down out of excitement. Yeesh, he's really an idiot!"

"Mmmmm, are suuure you don't mean "cute"? Because before I woke you up you were blushing and saying, 'Natsu....Natsuuuuuu...'" Levy asked, a devilish smile on her face as her best friend squirmed in her seat.

"Hmph! No way I could love that idiot!!!!" Lucy shouted, beyond embarrassed. Unfortunately, Natsu had entered the building about five sentences ago to retrieve his coat, and had heard the whole exchange. Before Lucy or Levy could notice him, he rushed out of the building, tears barely kept from running down his usually cheerful visage. At the very, very, least now he knew Lucy's true feelings...All his vain, futile, hollow dreams of romance with the blonde he was surprised to find he still had still clung to were now unknowingly crushed with a few careless words.

And for the first time in his life, Natsu Dragneel knew the feeling of hopelessness.



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