A vignette.


1. One

Silver. Sloane.

That was the way Ms. Truman called attendance every day in fourth period geometry Millborough High School. Ms. Truman had a certain routine to her classroom, and every day, as the warning bell rang, Ms. Truman began attendance, like clockwork.

It didn’t take long for Imogen Silver to notice the six-foot-tall freshman lumbering towards his desk, sitting hunched over his problems, as if to shrink down, and then respond to the roll call with a whispered ‘here.’ The same went for Calvin Sloane, and the rest of the class, who noticed the tiny girl with a floral dress and a booming laugh within the first moments of the day.

Silver. “Present.”

Sloane. “here.”

Not a word more together, as they sat in their opposite corners of the room, as Imogen sat with a friendly smile and a C-, while Calvin turned up his music, drowning out the sound of the teacher telling the class of his top score.

Freshman year danced by in choir concerts and football games, where Silver was followed by Sylvester, and Skinner preceded Sloane. Summer came after Silver and Sloane, too, but it disappeared as sophomore year appeared before their eyes, and attendance was called once again.

        The alphabet started with Ackerman and ended with Valdez, but Silver and Sloane remained together, as two of fourteen names, two of twenty-eight students, who had signed up to take


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