hot chocolate Levi x reader AU

I know I'm a sucky Otaku, but I had to do this one shot Of Levi Ackerman and the reader. I did bot make this the credit goes to Jeager bombtastci fanpage on Facebook, you should seriously check it out.


1. Hot Chocolate Levi x Reader Au

Hot Chocolate Levi x Reader Au

As snow slowly falls upon the already blanketed ground I sit upon a park bench in walking distance of my apartment complex. A chill runs my spine as frosted rain continues to drift down, sprinkling into my hair however I remain in my spot staring down at the glistening snow at my feet, with a plastic coffee cup in hand filled with hot chocolate. Winter hadn't always been kind to me, ice and myself don't particularly get along due to my constant low body temperature, however I wanted to experience more this year I needed the snow, I wanted to smell freshly baked gingerbread as I walked through the front door, hot chocolate boiling in every store you step foot into, I longed to smell and taste peppermint on my tongue in the dead of night hearing the crackle of a fire as it warms my frozen veins. Sadly the best I would get close to any of that is cheap gingerbread candles lit late at night, poorly made hot chocolate I've made myself peppermint flavored chapstick that somehow burns my tongue and a makeshift blanket cocoon . Exhaling I watch as my breath surrounds me in a puff of air, as I take a sip chatter makes it's way into my ears.

"I'm so tired of your shit Jaeger, I fucking told you that would get us kicked out."

"C'mon, you never answered, you're not gonna tell Mikasa are you ?"

"I just might, maybe she'll dump your sorry ass for good this time, my little sister deserves better" Laughs fill the air from the two voices

"I need to get the fuck to work, Rico will surly rat me out this time"

Finally two men come into sight walking right in front of me, I instantly regret my appearance, over sized sweater and leggings, hiding underneath a even bigger cardigan, I didn't even bother to put contacts in allowing my (e/c) eyes to hide behind my thick rimmed glasses. Lastly my hair, oh god my hair, just throwing it in a messy bun so messy it shouldn't even be considered as a messy bun I'm sure the bobby pins I placed in there are lost in the juggle that is my hair. I take in the men's appearances, one particularly pulling my attention as his jet black hair dusted with white snow, owning multiple piercings and what I can tell a tattoo peeking out of the neck of his sweater. My eyes darted away as his drifted toward me, bringing my cup to my lips taking the last gulp of chocolate I keep my gaze else where as they pass by. Steel eyes burning into my body as he passes.

"Gotta fucking problem I can help you with ?" A calm voice questions me as the raven haired man towers over me

"I'm sorry ?" I look up at the once attractive man

"I'm so fucking done with people like you judging people like us." Pointing between the both of them the angry man looks down at me

"Judging you .. people like me.... people like you, where is all of this coming from ?" I stand utterly confused and babbling the only words that made sense to me

"Tch, don't play dumb, you were staring at us because we look like some criminals and I just happened to catch you silently judging."

"The only person I was judging was myself, I don't know... maybe because I just so happened to find you attractive and here I am looking as if I just crawled out of a fucking trash can, there is no such difference between a person as you or I, no matter the piercings or tattoos, you bleed I bleed you breath I breath, you are just as much human as I, wait, there is one difference, you're an ass."

And with that I turn on my heel, cup in hand and walk out of the park.

"She fuckin' told you"

"Yeah...yeah she did"

Shivers run up and down my body, weakening my already painfully low temperature. I step into a near by cafe, tired of the shit hot chocolate I make I decide on someone else's. Taking a seat at a table I wait for a waiter. Heat still raised into my cheeks at the idiotic boy, how can someone Stump right up to you and judge you for judging them how the fuck does that even work ?

"You're late!" Yells a woman across the room

"I can fuck tell time, don't tell Pixis, I'll cover the rest of your shift."

Leaning fully into my chair allowing my back to crack and my bones to settle I drum my nails on the wooden table.

"Name's Levi, I'll be your waiter today, what can I get you ?"

