A Michael Clifford story, when Autumn falls in love with Michael she is lost for words, but when she falls for Kieran, she doesn't know who to choose. Will this be a fairytale ending or a tragic love story?


1. How it began💟


I let out a moan as I turned to switch off my blaring alarm clock. I took a deep breath and stood up to face the day. I grabbed some clothes and walked towards the bathroom and said Hi to my brother Ashton as he walked out. He gave me a death glare and warned me to hurry up and not to make him late for school. As if he had anything to worry about, it was my first day but for him it was just another Monday morning. I've just moved in my dad and Ashton as I had previously been living with my mum. I had to go to Ashton's school and I was a LOT nervous, nobody is going to want to make new friends halfway through the year!! Me and Ashton got along well though, I'm hoping he won't ditch me today.


Autumn stepped out of the bathroom after ten minutes, wearing a My Chemical Romance T shirt and leggings. She tied a checked shirt around her waist and done over dramatic winged eyeliner, as always. She came into my room and slipped something in her pocket and left. A bandana obviously, she always stole my bandanas. I've missed her a lot the past few years, her living with mum. Thankfully she's back now and hopefully for good. She was pretty cool, I mean for a girl of course, I couldn't wait to introduce her to my band mates!


I tip-toed back into my room hoping Ash wouldn't hear me as I began to tie his red bandana around my head. He thinks they're his thing, but I'll show him they're my thing too. I turned around to face-uh oh...Ashton runs towards me pushing me to the ground demanding I return the bandana. I smirked as I said no and he began tickling me until I gave in. I said he could have it back but he said "nah you wear it I was just playing". Oh how convenient that I had just taken it off when he decides to say this. "hey Aut, don't be nervous today, you can hang with me me and my band mates if you like" "Thanks Ashton, I don't want to impose on you guys though" "Don't worry about it sis, everyone's looking forward to meeting you"

No pressure then...

We went downstairs and grabbed some toast for breakfast before Ashton drove us to school. Ashton's Nirvana CD blared as we drove.


As I emerged from history class Ashton motioned me to join him over by the lockers. He introduced me to to Calum, Luke and "-and this is Michael, he's our lead guitarist." Oh God. I realised I was staring and I was about to look away but then I realised he was staring back and.. I didn't want to stop.his light green eyes were so beautiful and they were looking into mine, there was just something about him. The bell for 2nd period rang and we got swept away by a hall full of people.

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