A crAzy gAme

Kurt Piper has spent her life as an outcast. She hated her old life. She was bullied for tons of reasons. After being bullied about her boy name and being short she moved to Rosewood. However she starts to fall into A's crazy game, and as she struggles with the new chapter of her life she crosses paths with Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields, Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, Mona Vanderwaal, and even Alison DiLaurentis. Kurt starts her new life just not like she planned.


4. Come on out

 I was so glad to be out of that classroom and out of the school. I saw Mona head outside, so I followed her. I saw the rest of the girls by Spencer's car. Aria, whose arms looked weak, was holding a large file. I couldn't really see what it was in till I was closer. But as I got closer, I started to really see what it was. It had big block letters, and before I was even there I knew what it said.

I knew what the file was. I knew because I had held that file. I knew what was in it. My vision started to get blurry, but I could still make out the words of the file. In big red letters on the side spelled out: LORI PIPER. The girls had my mom's prison file. A had really given it to them.

I felt dizzy; I could barely see anymore. Had time stopped? Or was it just me? I could feel myself starting to drift away; just before I went out, I saw the girls looking at me. How was this happening? One second later, I was gone.

I woke up on someone's bed. I could see the girls. They were talking too; what if they were talking me? I hope they didn't see me wake up; I hope they didn't. I really just wanted to clear my head and sleep. "I think she's up," said Emily. So much for clearing my head. I could feel the girls looking over me. "Kurt, Kurt? Are you up?" Emily asked. I didn't want to face them, but I didn't have a lot of choices.

I opened my eyes fully now. All the girls were looking up at me. My eyes got wide; I was not used to having so much people right by my face. I let out a little grunt. The girls looked worried. I could see clearly now, and I noticed that Aria wasn't with the girls. "Aria?" I choked out. The girls looked around at each other. "Aria, Aria," I said again.

"She's not here. Do you need her?" Asked Spencer. I don't know why I wanted Aria out of all the girls. I just felt like Aria was the most like me. I couldn't explain it. Maybe it was because she didn't look so shocked when she saw the file. "I'll go get her," Spencer said as she walked out. I was about to tell her not to go but she was already gone. The rest of the girls looked around.

A few minutes later, Aria came into the room with two coffee cups. She sat on my bed and gave me a cup of coffee. She didn't say any thing for a minute, but finally she spoke. "I'm sorry." I nodded. "So, you want to go shopping for heels. It always makes me feel better," Aria said. I smiled and nodded. Aria pulled me up, and the rest of the girls left. I didn't even know Aria. Why was I trusting her so easily? Maybe she just had that face.

Aria and I walked into a shoe store. As soon as we walked in we saw Noel and a girl who was most likely his girlfriend. "Maybe we should leave," Aria said. Just then Noel looked over at us and winked. I felt Aria grab my arm, but I walked away from her. I didn't know what I was planning. I had no idea why I was doing it. Maybe it was because of Noel or maybe it was because of the bullies in my past.

"Hey Noel," I said, "who's this?" I asked pointing to the girl. Noel smiled. I looked right into his eyes and smiled back.

"This is my girlfriend, Nikki," said Noel. Perfect, Noel had just fallen into my trap. The girl smiled.

"What did you just say to me?!" I yelled at Noel. Everyone looked over. "You're my boyfriend! What are you doing with her?!" Nikki looked confusing. "You know he's cheating on you? I forgave you one time, but I just can't do it!"

Nikki looked mad and sad. "You jerk!" Nikki yelled. Then something awesome happened; Nikki threw her coffee right in Noel's face. Then she ran off.

"What the-" Noel started to say, but I had already walked away.

"That was awesome," Aria said.

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