I Can't Shine Without You ||L.H||

Coco Irwin is Ashton Irwins younger sister. This is her story about her relationship with one of Ashton's bandmates. Will it be serious or just simple.


9. Chapter 8

Luke's POV

On the bus ride home Coco was talking to Ryan about the project they had to do for Home Ec. They were partners and me and Kat were partners. Coco didn't know me and Kat were partners.

"Hey I'm gonna go to McDonalds with Ryan then we'll come him" I said.

"Okay." I said. That gave me more time to work on the project with Kat. We had to pretend to be a married couple and we have a baby doll that we need to take care of and we need to plan a wedding and... Kiss?!?! I read over the instruction sheet. Coco's gonna kill me! Wait but she's kissing Ryan... But Ryans one of her best friends. That's different. On my bus stop I kissed Coco on the cheek and went home hoping Coco wouldn't see Kat coming to the house. When I opened the door and let Kat in Michael and Calum followed cause they were at school too. Ashton greeted us.

"Hey Guys" Ashton said.

"Hi" We said back.

"Where's Coco?" Calum asked.

"She went to McDonalds with Ryan then they're coming here for a project." I said.

"Aren't you jealous?" Michael asked.

"No" I said.

"Why is she here?" Ashton asked.

"Were partners Irwin" Kat said with sass.

"Let's go to my room." I said. We went upstairs and closed the door.

"Why are there so many girl stuff? Are you gay?" She asked laughing at the cheetah printed hairbrush.

"No. Those are Coco's. We share a room" I said.

"Oh" Was all she said and she rolled her eyes.

We worked on the project and when we were done I turned on the tv and we hung out and talked.

"Do you bully Coco?" I asked looking at her.

"No. Of course not!" She said. I couldn't tell if she was lying or not. Just then Coco walked in the room with Ryan by her side. He jaw dropped.

"Get out." Coco said.

"Make me." Kat said.

"Luke. Tell her to get out of the fucking house" Coco said.

"No. " I said

"What?!? Why?!?!?" She said.

"Cause I'm hanging out with her" I said and Kat scooted closer to me.


Ashton ran up the stairs.

"What? I was busy." He said panting.

"Tell her to get out of the fucking house."

"Nah" He said.

"This is my room." Said Coco

"No actually it's MY room" I said.

"This wouldn't been my room if your girlfriend didn't move in and I had to move in the with this dumbass penguin obsessed bitch" She said to Ashton pointing at me.

"Fine! If you think that maybe we shouldn't even be dating!" I said quickly regretting what I said.

Coco started crying. "Fine. If that's what you really want." She said quietly.

"Don't come crying back to me, begging me to kiss those scars. Cause I won't be there." I said, again regretting it. Cause j didn't know that one day she might not be there

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