Dead Rising-Hellsing fanic

(I do not own any of the characters. Go and check out Hellsing if you are into anime or the supernatural, or both. I suggest watching the first episode so you know what it's about. To sum it all up, Alucard is the Hellsing family pet and he turned Victoria aka Police Girl into a vampire and there's a lot of people that want to kill Alucard and Seras, not to mention Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing(Who is a woman) because they are "In the Way" and "Are a threat to the public") I bit my lip, waiting to be let into my masters chambers. I sighed. He must be sleeping. I went to turn around when the door opened. "Yes Police Girl?" "M-master! Sorry, did I wake you?" "No, what is it?" "Um, Sir Integra has sent us to Rio De Janeiro. There's a ghoul outburst. She wants us to deal with it." He nodded. (Note:These people are all pretty much from England. I did NOT make this up and no mean no offence to English people. Alucard does not have an English accent, just to make that clear. Enjoy!)


8. The Queen and my Mate-Alucard

 I woke up to the feeling of weight on my chest. Seras' blond hair was the first thing I noticed. I then noticed whatever was left of the bed, the huge cracks in the wall and hands that where in the centre, thy had been forced into the wall. Then I noticed the fact that we were both completely naked. The memories of last night invaded my mind. I looked at Seras' neck and saw a small shape that looked like a dog misting and curving around her scar, fading out. I nuzzled her. That mark meant that she was officially my mate. 'Well, now you'll half to explain everything to Integra. And apologize to Pip for keeping him awake all night.' I nodded slowly. Seras stirred and looked up at me smiling. "Good evening Alucard." She said kissing my lips delicately. I smiled. I rolled over on top of her. She gasped and moaned without me even having to do anything. "What is it Seras? Are you alright?" She nodded and pulled me down to her. "I'm fine, just a little sore." She said. I put a hand on her inner thigh. She winced and moaned. I smirked and kissed her gently. "My apologies. I didn't mean to go so hard." I said chuckling. She smiled weakly. "It's alright. I didn't mind." She said, smiling. I kissed her inner thigh gently and got out of bed. I got dressed quickly and ran a hand through my messy hair. She smiled sweetly and dressed herself too. I looked at her messy hair and almost took her again. But we didn't have the time for that. We walked down the stairs and saw a startled Pip. He was eating something I couldn't identify. He shrugged. "Sorry, I can't really cook well in a kitchen." I scrunched up my nose. "It smells like propane in here." Seras nodded. The Frenchman shrugged. He took out his lighter. I snatched it away from him. "Idiot, there's propane in the air. You'll blow us all sky high!" I yelled. He gasped and put his hands on his head. "My apologies! I forgot what fire and propane does when mixed together." He said, flustered. "I guess you vampires don't like fire." I shook my head and sighed. "It won't kill the Police Girl and I but it will kill you and other vampires." I explained. He nodded slowly and took a spoonful of whatever was in the bowl. He stuck it in his mouth and spat it out. "Sacre-bleu! This is terrible!" He shouted. I laughed and almost fell over. The door burst open revealing Alexander Anderson, covered in blood. I snarled and punched him in the face while he punched me in the stomach. I then punched him in the stomach and he punched me in the face. He slugged me, as I broke his nose. I flew back a few feet. "Ugh, I've had enough of this Anderson!" He shot blood out of his nose and yelled in rage. I got my guns out and Pip brought out his small pistol out of his pocket. Seras pulled the Harkonen out of the kitchen with incredible speed for her. I was standing as close to her as possible. Anderson smiled like a maniac and threw a bayonet at her. She ducked down and shot at him. He howled in pain as the missile hit him in the stomach. He fell over and slashed at me. I jumped out of the way. I walked over to Seras and kissed the crook of her neck. She bit into her lip and held back a moan. I chuckled a little and looked at the bayonet. It pinned a piece of paper to the wall. "There's a small private jet thirteen kilometres from here, there's your release paper. So take it, and leave, before I decide to decapitate you again." He said to me. I pulled the weapon from the wall and threw it at him. It struck him in the shoulder. He snarled and pulled it out. He left and slammed the door. I smiled down at Seras. "Well then, it looks like we've got a way to get home." She smiled up at me. A few hours later, we were standing in front of a white jet. I smiled and held Seras closer to me. We waited while the plane was flying to London. When we finally arrived, due to the speed of the jet, it was already day time. I smiled down at her and led her inside, while three of Pips men took our coffins and his luggage back to the mansion. I walked with Seras under my arm and led her to the room were my master was. Sure, she was a pest, but if, no, when I get the chance to, I will leave with Seras, and we'll live far away from civilization until the Hellsing genetic shows up again. Then we'd have no choice but to serve them once again. I snarled under my breath. 