Never Give In (Black Veil Brides FanFiction)

After a fatal car crash, Calypso is left with nothing but a suitcase, a decomposition book, pictures and some old letters. She lost the ability to hear on her left ear, and now she has a trembling hand and an extreme anxiety to almost everything.
Being underage, she must be taken to live with the closest familiar. She had none, but the letters revealed otherwise.
Her brother is in a famous band, and his name is Andy Biersack.
They are nothing alike. She's quite, he's loud. He's chessy, she rolls her eyes. She likes Superman, he likes Batman. Only thing in common? Writing meaningful and beautiful things. They both love pouring their hearts out in letters. She does it in poems and he does in songs. What's the difference.
But her brother is not the only thing she will come across.
She will fall into a world she had never experience. And she will learn one thing.
Never. Give. In.
Short chapters.


6. F I V E


The Grief


Their house was a two story building, nice and cozy. Their house was smaller than my house. My house was two stories, yes, but some much larger. Their house was a typical suburban house. It was a nice house. Just like them.

The house had three rooms for sleeping, they gave the guest room because the other became a studio for both of them. They are singer. That is close to spoken word. They look like rockstars. I guess that is what they sing.

The room was blue and it had king size bed, it was soft, like the one at home, and I wondered how was my home. I left just locking the door behind me, the neighbours were working so they didn't see me. They didn't see me drag through the street to Andy's house. They didn't see me crying. They didn't hear my sobs. I am glad they didn't.

I sat on the bed with my things by my feet. I could hear Andy and Juliet talking but couldn't make out what they were talking about. I'm sure it was me but it was quite frustrating to not know what.

I laid on the bed with my fist clenched over my notebook and my eyes shut. My hair was sprawled around my head and my legs bent to one side.

I tried to write, to push the feelings outside me, but it was impossible. The only things that came to my mind were Andy and Andy, but I didn't want to push the confusion away. First I needed to push the grief away to clear my mind. But it wasn't working.

That was when I started sobbing, like seriously sobbing. Massive sobbing. An earthquake could have been caused by my sobs.

I was expecting Juliet to come since she was the one who had proved sharing but instead it was Andy, thing that amazed me a lot. But Juliet was the one who came after him. With a guitar.

''Are you okay?'' Andy asked.

''Do you think I am okay? You think there's a smile cracking? Can't you see my world shattering?''

''I just want to help,'' he replied.

''Stupid questions won't help,'' I snapped.

''Okay. Maybe music?''

''You can try,'' I said.


''Now our lives have changed, I wish that I could heal

Time has taken love, a darker side revealed

For every lie begins, with what we used to feel''

Juliet was the one playing the guitar.

''Bring my sins under these chains and livin' in pain

Under your tears everything's gone, is it too late? Walk away!''

Andy had an unique voice.

''A lonely heart will mend, until we know the truth

But if it stays the same, can we make it through?

A life without the hurt, a life without you''

The song was mesmerising.

''Blame my sins under these chains, livin' in pain

Under your tears everything's gone, is it too late? Walk away!

Everything's gone, everything's gone

Blame my sins under these chains, livin' in pain''

And it made me feel better.


''Okay. You made me feel better.''

''Now cleans those tears, sweetheart,'' Juliet said handing me a toilet paper. Unique.

''Do you need something more?'' Andy asked.

Yes. ''No.''

''You are sure?'' He asked again.

I want food. I'm starving. ''Totally sure.''

''Not even food?'' Juliet asked worriedly.

I'm dying of hunger. ''I don't have the appetite to eat,'' I lied biting my lip.

''Well, if you are positively sure,'' Andy said standing up along with Juliet. ''We will be downstairs if you need anything.''






It was not okay. I could sense it. But if she kept pushing me away, how I was supposed to help?

Juliet assured me it was going to be okay. But I'm not sure.




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