Never Give In (Black Veil Brides FanFiction)

After a fatal car crash, Calypso is left with nothing but a suitcase, a decomposition book, pictures and some old letters. She lost the ability to hear on her left ear, and now she has a trembling hand and an extreme anxiety to almost everything.
Being underage, she must be taken to live with the closest familiar. She had none, but the letters revealed otherwise.
Her brother is in a famous band, and his name is Andy Biersack.
They are nothing alike. She's quite, he's loud. He's chessy, she rolls her eyes. She likes Superman, he likes Batman. Only thing in common? Writing meaningful and beautiful things. They both love pouring their hearts out in letters. She does it in poems and he does in songs. What's the difference.
But her brother is not the only thing she will come across.
She will fall into a world she had never experience. And she will learn one thing.
Never. Give. In.
Short chapters.


1. Prologue: The End And The Beginning.

It all started like this. A loud crash. A blinding light. And then darkness. Even though, I could hear everything.

I could hear the windows crashing, the flames burning and the agonizing screams of my parents. Not long after I could hear a scare-to-death scream, a phone ringing, a phone dialing and minutes later an ambulance.

That weren't the only things.

I sweared I could hear my blood running through my veins, my heart beating and brain begging my body to keep fighting. I was begging myself to keep waiting too.

Here's an small fact: When you're facing death and death blinks first everything else is possible.

So when I saw the blinding light and seconds after I was jumping out, everything was possible. When only one side of my head was hit by a falling car door, I still had hope. When the fire reached my feet but my arms still had strength, living was a fact.

I felt hands grabbing my arms. Some shouting, somebody pulling me away.

I heard myself moan. I heard myself saying my parents name. I heard myself crying as I fell asleep.

The dreams were just the last minutes of my old life. Me singing out loud to my favorite song as my mother laughed and my father placed a hand on her knee.

My voice reaching a very high note. My mom turning to smile at me. My father telling me I had the talent.

Me denying it and still singing. My father saying that even though my singing was good, he needed to focus on the dangerous road. Me not listening.

My father turning around to tell me to shut up.

The car crashing. The flames. The smell of burnt skin. Everything forever stuck in my brain.

I woke up and fell asleep. It was a repetitive cycle. Every time I woke up it was voices talking to me, saying that I had to keep fighting.

Every time I fell asleep was a new wave of nightmares.

One thing I didn't know for sure. That when I will would wake up for real, everything was going to be different.

My ability to hear in my left ear will be gone. I will be left with a trembling hand caused by anxiety to almost everything. And a bid fear to love.

But there are something you can't stop. Like that ones. But as well, there are somethings you can change. You can change yourself, you can change others, and you can change the world. Those were a few of the lessons I learned on my journey to eternal happiness.

Another fact. The fatal car crash was the end and the beginning.


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