A crAzy gAme

Kurt Piper has spent her life as an outcast. She hated her old life. She was bullied for tons of reasons. After being bullied about her boy name and being short she moved to Rosewood. However she starts to fall into A's crazy game, and as she struggles with the new chapter of her life she crosses paths with Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields, Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, Mona Vanderwaal, and even Alison DiLaurentis. Kurt starts her new life just not like she planned.


1. The game inside Rosewood

My mom called after me, but I could tell she really didn't want me to stay. I knew I had to get out of my house. I didn't care where I had to go as long as I would never see my family again. I got to the bus station just as the bus was about to leave. Every single bus was sold out expect for one: Rosewood. I paid the bus driver with the money I got from my oldest sister. I didn't have any bags with me just the money for the small place I would soon rent and a phone. "Rosewood! Everyone off!" The bus driver called. I was the first one off. It surprised me that the rest of the people getting off the best looked like lawyers. They all were wearing fancy suits and such, and one even had a daughter with her that looked like she was my age. At least my mom didn't make me dress up.

"I can't believe these posters are still around." The lawyer's daughter said. She was pointing at a near by poster. It was a picture of a girl named Alison, and it said she had gone missing. I wondered if anyone had made posters of me like that. The lawyer who's name tag read Victoria Hastings ripped down the poster without saying anything. She threw it backwards, and it hit my leg. The daughter turned around and saw it hit me. "Sorry." She said. Then she looked at me closely and patted her mom on the shoulder. Victoria turned around and looked confused. "Where's your mom?" The girl asked as she looked at me. I thought it was kind of rude, but my mom did always teach me to be polite but look where that got us. You could tell her mom thought it was weird too.

"My mom is not with me." The girl looked at me closely. I read her name tag too it said Spencer Hasting. "Did you run away?" She asked. Man, this girl was good. I was a little taken aback and to the looks of it her mom was too. I had no idea what to do, but I knew I was a fast runner and that's what I did. However Spencer ran too. Her mom was yelling at me, and it reminded me of when I ran away from my mom just hours earlier. "I can help you! My mom is a lawyer! You can get proper care!" That's when she caught up to me. Soon her mom had caught up too.

"Spencer! I know you wanted a job to start, but that is not how you do it. Is this because of Alison?" Her mom asked. I thought back to the poster we had seen. Was Alison friends with Spencer? "What is because of me?" Some girl said in the background. I looked around, and saw a blond girl coming towards me. What was going on? Was that the girl from the missing poster? Spencer pointed at me and then whispered something to the girl. Alison's eyes got big and then she went over to me. "Running is not the answer. I tried and it did not work out. Here you can use my phone to call your family. "

I shook my head, and felt my face getting red. "Never mind, I didn't run away." The girls looked at me like they didn't believe me. "Where's your mom?" Spencer asked for the second time. I didn't have time to come up with a story. I looked at her mom. I really wanted her to jump in. Before she could say anything my phone buzzed.

Tell them or I will. -A

I just looked at it. Who in the earth was A? Spencer-who I really didn't like-looked over my shoulder and gasped. Then she ran to her mom. "You should go to your meeting!" She yelled and gave her mom a little push. Her mom looked back and whispered into Spencer's ear and said "don't bother this girl." Then she walked away. What a great mom! Then Spencer said something to Alison, and Alison's face got white. "Please follow us." Spencer said and started walking. I didn't follow. Then Alison looked at me with dead eyes and said "if you don't you might die." Was this girl threatening me?

Spencer started walking to me, and she looked like she would do anything. "Trust me." Why would I believe this girl? This was not how I wanted my new life to go. Spencer couldn't just come into my life and just say I ran away and try to change me. She grabbed my arm and started to drag me. It turns out she was super strong. She may be scary but I bet she would make a great lawyer. Alison and Spencer started to talk together like I wasn't there. "Let go of me!" Spencer looked at me. "You want to hear what we have to say." Then she turned to Alison. "Did you call the others?" Alison nodded.

Soon we were in front of a giant house, and this had really started to feel like they were kidnapping me. There were other cars parked outside. I was really hoping there were adults inside. It turns out there were no adults inside; just four more teenagers. "Is this her?" A short, brown haired girl said. Spencer nodded and then turned to me. "We know about A." She said. It took me a second to figure out what she said. The text. "We know all about A." The girl said. Then they started going through this story about A. How they almost killed the girls more then once, and how they didn't know who it was. Then they showed me the proof. It was terrible. All the pictures and texts. At the end I was shaking, and had no idea what to say.

"If we know anything though it's that A will not let you leave Rosewood. That's why no one ever comes here." Alison said. My face got white. "We want to help you, but you have to stay with us."  Alison said. I have no idea why I believed her so face. Maybe it was because my family was so messed up. We have always had secrets, and we had some criminals in our family. That's why I ran and never looked back. I nodded.

"I'm sorry this is a lot to take in." One said. "You really don't even know us, but let's change that." She said. A thought crossed my mind. What if this guys were just messing with me, but then I saw their faces. They looked so scared, and I saw something in their eyes that said they were telling the truth. "I'm Aria and this is Hanna, Emily, Mona, and Spencer and Alison of course."

Just then the door opened and in came a cop. Was the cop here because of A? "Um, who is this girl?" Said the cop with the name Cavanaugh on his uniform. He was clearly looking at me. Before he could say anything else Spencer walked up and kissed him. "She's new here, but A found her first." Spencer said into his ear. Cavanaugh got a weird look on his face. "We should tell the rest of the squad." Cavanaugh said.

Who did this guy think he was? Why did these girls think they could just grab her, and tell her she was being stalked? This made no sense. She should have never trusted them.

Just then there was a sound of glass being broken. A red brick flew past her head-almost taking off her ear-at the speed of light. Everyone screamed as the brick hit a family picture. Cavanaugh ran to the window to try to see who did it. I couldn't move at first. I heard one of the girls say "A" under their breath. I ran over to the brick and gasped. Cavanaugh rushed over too. Written on the side of the brick read:

It's time to play and you're part of my game. -A

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