Don't Break My Heart

Writing this story for a competition on Quotev. Enjoy! And credit to Indigo_Bottles for the cover.


1. Two People

Hey it's T and this is the first chapter I've written for the competition i am entering  i hope you like it please give me reviews and give it a <3 if you like.
I had never formally met Erai. Sure we had lived next door to each other our whole lives, and I saw him every morning but we had never really met.

My routine had always been the same:
8:00 wake up and get ready
8:30 get the post
9:00 go to work
9:30 work starts
It had always been the same until the letter came

“Bills, bills, bills and more bills oh wait and an angry letter about Mothers debt” just great one of these days she’s gonna get killed because of how much she owes I thought sourly. “Oh wait what’s this” I had never seen a letter like that one before, maybe mother had pissed of yet another gang, but wait it had my name on it. Before I could open it my alarm on my watch went off 8:45 dammit I’d have to wait until I got to work to open it.
Every day at 9:45 Erai would come in and have as coffee before leaving at exactly 10:00. It was the same every day arrive at 9:45 on the dot and leave at exactly 10:00. I wasn’t sure why these thoughts were going through my head as I ran down the street to the café.
Tsubaki wasn’t the biggest café you would ever see but the people who came here were always regular we didn’t often get new customers.
“Morning Akira” could be heard as I walked through the café doors “morning everyone” I called back while pulling on my apron and head to the back so I can eat.
Works starting now and I am still eating my breakfast but if I know my boss, Nariko won’t put me on a table until Erai came at 9:45.
People always seem to wonder when they see me working during school time why I’m here and not at a school. Well it’s because Mum never had enough to afford for me to go to school (but she can afford to bring bags of alcohol home every night so she could get wasted and hit me as much as she pleases) and my work at Tsubaki won’t pay for school fees. If she could Nariko would like me to go to school but she can’t afford to pay me that much money. But I do teach myself and I take online classes as much as I can. I also took an entrance exam for a really fancy school but I’m still waiting for the results. Wait that’s reminds me, that letter I haven’t opened it yet. I go to grab the letter from my bag and begin to tear it open before once again my alarm went off 9:45 Erai would be here now.
But Erai didn’t show up at 9:45 or 10:00 or 11:00 he didn’t show up at any time between 12:00 and 3:00 and I wasn’t sure why. I had never been more confused in my life on why this one boy didn’t show up for coffee that one day.
As I arrived home I could hear music coming from the house next to mine, Erai’s. I wonder why he wasn’t at the café today. I am a very curious person and it’s got me into trouble more than once but surely going and asking why there is a party going on at my neighbor’s house wouldn’t hurt.
Erai’s house was 2 stories tall just like mine but the opposite thing is mine was dingy and his was perfect. White gabled roof and red brick enclosed by a white picket fence where as my house was falling apart at the seams  

Erai himself answered the door. “Yes?” he asked impatiently obviously wishing to get back to the party. “Well you don’t have to be rude about having to answer the door” I huffed indignantly “anyway I just wanted to know why you’re having a party so I can know why I’m not going to get any sleep tonight” I asked slightly annoyed. He looked at me like I was an insignificant bug who had begun to talk which is to say amazed yet slightly annoyed that this bug is talking to him. “Well if you must know I got into the school I took an exam for” he said pride obvious in his voice this made no sense Erai was rich he could get into any school “I know what you’re thinking” he sighed “Why would he of all people need a scholarship? Hmmm I’m right aren’t I, well I wanted to be better then all the people at Arkadia Academy. Rich and on a scholarship never heard of HA” he laughed smugly. Arkadia Academy huh same school I took an exam for. “Oh okay then bye” I said already taking of down the walkway.
8:30 pm
I lay in bed trying to close my eyes and force myself to sleep even with the new bruises on my back due to my mother’s drunkenness. It was also hard to sleep because of the thumping music coming from next door shaking the room. As I can’t sleep I go over to my book bag expecting just to sort it until the letter I had completely forgotten about flutter out and touch the floor.
I tentatively opened the envelope only to pull out a letter written on a thick piece of letter paper obviously from somewhere important I turn it over to find it is an acceptance letter for Arcadia Academy the same place Erai is going. For now all I feel is shock, the excitement hasn’t set in yet but I know I’m excited I got into the school of my dreams beside the fact that I am very poor I can’t believe this. I crawl over to my bed suddenly very tired and just can’t wait for tomorrow.    

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