I was inspired to do this by an article in a newspaper about a poet who writes a daily tweet (140 characters) about his morning stroll through his Yorkshire village. I've decided I'm going to try to do the same but based on my paper-round and I'll be posting it here as I don't have twitter.
It will probably just be silly little observations and metaphors and probably not worth reading but I thought it would be a nice challenge for the year ahead.


259. 25th December - 31st December

25th December.

 Morning. Fuzzy orange illuminates the town, blurring the lines of where silhouette houses meet the lamp-lit sky. Sharp winds chase shadows.

26th December.

 Morning. Pressed and starchy like the collar of an old-fashioned shirt, the sky is streaked pink and blue and white and grey – abstract art.

27th December.

 Morning. Like a girl at the makeup counter the sky dresses itself with a multitude of shades, from grey to indigo via a myriad of blue hues.

28th December.

 Morning. Stationary aside from the bobbing light of an aeroplane, winking through the trees. All breath is held as it passes, then birdsong.

29th December.

 Morning. Like a sparsely decorated cake, the ground lounges beneath a sprinkling of icing-sugar frost; sweet and seductive with sparkling.

30th December.

 Morning. An owl’s hunting call jack-knifes through the chatter of birds like wolf song – phantom-like it reverberates through the darkness.

31st December.

 Morning. Eerie, enchanted and Enshrouded in a capsule of fog, December signs off and closes in the same frigid manner with which it began.

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