i like the bad boy?

when Cloe moves to Sydney Australia and attends the school that Luke Hemmings and is friends go to, what will happen when Cloe catches Lukes attention and they end up liking each other and its turn out that isn't so bad after all? read to find out!!


2. new school, new day

buzzz buzzz buzzzzzz

ok i get it im awake alarm!!! sooner or later i get up and take a shower. when i get out i dry of and pick a outfit. i picked

a black crop top, black ripped skinny jeans, flannel tied around my waste and black combat boots.

i straighten my hair and put on mascara and lip bomb.


i go down stairs eat breakfast, grab my bag, car keys, and phone and head out the door.


when i arrive there's 4 boys out in the front of the school, guessing the bad boys.  i go in find my locker and right when i shut it someone says hi im luke hemmings what your name. um cloe why ya wanna know (trying to act cool). cuz i wanna take to a party tonight at my house. heres my didits 265-364-3664(random number). ok... thanks??


*skip till home*


so text this number


l:hey is this cloe


l:k great so ya comin

c:no cant make parents said no

l:sure bout that cuz i followed u home and it seems to me u live alone?

c:u followed me

l:yea so have no choice but to let me in

c:fine go to the door.


hey cloe. hi hemmings. so im going to my room bu bye. wait hold up guessed goes where u goes. ughhhhhhh.



im gonna kiss her and shes not going to expect it ik i have a bad reputation of a bad boy but i have a good heart.*thinking in mind*



i really wanna tell him i like him but i thinks he to bad for me he might brake my heart i dont want that to happen to me again. luke i think u need to- i was cut of by luke kissing me and i kissed back OH NO STOP CLOE STOP!! i leaned back im srry you should leave lukey i-i mean luke like rn!!!!



how u like it so far?? if u do like it,

than that good get ready for

alot bor cause this is only

the 2nd chapter!!




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