Never Give In (Black Veil Brides FanFiction)

After a fatal car crash, Calypso is left with nothing but a suitcase, a decomposition book, pictures and some old letters. She lost the ability to hear on her left ear, and now she has a trembling hand and an extreme anxiety to almost everything.
Being underage, she must be taken to live with the closest familiar. She had none, but the letters revealed otherwise.
Her brother is in a famous band, and his name is Andy Biersack.
They are nothing alike. She's quite, he's loud. He's chessy, she rolls her eyes. She likes Superman, he likes Batman. Only thing in common? Writing meaningful and beautiful things. They both love pouring their hearts out in letters. She does it in poems and he does in songs. What's the difference.
But her brother is not the only thing she will come across.
She will fall into a world she had never experience. And she will learn one thing.
Never. Give. In.
Short chapters.


7. S I X


Why Are You Wearing A Damn Wig And...Fake Boobs?


Juliet fell asleep on the couch while we were watching Batman. Maybe she had grown tired of it but she had never complained about it, and that was the kind if woman I needed in my life. A girl who wouldn't get tired of Batman.

I decided to let her sleep in a more decent way, so I carried her to our room and carefully laid her in bed. While being in the bedroom I grabbed some letters my father gave me, the ones he told me to give Isis, thing I hadn't done.

I walked down stairs quietly but before that checked on Calypso, who was asleep in a fetal position and with a notebook clutched against her chest. She had the lights on and I turned them off but only after analyzing her face and discover that she was just a female copy of mine. We were exactly the same, except for the hips, the chest and the eyes.

Sighing I plopped down on the couch and took the oldest letter. I started reading.

Dear Christopher,

Hi, it's me, Amatis, the woman of the couple you donated your sperm to.

I know you donated it to us because we had a good financial status to keep your child, a child you would never meet. But, we have been having trouble and we need money. God, we can't decided if we should buy diapers or baby food.

We are just asking for help for the diapers. Really.

We hope you are doing okay.

Sincerely, the Emmerson.

P.s. Her name is Calypso, meaning the she who hides, because when she was born she wouldn't stop covering her face with her hands..

There were a few other talking about Calypso's childhood. At one point the letters stopped.

That was the only important letter in the bunch.

I wished I could have met her before everything. Maybe things could have been different.

Maybe her parents wouldn't have died and she wouldn't be so traumatized.

''I don't get you, Calypso. And I want to get you, I want to know you and I want to save you.''

I fell asleep on the couch with my song book clenched against my chest. I was trying to write a song about my feelings but I could take Calypso out of my head.


I woke up the following morning with my stomach growling, so I decided it was finally time to eat something.

Eating something. Eating to forget my problems. Sounded like a good option to me.

I walked down stairs and saw the clock. 10:34 a.m. Pretty late for me.

I walked to what I knew was the kitchen. The cabinets were full of tea, dehydrated food, cereals, cookies, oatmeal. The fridge had sausages and ham and jam and milk, and other things that needed to be kept freezing.

Next to the fridge a bowl of fruit. I decided that was my best option. Fruit. I wanted to eat but not too heavy because if I did I was going to puke.

I grabbed a red apple and headed to the living room. Andy was sprawled across the couch, so I sat in a chair beside it.

I looked at my brother. ''Andy, I think I need you and I don't want you near,'' I whispered.

I started chewing on my apple as I scrolled down my Instagram. People were asking for more poetry, people were asking if I was okay. I ignored it all. Then I checked my messages, I had like a hundred. My friends telling me to call them whenever I woke up, then saying they knew I had left the hospital but they didn't found me, that they went to the police and they told them I had left with a young man, they asked if I had a boyfriend.

I texted a simple: No, he's my brother. And then I was flooded with messages. I turned off my phone.

And I sat there, staring at my brother and seeing our similitudes. The black hair, the pale skin, the skinny not so skinny body, the lashes, the eyebrows, the long fingers. Everything was almost the same if you counted out the fact of our genders. The only difference were the eyes. His were blue and mine were green.

I was about to stand up to wake him up and talk to him about anything but the doll bell rang and I went to attend it since Andy and Juliet were asleep.

I opened the door still in some tight jeans and one of my over sized white sweaters.

Outside the house stood a man. His eyebrows were femenine and he had a mole on his left cheek. He had a black leather jacket and was wearing black jeans.

''Andy, why are you wearing a damn wig and...fake boobs...?'' the man said as he allowed himself in. I closed the door after he entered. ''Andy...and contact lenses too.''

I stood stupefied, looking at the man being so comfortable. The words escaped my lips automatically.

''Andy, there's a man inside the house. He thinks I'm you,'' I cried out. ''Please, come. I'm scared.''

In less than a second Andy was there, Juliet a little after.

Both there are were wide open and there pupils so big, but when they saw the man they calmed down. Andy laughed.

''Calypso, calm down. he's one of my band mates. Ashley,'' Andy said grabbing my hand. ''Ashley, this is Calypso, my little sister.''

''Hi. Nice to meet you,'' he said offering me his hand. I hid behind Andy. ''Okay...'' he said. ''Andy, the other's are on their way.''

''Cool. Wanna finish coming in?'' he replied.

The Ashley guy laughed. ''Sure.''

He made his way to the living room and plopped down on the couch. All the time I stood behind Ady, until he also sat down so I stayed behind Juliet, but she always went to sat down.

I stayed there playing with my thumbs and ignoring the way the Ashley guy was looking at me.

I think I might pee myself.

The doorbell rang.

I'm definitely going to pee myself.

Juliet stood up and went to open the door. I heard male voices.

Or puke. That would be less embarrassing.

The footsteps grew closer.

Or both. What's the difference?

I felt them behind and started shaking.

Or shake.

''Who's her?''

''Is she?''

''The resemblance.''

''Fuck,'' I muttered.

Take baby steps upstairs.

''Calypso,'' I heard Andy call me.

''I'm not ready,'' I said. '' Sorry.''

''Calypso,'' he repeated.

''Don't force me to live through this time, please do not give me reason to cry. And do not give me wings now 'cause I don't wanna fly.''

And with that, I walked away.



''What was that?'' Ashley asked.

''That was my sister talking to me,'' I said. ''She says it is easier.''

''To bring rhymes out of nowhere?'' Jinxx said.

''To spoken word me.''  


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