"Uh, hot chocolate" I smile before looking up automatically dropping my friendly gesture

"Whatta coincidence" Levi smirks as his hands rest on his hips

"Yeah" I quickly answer "cancel my order"

"Can't, already wrote it down, once it's written down you can't take it back"

"You could just rip the paper out and throw it away ?" I Point at his notepad

"Hot chocolate for the brat" Levi replies

I sigh

Disappearing from my sight the dark haired man strides around customers, coworkers and children with ease without a second glance. Okay so what if he's devilishly handsome, has a attitude that would make any woman swoon and a smirk that jumpstarts a heart in a second, the man is a complete asshole .

Appearing from the back with a tray Levi glares at a few customers as some demand service from him clearly not in his section, napkins even though they are able to fetch one themselves, new straws and possibly a new waiter with better manors with that Levi simply responded with "Fuck you" and handed him his drink. Finally standing in front of me Levi sits down the tray.

"Be right back"

"Are you fucking kidding me ?" I yell after the calm man under frantic circumstances

"Don't be like them !" Levi warns

I watch Levi closely as he taps buttons on the cash register and sticks money in from his own pocket before jogging back to me.

"What was that about ?"

"Don't worry about it" Levi takes a seat In front of me

Seeing as I won't be getting through with the stubborn man I easily give up.

"I wanted to apologize about back there, it was a dick move" Levi avoids eye contact

"Yeah, it was" I bluntly agree

The usual stoic man chuckles in response

"What ?"

"Nothing, you're just not like them" Levi nods toward a table full of girls giggling about God knows what

"What's that suppose to mean" I furrow my brows as my lips touch the edge of the coffee cup

"Tch, always on the defense chill the fuck out for a minute, I mean you don't care what people think, you say what you want and if they don't like it then fuck em, if the same shit would have happened but with one of those girls they would have apologized for nothing, told me it was completely justified, my actions I mean and did that shitty hair flip none of them know how to properly do" Levi rambles

"I suppose, however is that fair ?" I question

"Is what fair ?" Levi's fingers wrap around the rim of his teacup

"Is judging a group of girls exactly how you despise the way other people judge you, is that fair?"

"I -" Levi thinks for a second

"The way you judged me for assuming I was judging you, is that fair ?" I smile

"Fuck, stop that" Levi takes a sip from his mug

"Well" I happily sigh noticing I've gotten through to the hardened man " You think about that, in the mean time I've gotta go, thank you for the drink" I stand from my seat

"Wait, you're not leaving already are you ?" Levi looks out of the big bay window and back at me

"It's getting really late, it's dark I should get home"

"Exactly, it's late, wait until my shift is over, I'll walk you home,it'll be a long wait but it's safe here and I'll keep you in drinks"

"You're covering Rico's shift as well remember ?" A blonde boy with big blue eyes reminds him as he walks past us with a tray of mugs

"Armin, cover me for... how far away is your flat ?" Levi grabs his sweater

"I'm fine, really" already half way out of the door I step out into the freezing snow.

Pitch black takes over my vision as snow blows toward me due to heavy wind. With heavy feet and frozen toes I make my way around the corner. Christmas lights hung from trees, icicles decorate street lamps and glistening snow shines bright under the moon. Pushing me into a tree I peer up taken aback from the sudden movement.

"The fuck is wrong with you, I didn't know which way you went, I had to run around the whole fucking block" Levi yells between deep and sharp breaths, by the look on his face it probably burns the back of his throat with every inhale of frosted air

"It's so beautiful" ignoring his screams I stare up at the streets before us

Stepping back from me Levi looks around, taking in the view , the very scene you expect Christmas to look like.

"Not too bad."

Fingers intwine with mine bringing me in close, warm breath paralyzing me as I look into his steel eyes. Cracked lips gently brush passed mine, a passionate, innocent kiss exchanged between once strangers, a timid young girl who happened to speak her mind on the right day and a sharp mouth boy who couldn't resist, as the taste of hot chocolate still lingers between us Levi slowly pulls away.

"Now, let me walk you home"

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