2. The Revill

After he walked me over to the surprise he took his hands off my face.It was a note that said," Meet me in the tree house in 10 minutes.🤘✌"Ok why would Calum want me to meet him in our tree house?Why wouldn't he do the surprise here?

Calum's POV

What is she going to say?Would she say yes?What would happen to our friendship? I am so stressful right now!!☹️





Luke:you ok mate?

Calum:I need help!!

Luke:ok comin 15.

Calum:ok thanks😰


What will she think?Would she say yes?AHHH!!!

Cam's POV

Calum looks stressed.I hope he is ok.I wonder what he is thinking?Then Calum said,"W-would y-you l-like to be my gir-girlf-friend (girlfriend)?" "Of course I would.Why wouldn't I?!" Then he took my hand and said,"I love you." "Love you too."We slowly pressed our lips together.My heart was racing.

Calum's POV

I can not believe she said yes!!😆 "I guess I should call Luke and tell him that we have a surprise for them." "Ok."

Luke's POV

~ring~ ~ring~ ~ring!!~

"Hello?" "Hey it's Calum." "I am so sorry!I am running behind.!" "It's ok ,but I took care of it." "Really!What did she say?" "She said yes!! I also have a surprise for you." " Really!What is it!" "It's a surprise.Just meet at the tree.ok?" "Fine I'm coming"

~beep~beep~ 'Phone call ended.'

A/N/ I hope you liked this chapter.I surely think you people like this chapter!!!😆I will do an update soon.Untill then, byeeeee!!🤗

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