Why Star Wars Is Better Than Harry Potter

We may not have a lightning scar or a geeky hero, but we have stuff even better. Why Star Wars is better than Harry Potter. Any Potterheads who might take offense to this, you've been warned.


4. Name Game

All the names in Harry Potter are so original. Get ready for...

1. Palpatine vs. Tom

Palpatine: "Palpatine" is based on the word "Palpatate," which describes him all too well. And on top of that he also goes by "Darth Sidious," his would-be name after Darth Plagueis. Plagueis. Doesn't sound like that bad a name in itself. He's scary and not afraid to show what he can do.

Tom: Only thing I can think of is "Watch out because I'm a tomboy!!!!" Very original...also what's with Tom looking so relatively dull?

2. Anakin vs. Harry

Anakin: "Anakin" is long and fits him perfectly. Perfect in every way.

Harry: The name makes Lily sound like a 1 Direction groupie.

3. Obi-Wan vs. Ron

Obi-Wan: Obi-Wan translates to "thin soul." Cool, right?

Ron: The name sounds like a weasel at McDonald's. Maybe because it has 3 letters...

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