A crAzy gAme

Kurt Piper has spent her life as an outcast. She hated her old life. She was bullied for tons of reasons. After being bullied about her boy name and being short she moved to Rosewood. However she starts to fall into A's crazy game, and as she struggles with the new chapter of her life she crosses paths with Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields, Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, Mona Vanderwaal, and even Alison DiLaurentis. Kurt starts her new life just not like she planned.


2. How to hack A or not

"Toby, did you see who it was?!" Spencer said to the cop; I guess his name was Toby. Toby shook his end, and then he looked like he was calling backup. "Toby! What are you doing? We can't tell the rest of squad, you know that!" Spencer yelled as she ran over to Toby. I couldn't think right. If I didn't believe the stuff about A before I definitely did now.

I looked over at the rest of the girls. I was half expecting that they wouldn't be that shocked. Maybe this always happened, and they were used to it. I had never been so wrong. Aria was hugging Emily with giant eyes. Hanna was shaking, and Mona was still on the ground from when she ducked from the brick. Then Alison was messing with her hair and looked really crazy. Just then the door opened, and everyone screamed. The person was no other then Spencer's mom. "Mom! What are you doing home so early!" Her mom just acted like this was normal. "Honey, I'm back right on time." Spencer looked over and sighed.

Her mom made her way down the hall. "Oh no, Spencer why is this girl here?" She said with her eyes fixed on mine. So far her mom hadn't noticed the broken picture, and Spencer ran behind her to clean it up. However her mom wasn't just going to ignore me, so she asked the question again. Spencer, however did ignore the question. "Spencer! What did you do to this girl!" Spencer sighed like that was the dumbest question ever. "Spencer Hastings! Answer me right now!"

"She's just my new friend." Spencer said with a hint of sass. Her mom sighed and pulled Spencer into another room. The other girls looked around awkwardly. Hanna-or was it Alison?-sighed like she didn't want to wait for Spencer. I felt everyone looking at me. Spencer marched back in to the room, yet her mom was still yelling at her to come back. "SPENCER JILL HASTINGS!" Yelled her mom from the room. She ran back to the room, and she seemed to remember that the other girls were here too. "Can you girls please go up stairs?" She said. Her voice was still angry.

The other girls nodded, and we walked upstairs. We walked into a giant room that was way to big to be a bedroom. At least it would be too big in my old house. "Toby, did you see who it was?" Mona or maybe Aria or Emily said. Toby shook his head. This was terrible. Who was A? Why was A doing this to me? I didn't even know A! Or did I? This couldn't be a prank right? Then Mona, I think, pulled out a giant laptop, and she opened all these maps and graphs. I looked over at it, and I was really confused.  Then she opened a web camera which clearly showed Spencer's house. She watched the video and caught the person throwing the brick, but it was just a black blur. 

"What's the next step?" Spencer said. It made me jump. Mona yelled and jumped up. The others ran over to her. I guess when Mona yelled it was a big deal. "It crashed!" Mona yelled again and again. I looked over, and I saw her computer had gone totally dark. "A hacked me!" Mona yelled out.

"We will have to find another way to find A" The girls sighed and continued to talk, but I wasn't listening. I was trying to think through this whole A thing. If A knew all my secrets did that mean they knew about my life back home? Nothing too bad happened right? I loved to keep the story short and simple. I moved away because people bullied me about my height and my boy name. Plus my family was a little messed up, but that didn't matter now right? Could A twist the truth to make it worse?

Then Hanna walked over to me. "Hey, what's your name?" Hanna said. The other girls looked up shocked. I had no idea why I was so shocked. If we were going to be friends being slacked shouldn't they know my name? I guess the other girls were shocked because they were so busy doing A stuff. I guess I was taking a long time to answer because Hanna asked the question again.

"Oh, Um, my name" I started. Should I lie? I hated my real name. My parents were planing to have a boy, so when they gave birth to a girl they just gave me the name they had planned to. However I guess if A was just going to tell them behind my back I should just tell the truth. "My name is Kurt." I said, and I blushed. Hanna laughed a little, but the other girls didn't react. They just went back to the A plan; even Hanna went back to work. The time passed and then my phone buzzed.

Just because you told them about your name doesn't mean I can't tell them all about the rest of your childhood. Have fun with your new friends. -A

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