Why Star Wars Is Better Than Harry Potter

We may not have a lightning scar or a geeky hero, but we have stuff even better. Why Star Wars is better than Harry Potter. Any Potterheads who might take offense to this, you've been warned.



So, why am I ending this? Because there are simply no more reasons to point out!

So I just want to thank you for 21,500 views, 98 comments, and 10 likes!

Of course, what is wonderful about Movellas or any other storytelling community is that only one person writes it, but it takes everyone else reading to render it enjoyable and popular. And thanks for all the comments and feedback; it's people like you who encourage writers to keep going!

So, thank you guys. As a present, I'll give you something that is mine to give--whether it's a new story, a bonus chapter, or answering some of your questions about Star Wars, Harry Potter, or me.

It's been a fun journey.

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