You wanna be high for this


1. Off to hell we go

He slides his hand gentle up my thigh, as he lays me down on his bed. He starts kissing from my jawline, to my stomach. A small moan escapes my lips. "Channing".


Dammit'. Just when i thought not waking up with Channing Tatum by my side was my biggest concern, i look at my phone, only to see i have ten minutes to get ready. I rush out of bed and put on some skinny black jeans, that ends just above the ankle, and a white tight t-shirt. I throw some make up in my bag, so that i can put in on in the car. Ally, ma' main, drives me to school 'cause my parents won't give me a car, even tho i just turned 16. Ugh. Anyway, i put on my Creepers, and a Fila windbreaker. Of course i'm gonna wear something with sleeves, or else my scars would be exposed. I take the front part of my grey hair and pull it back in a tiny messy bun. I lock the front door, 'cause i'm the last one to leave the house, and jump into Allys car. Off to hell we go.





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