Never Give In (Black Veil Brides FanFiction)

After a fatal car crash, Calypso is left with nothing but a suitcase, a decomposition book, pictures and some old letters. She lost the ability to hear on her left ear, and now she has a trembling hand and an extreme anxiety to almost everything.
Being underage, she must be taken to live with the closest familiar. She had none, but the letters revealed otherwise.
Her brother is in a famous band, and his name is Andy Biersack.
They are nothing alike. She's quite, he's loud. He's chessy, she rolls her eyes. She likes Superman, he likes Batman. Only thing in common? Writing meaningful and beautiful things. They both love pouring their hearts out in letters. She does it in poems and he does in songs. What's the difference.
But her brother is not the only thing she will come across.
She will fall into a world she had never experience. And she will learn one thing.
Never. Give. In.
Short chapters.


5. F O U R


Come With Me. Trust Me.


Andy ran downstairs with two suitcases, his father trailing behind him, calling after him. The girl, that by many thoughts, I now knew was Juliet started saying goodbye to the blond woman and went to grab her purse.

Me, I sat there watching the four people go and come in front of me. Andy arguing with his father and Juliet talking anxiously to the woman. Andy looked to his father and then to me, as well as Chris looked at me and then at Andy. Both woman stared frozen at me.

''No, Dad. You can do this and I can't let her stay here. I just can't. She's coming with me.'' Obviously it was Juliet they were talking about.
''You can't take her. She came to me,'' Chris said. Okay. They were not talking about Juliet.

''Because she had no option, she didn't thought of me, she didn't knew lots about me, but I'm now taking her.''

''Andy, no.''

''Yes, Dad,'' Andy said. ''And that's it.''

Juliet finally kissed goodbye to the woman as she saw Andy walk towards me.

He looked at me. I looked away. Coward. I was a fucking coward.

''Calypso, come with me. Don't stay here,'' Andy said as he gave me his hand. ''Please. Come with me. Trust me.'' I took his hand. With my trembling hand. ''Do you trust me?'' He asked.

I shook my head. ''No, but I do. You're my brother. We are united by this invisible bond, this invisible bond that makes us both bold, and even though we can't be strong enough.''

''Why the rhymes?''

''Spoken word addiction.''

He helped me up and I tumbled when I was finally on my feet.

He guide me to the door and then outside, where we stood for a second. He sighed and took a look to his parents, to my dad. He sighed again and we took off.

We were sitting in the airport. Waiting for our flight to Los Angeles. Los Angeles. That city was quite a place for spoken word. Maybe New York was number one and other places followed, but Los Angeles. I was sure it was quite a place.

Well, everywhere is quite a place.

Andy and Juliet where holding hands. I sat next to Andy as Juliet told me beautiful stories about Los Angeles. About their cats and their dog DareDevil. Honestly, I like dogs better.

Andy was quite through the stories. He was texting, it was a group. The name was BVBrothers, hell knew what that meant. It wasn't a big group, at least there were four other people answering. There was Ashley, who cursed a lot more than a lady should. There was CC, who was being empathic. This guy, Jinxx, whom I'm positively sure that was not his real name, said that he and his wife were willing to help. Jake, just wrote oks. And my half-brother, Andy, well, he was telling them about me. Reason why Juliet was trying to distract me.

''Instead of hiding your phone, why don't you tell me what expects me at home? I wish I could truly mean it, you know. ''


''I am saying that, instead of talking to them, people who are not your family, you should talk to your sister and tell her about Los Angeles, her future home. But Los Angeles can't be a home to me, because my home is where my parents are. And my parents are no longer alive.''

''I'm sorry. I can't imagine through all the things you are going. I'm going to try and help you,'' Andy apologized.

''Go ahead and try to fix me, I am too broken, it is too late for it.''

''Okay. First of all, stop the spoken word. Second of all, I am your brother and I am going to help you. Third of all, these guys will become eventually your best friends. We have a couple of shows by the end of September and in October and you can't stay home alone, so you are coming with us.''





''Stop. Okay?'' Juliet pleaded.

''Okay,'' both Andy and I said at the same time.


Is was not my first time in a plane, but I was scared as heck. Every moving things that transported human got me scare as heck, and there was nothing I could do about it. Just shaking, terribly.

I was sitting between Andy and Juliet, they thought it was better for me to sit between them for comfort, also for the fact that people stared at me when I was sitting by the hal and the window made me nauseous. So that is why I ended up between them.

Both Julie and Andy fell asleep, so I fell into scareness and boredom. Quite nice, don't you think.

Andy had his phone on his hand. And the phone had no password.

I carefully slipped it out his hand and unblocked it. The screen was him and Juliet kissing. And his phone had no games, so I decided to got through his photos. If I wanted to know this guy and he wasn't going to tell me anything, this way the only.

I found more pictures of him and Juliet, only Juliet, cats, a dog, him and other guys, him and other guys in a concert. Andy on a big stage that behind read Warped Tour.

Maybe I was not into rock things but I did knew one thing. Warped Tour was a big deal, especially if you played on a big stage. And that was how I figured out that my brother was famous.




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