i like the bad boy?

when Cloe moves to Sydney Australia and attends the school that Luke Hemmings and is friends go to, what will happen when Cloe catches Lukes attention and they end up liking each other and its turn out that isn't so bad after all? read to find out!!


4. bf and gf

*skip to end of day*


*thinking to myself*

these have been the craziest couple of days so far and i'm not even half way threw the year, phew

*ding dong*

doorbell wonder who this could be. i run down stairs thinking it could be luke and it was. he said cloe jordan Clifford will you be my g-g-girlfriend. i froze for a second.....yes yes yes i will. but um hey i got one question cloe... yea? is your brother Michael Clifford?? yea... but he doesn't know that... he what?? well his dad married my mom and that is why is mum is living with him and my mom stayed in Miami. but he never knew that my mom had me, he doesn't know i exist and we go to the same school. omg should i tell him?NO... if u do will be really angry at his dad it would be my fault for telling...


i want to tell him but i don't want my girlfriend getting in trouble for not keeping a secret... maybe i can calm him down afterwards and he wont be as mad and my girlfriend wont be in trouble. i think i got this planned out.



i put a twist into it. so it would get interesting

how do ya like?



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