A crAzy gAme

Kurt Piper has spent her life as an outcast. She hated her old life. She was bullied for tons of reasons. After being bullied about her boy name and being short she moved to Rosewood. However she starts to fall into A's crazy game, and as she struggles with the new chapter of her life she crosses paths with Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields, Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, Mona Vanderwaal, and even Alison DiLaurentis. Kurt starts her new life just not like she planned.


3. New school, new me

I sat up on the couch  with the TV on. I had no idea what to think of all this. I reached for another spoonful of ice cream with Aria by my side. Spencer's mom was still mad at Spencer for her being there. That figured, no one ever wanted me anywhere. Not at my home or at school. I noticed I was shoving so much ice cream that I almost choked. On that note I noticed Spencer talking to her mom in the back. "Well, if she's really going to live here she as to go to school. We need to figure out how to call her parents. We can't just take her in." Her mom said. Then Spencer said something and her mom sighed but nodded.

I saw Spencer coming over to me, and I felt my heart beating faster and faster by the second. On her way to coming over with me she took Aria's spoon. "Hey!" She yelled. Spencer rolled her eyes at her. Aria looked like she might attack Spencer at any moment. Spencer then sighed and looked right at Aria.

"You have had enough!" Spencer said, and she grabbed the ice cream, and sat on my other side. Aria shot her eye daggers, and then moved to the kitchen. Where she then grabbed another ice cream box from the freezer and an even bigger spoon. She then ran over to Spencer shake the ice cream in front of her face. Spencer rolled her eyes and tried to get the ice cream from Aria. Alison gave out a bitter laugh.

"Aria watch out; you might get big." Alison said. Aria then jumped on the table, and opened the ice cream. She then began shoving the ice cream into her mouth, and then she started rubbing her tiny stomach. This made everyone laugh even Spencer. Aria bowed and sat back down. Everyone then went back to watching TV. After about ten minute Spencer jumped a little. I feared that she remember why she came over in the first place. I was right of course because she slowly turned to me. She began to open her mouth and tried to figure out what to say.

"Do you have any school supplies?" She said at once. Everyone else looked over at her. "I mean- you have gone to school before right. If-if- you are going to live here you need to go to school. Rosewood High is an okay school. I bet you will fit right in." Spencer said. She looked like she didn't know what to say. I couldn't help myself; I smiled. I can't believe that they are taking me in. If I ever had friends I would want them to be like Spencer.

Before anyone could say anything I jumped in. "I don't really have anything but all I need is a pencil or whatever. I skipped a grade so I'm a junior. I could just catch the bus if you wanted." I said. Spencer shook her head and said there was no way I was taking the bus. Then she looked at me. She looked like she really wanted to say something. Maybe she was just trying to get the words out, but I already knew what she was going to ask. "Thank you so much for having me here. My family didn't, um, want-need me." I choked on the words.

Aria hugged me. I could tell she wanted to know more about my childhood, but I couldn't talk. "How about you come with us tomorrow? I can get you sighed up." Aria said. I nodded. I hated school but these girls seemed nice. "Remember schools starts at eight so be sure to get up by seven." Well, at least school didn't start at six like at my old school, and I love sleep. "Well, anyway, it's getting late. We should go to bed."

Spencer showed me a guest room where I could sleep. She also gave me a book bag and set my alarm. Then the other girls left. I tried to sleep but nothing happened. I kept looking at the clock and saw it was 3:00.

I woke up in a daze. I could hear people yelling in the hallway. It was Spencer and her sister. They saw me and quickly stopped. "If you want you can borrow my clothes and makeup. There is an outfit in the bathroom. Aria is about your height and I figured mine would be too big so you got Aria's!" I smiled and nodded. I could tell they wanted me to go away so I went to the bathroom. Inside was a bright neon outfit with really short shorts. My eyes got big. My mom would kill me if she saw me wearing this, but that just made me want to put it on more. Then I looked at the makeup which was also neon for some reason.

I grabbed a few pencils and notebooks and headed downstairs. By the time I got downstairs the rest of the girls were there. Aria's eyed me. It was clear she knew it was her clothes, but she smiled. "I like your outfit." She said. The other girls gigged. "You are going to have boys all over you."  This time I smiled. I was always home schooled or at an only girls school, so I never really met any boys besides family members.

"We should head out." Spencer said. The other girls nodded, and they grabbed their small bags. Spencer and Aria had all had their cars here, so we all carpooled.  I hopped into the back of Aria's car along with Mona and Hanna.  As Alison and Emily went into Spencer's car. I looked at Spencer and then the rest girls. You could clearly tell that Spencer was the rich girl in the group. I wish I could look like that.

"Here we are! The Brewwwww!" Aria half said half sang. I looked out the window and saw a big coffee shop. Hanna and Mona jumped and ran to The Brew. The rest of the other girls were already ordering their drinks. I didn't know it at the time but they bought me something.Then Aria and the others ran out with their special coffee. I took one sip of mine and almost spit it out. I thought it was going to be coffee, but it was way too sweet to be coffee. I guess they thought I was too young to drink coffee.

Then we took off. I guess we took too much time at The Brew. Once we got out Hanna jumped up and took my arm. "I'll show you where to go!" She said a little too happily. Spencer looked over like she didn't believe Hanna. "What? I want to have a reason to be late to class." Spencer shrugged, and we all walked into the school. Everyone went different ways. "Come on, this is the longest way there." Hanna said as she started to walk. I eyed her. "I'm sorry, but I have math next, and if we take the long way I might skip it." I shrugged feeling just like Spencer.

After ten minutes we got to the office. Hanna got a late pass, and I went into the office. "Hi, I'm Kurt Piper." The principal looked up. Hanna said she as only seen the assistant principal, so this was new. The regular principal was an old lady, and she looked kind of well... mean. 

"Ms. Piper." She repeated. Her honey-like eyes looked right into my soul. "Yes, yes, you are my new student," she said very slowly. "Here is your new schedule." She handed me a paper. "Well, what are you waiting for? Please go to your first class." I quickly ran out, and on my way out she said "no running Ms. Piper. Oh and never come to school wearing something like that again." I sighed and felt my heart racing. If this was the principal how bad are the students? Then I looked down at my paper. I had math first of course. I was hoping this was Hanna's math class.

After about ten minutes of searching I walked into the class. "Wow, Montgomery 2.0" a tall, black-haired boy said. Everyone's head shot up. These was clearly a joke of me wearing Aria's clothes. Mr. Widget, my math teacher, showed me a seat next to Spencer. Everyone laughed as I made my way to my seat. Spencer looked me up and down, and I could tell what she was thinking.

Just then my phone buzzed.

They can all tell who the better Montgomery is. I don't even have tell them about your childhood. -A


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