A collection of my poems.
Keep in my these are the words. These poems were made for interpretation.


1. Shall I see With The Eyes Or The Mind?

S H A L L     I     S E E     W I T H     T H E     E Y E S     O R       T H E    M I N D?

OCTOBER 13TH, 2015

What does beauty really mean?

Does it mean shining blonde hair and a bright little gleam

Or it means 'that true self that sleeps in within'?


What should I call pretty and take it up high?

The flower growing low that takes a sleep at night

Or the fallen, yet alive tree, that became its own knight?


What shall make me awestruck and take my words away?

The strong tall man, that follows the same used old way

Or the boy he used to be, whom heart was warm as May?


What is so ravishing that makes my breath stop?

Is it the brand new phone for the ones at the top

Or the cloudless sky allowing the sun touch my skin to make it hot?


Humanity has lost its shine, it is no longer sublime or maybe, it had never been.

Maybe it had never been because I read the texts from the thoughts of the old days, and I heard.

I heard and learned how they took the poor up and left the rich unseen.

And those unseen, after so many years, are starting to glow in the dark.

But do we look deep inside and leave behind the black

Or we just look from afar and lie, saying that we finally understand?


I have one simple question

Dear world

Shall I look with the eyes or the heart?

Well, just one more

Will this, be done?





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