Why Star Wars Is Better Than Harry Potter

We may not have a lightning scar or a geeky hero, but we have stuff even better. Why Star Wars is better than Harry Potter. Any Potterheads who might take offense to this, you've been warned.


8. Expansion And Creativity

How come in Harry Potter, no one is killed deliberately except by a stick?

Lily Potter, James Potter, Frank Bryce, Cedric Diggory, Sirius Black, Albus Dumbledore, Hedwig, Mykew Gregorovitch, Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort, and many more are killed only by a green flash called the Killing Curse.

Qui-Gon is killed by a synthetic lightsaber, Darth Maul is killed by a natural lightsaber, Zam Wesell is killed by a toxic dart, Aayla Secura is killed by a laser blast, Stass Allie dies from drowning, Padmé dies in childbirth, Raymus Antilles is killed by a Force choke, Grand Moff Tarkin and Salacious Crumb are killed by chain reactions to ships, Jabba the Hutt is killed by hand-to-object strangulation, Yoda dies from old age, Darth Vader is killed by Force lightning, Emperor Palpatine is killed by a long fall, Mawhonic is killed by a deliberate crash, and several pilots, including Madakor Williams and Red 4 are killed by explosions from laser blasts.

OK, so I'm going to go out, find a stick, and kill a host of villains with it.

Seems legit.

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