I Can't Shine Without You ||L.H||

Coco Irwin is Ashton Irwins younger sister. This is her story about her relationship with one of Ashton's bandmates. Will it be serious or just simple.


3. Chapter 2

Luke's POV AT the beach

I was at the beach with Coco. I sat next to her and she looked me.

"What about the hate. You know I used to cut about being my own brothers sister. I had so much hate. This won't be any easier..." She said.

"We'll get through this Coco... I love you no matter what." I said and cuddled to her.

"Promise?" She asked.

"Promise." I replied.

She was so pretty. She was wearing a pink bikini and I was wearing black trunks. I picked her up, ran to the water and threw her in.

"I love you Lucas"

"I love you Coco."

Coco's POV

When we got home Ashton and Calum were singing She Looks So Perfect.

"Oooooo! I love this song!" I said and started singing. Luke and Ashton smiled.

Michael came in.

"Michael! Did you just now wake up??" Luke asked surprised.

"Mmhmmm" He mumbled.

"Well hurry up we have a meeting with the manager today" Calum said.

"We're discussing tour" Ashton added. I frowned.

"You guys are going on tour? AGAIN?" I asked upset.

"We go every year Coco" Ashton said.

"Yeah but then I only see you for like 3 months after before you need to go on tour again, and most of time you guys are either recording, writing or rehearsing."

"Sorry coco" Said Ashton.

"Whatever." I said and walked to my room and locked it. I started crying. Someone knocked at the door.

"Go away" I said almost yelling.

"You sure? I'm kinda your boyfriend" Said, obviously Luke.

"Fine wait" I said, unlocked the door and let him in. He came in closed the door and locked it again. I sniffed. He sat next to me on my bed and looked at me.

"Can I sleep with you today?" I asked.

"Of course. Let's watch a movie and order pizza. Put on your pajamas" He said.

"Mkay" I said.

I stood up and changed. He looked the whole time.

"Will you stop?" I asked laughing.

"I hate Ashton" I stated when I finished putting on my shirt.

"No you don't. He's your brother" He said.

"He doesn't even care that I only see you guys for three months every year" I said quietly.

"He cares." Luke said holding my hand. "Let's go" Luke said and stood up. I also stood up and followed him to his room. He closed and locked the door. Again. I jumped in the bed and Luke laughed. He sat down next to me and ordered the pizza on his phone. We watched Paper Towns. 20 minutes later Ashton called Luke's Name.

"LUKE" Yelled Ashton.

"WHAT" Luke yelled back. I just smiled.


"BRING IT. ILL GIVE 20 bucks!!!" Luke yelled.

"COMING" Ashton yelled. Not even a minute later Ashton came with out pizza. Luke stood up and opened the door.

"Who's in there?" Ashton asked.

"Coco" He replied.

"Can I talk to her"


"Why not? She's my sister."

"Because we're watching a movie."

"Which movies"

"Paper Towns"

"The classic."

"Ashton it came out not even a month ago it's not a classic. Adios" Luke said, took the pizza, shut the door and locked it. I started eating the pizza and when the movie ended and we at all the pizza we snuggled up together. Luke faced me and I faced him.

"You know I can't come on tour with you Luke" O said.

"We'll make it work" Luke said and I fell asleep.

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