I Can't Shine Without You ||L.H||

Coco Irwin is Ashton Irwins younger sister. This is her story about her relationship with one of Ashton's bandmates. Will it be serious or just simple.


5. Chapter 4


I was driving in the car on the 5SOS radio. Then something happened that I was so surprised about.

"Now this is 5SOS' new song. It's called Beside You.

Apprentley wrote it about his girlfriend in Sydney, Coco Irwin." The radio guy said

"Oh my god... Luke wrote a song about me?" I asked myself.


Today was the last show ever in California… I wonder if Coco's coming. No she won't it's too far from home. We were in the middle of meet greet I was just always thinking about her. I wrote a song about her. It's called Beside You. I wonder if she heard it yet?


I was in line for the meet and greet for 5SOS in California with Braelynn. She has a crush on Ashton, but he didn't know. And Ashton has a crush on her. But she doesn't know.

"Ashton doesn't like you" I said quickly.

"I know... He likes MeiMei." Braelynn said.


"He doesn't like me"

"Suit yourself."

"I will" She said and we laughed.

"I can't wait any longer. I miss Luke."

"Just 2 more hours. That's what the security guy said." We were at the end of the line at the meet and greet and the security guy said we still have 2 hours.

"I'm going Braelynn"


I made a run for it I ran as fast as I could in Converse. Halfway down the line some security guys stopped me and tried to hold me back. I pushed through them and eventually got to Luke. I hugged him I tight as I could. He pulled back and looked confused until he saw it was me.

"Coco! Oh my god I missed you so fucking much" Luke said between kisses. We had a make out session and I bet he could feel my tears on our lips because I could feel his.

I was on my tip toes cause he was so tall. I hugged him for a while more until some fans started booing us. I pulled away whispered in his ear: I wanna be beside you. He smiled and I went back to Braelynn.

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