Stalked By Everything

Welcome to 1940, blood and war were the single words that Adam Bernays, an 20 jewish boy could say when he is separated from his family and send to Berlin with an pseudonym and fake identity but on his ride to the city he gains a strange letter threatening him with death if he doesn't play a sick game of survival in the most dangerous circumstances, but can Adam know that his actions can change the fate of the world?


1. I Was Ready To Jump

I almost jumped, I could jump from the train the window was opened and nothing could stop me just my little sister tears when I left, I made her a promise "I will survive, and do my best to see her again when the war will end..".it was for sure a lie because with all the fake acts I had I was still a 20 jew boy in a train to Berlin I wouldn't give myself more than 2 months before they will catch me, the rats, the uh.... I stopped before the angry would kill me.A cold breeze was coming from the other bunk of the train, the door opened slowly and everybody looked at the strange man who was walking quietly thru us.He stopped at me and sat behind me for some seconds until he left again in the crowd.I looked at him seeing in his hand a small letter, I gazed at it trying to identify the language.אנימפורסם מזל אם אני מוכר נרות ,השמש לא לרדת . Hebrew, I was kind of suprised seeing that I'm not the only one who had this stupid ideea of going in the city "Let's kill all the jews nobody cares anyway" Berlin, but isn't kind of dangerous to keep the letter? As I gazed at it I saw the man dropped it on the floor than continued walking thru the crowd.What a strange person, i was still gazing at it, what if someone notify it? They would control everybody and discover my fake acts, this thought almost killed me I can't let this happen, not now, I ran pushing people away at the letter that was trashed and full of mud.I picked it and put it in the coat's pocket. "You! " I heard a loud voice and more then 20 soldiers entered in the bunk, everybody was scared but I wasn't, I didn't fell anything I was completely frozen because it was the end.They start running in the bunk but didn't stopped at me just running to the other bunk.They were chasing the other man, the one with the letter the letter that I picked. "We are sorry for this uncomfortable situation, we are trying to catch a stowaway jewish, every detail of the man could be helpful, thank you very much. Heil Hitler!"One of the soldiers said. I know i wan't the one chased but with the letter in my hand, I was the one stalked.I put my hand through my blond hair and sat down with my suitcase in hand.I looked on the window and saw Berlin, a beautiful city for someone but a death cage for me.
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