I Can't Shine Without You ||L.H||

Coco Irwin is Ashton Irwins younger sister. This is her story about her relationship with one of Ashton's bandmates. Will it be serious or just simple.


14. Chapter 13

8 months later

Coco's POV

Its a girl. Me and Luke are having a girl.

"Bye Luke. I'll miss you" I said kissing him.

"I'll miss you too." He said between kisses. I hugged him really tight then he pulled back, knelt down and kissed my stomach. I smiled. And he took his bags and left for your. The rest said goodbye to everyone. And they left.

"Let's go to the mall" I suggested.

"Sure lets go." Said MeiMei.

Me, Jessie, MeiMei, Tayla, Sara, Maya and Casey walked outside and paparazzi started asking questions like:

"MeiMei is it true that you are dating Ashton Irwin?"

"Coco! Are you really pregnant."

"Tayla! Did you cheat on Calum?"


Crap like that.

"Im miss my Ashy" MeiMei whined.

"I miss my Lukey." I whined.

1 month later. At the hospital.

"I'm sorry Ms. Irwin. You've had a miscarriage." The doctor said and I started tearing up.

"It's okay Coco." MeiMei comforted me.

"Call Luke." She said.

"O-Okay" I said sniffing I slowly dialed Luke's number and he picked up after 3 rings.

"Hello?" He said.


"What's wrong baby"

"The baby died."

"It's okay Coco. Just keep shining."

"I can't shine without you Luke"

"I love you"

"I love you too" I said and hung up.


Hey guys! Thanks for all the support. Um sorry for the confusion cause I changed the name of the movella. If you ever want to talk to me about anything from 5sos to self harm issues. Just follow and dm me on Instagram. My Instagram is @kkkawaii_irwin also I'm looking for co-writers if you want to be one either comment on this movella or dm me on Instagram. Bye penguins! Oh and.... HAPPY NEW YEAR. No haters allowed in 2016!!!!!


January 3, 2016, 9:21 AM

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