i like the bad boy?

when Cloe moves to Sydney Australia and attends the school that Luke Hemmings and is friends go to, what will happen when Cloe catches Lukes attention and they end up liking each other and its turn out that isn't so bad after all? read to find out!!


3. do i like him? does he like me??



d-did you just call me lukey?  ummmm..umm no i said luke now can u please before this gets to awkward? she said

ok yea ill go... she likes me yes score!! but... i cant date her no way, wait yea i can what am talking bout

*next day* 


today im got to tell look tht i like him bc i know he'll be at my lock in like 5 mins when i get to school oh lukey ugh THERE I GO AGAIN, get your self together cloe ok its time. i go in the school an write when i get my locker hes there. we say at the same time "i gotta tell you something" woaoh. ok hemmings you go firs, ok he says. well... i-i like y-you.

my jaw dropped he said well u i said me to?!


we hugged and then are lips met i had butterfly's in my stomach then freaked ran just in cause the bell runged so it wouldn't be awkward. woah all that was going threw my mind was I JUST KISSED LUKE LUKEY PUKEY HEMMINGS OMFG WHAT JUST HAPPENED!?! Im freaking out lil to much simmer down, simmer down.

ps: i forgot the part were they kissed last night  so i made a not didn't want to go make redo that part so yea byee

sorry its a little short but was it good i want to know how i did?

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