My life with ANA

So this is my life with anorexia...


2. Well hello Ana...

"Mia, are you okay?" Kendall asked me with concerned eyes

"Yeah totally" I faked a smile

"Mia you haven't been eating your food since last Friday" Kendall whispered to me

"It's just I'm not hungry right now" I looked down at my food

"Yeah but you haven't eaten in 4 days all you do is drink water or eat some ice Mia I'm starting to get worried about you" Kendall looked at my hands and then down at my waist

"Kendall you need to relax I eat all the time it's just when I come to school I'm not hungry," I said as I got up to throw my tray away but Kendall grabs my arm and pulled me down and whispered to me

"Why aren't you eating here?"

"Come with me to the bathroom I'll tell you there" I looked at her hand as a signal for her to let go of me she looked at me and then at her hands finally getting it and let go of me.We walked quickly together to the bathroom and shut the door

"Okay tell me," She asked

"Okay so you know how I told you, my sister,, Tori was friends with Jennifer Felix well one night Jennifer came over to pick up my sister to go to Starbucks but when she arrived Tori was still getting ready so my told her she could wait in the living room where I was sitting while she was walking towards the living room she rolled her eyes and mumbled "Fat Pig" under breath but I pretended I didn't hear anything and got up to get a donut and some coffee when she said "Aren't you fat enough?" I looked down and was about to say sorry when my sister came in and they left." I tried my best to hold back my tears

"Oh My God that female dog! I want to slap her so bad right now! Mia, I'm so sorry she said that to you and you should eat whatever you want because you're not fat if anything you're perfect the way you are." Kendall said heartbroken

"What are you two doing here?! Get out now!" Mrs.Greenwood yelled at us














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