'I really hope that we don't half to do that.' "Alucard?" "Yes mea dama?" "Are you alright?" "Of course, why?" She smiled up at me. "You look tired." I nodded. "I'm fine mea dama. I promise." We opened the doors and walked into the room. The conversation stopped and everyone turned to us. "We have returned, my master." She smiled. "Good. You are in the presence of the queen, remove your glasses." I nodded and removed them, then put them in my coat, in a pocket on the inside. I looked down at Seras. I slammed my mouth down on hers in a passionate but hungry kiss. She gasped slightly and clutched onto my coat.  I chuckled and pulled away. "I must give my report mea dama. I won't be long. Alright?" She nodded, blushing a bright red. I chuckled again and walked towards the queen, pride filling my chest. I saw the leader of the Iscariot organisation, Enrico Maxwell, with his mouth agape, and staring at me with wide eyes. I saw Integra blushing a deep red because of embarrassment. Everyone else was shocked and confused. They thought I was a cruel man towards Seras. 'If I was a cruel man to Seras, would I have slept with her?' I asked my familiar. 'No, you wouldn't have.' He laughed. I smirked and continued to walk towards the queen. Two guards ran to stop me. I grabbed each one of them by their heads and snapped their necks after giving them a threatening look. They flew to where they would have landed if I'd simply backed up. I continued walking. When I finally reached her, the both of us said nothing for a while before she spoke, her voice was raspier then I expected it to be, but it still held a young tone to it. "It's been a very long time, vampire. Come closer let me look at you." I knelt down and she cupped my face in her hands. I sighed at the warmth. "All these years and you haven't aged a day Alucard. Unfortunately, time's march has not been as kind to me. Can you believe how quickly I became an old woman?" "I still see the same spirited young woman I met over sixty years ago, your majesty. In fact, in my eyes, time has made you more beautiful, your highness." She chuckled. "Who is that girl you seem to enjoy?" She asked, referring to Seras. I smiled and stood up. I turned and looked at Seras, understanding that I was just complementing the queen. "Seras, my dear, could you come here and introduce yourself to the queen? She'd like to meet you." I purred, I saw Integras jaw drop. Her cigar fell out of her mouth. I he;d back a laugh. Seras looked surprised. She walked forwards with a small skip in her step. She smiled up at me. As soon as she was in read, I held out my hand and pulled her up to my side. Once she was next to me, a deep thrumming in my chest told me I was purring. Seras also started to purr. I kissed her and looked at the queen. "Your highness, this is my mate." Seras smiled. "My name is Seras Victoria your highness. It's an honour to meet you." She said. I smiled down at her and nuzzled her neck. She giggled and kissed my forehead. I looked at the queen waiting for her to speak. "What is that on your necks?" I raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean? The mark?" I asked. She nodded. I chuckled. "That simply means we are mates, your majesty." "Very well then. Proceed with your report, vampire." I nodded and turned around once again. "Sixty nine years ago, an deranged Nazi major, attempted to breed a vampire army. Walter and I laid waste to their operation, however, it seems that they simply refuse to die. They've returned, replenished their numbers, and are ready to complete their original mission. That's what Millennium truly is, the last battalion." "I guess Mr. Tublacan's filthy blood gave us away." Said a young voice with a German accent. I looked to the doors and saw a little boy, with blond hair and cat ears. "The Major sure blew that one." A guard from Iscariot drew his gun and so did Pip. They pointed their weapons at him. He raised his hands and flicked his ears up and down. "Whoa there, I'm just the messenger, I'm not here to fight anyone." Instead of rushing to my masters side to protect her, I held Seras even tighter and closer tom me then before. I snarled at the little boy. He started and jumped backwards.He cleared his throat and looked at Seras. She glared at him, but he simply stared at her. "Stop it." She said, a warning tone in her voice. She smiled at her. "Gutntav!" She was surprised. She looked up at me and then down at her feet. I put a hand on the small of her back. She started purring again. "Gutntav." She simply said before kissing me. I was surprised but I didn't hesitate to kiss her back and press her body against mine even more. She bit at my lip and begged for entrance. She whimpered when I grudgingly refused her entrance. I felt her hand slide down to my stomach and grab the top edge of my pants. My eyes, as well as my mouth flew open in shock. She slid her tongue into my mouth before I realized and when I did, I closed my eyes and let her explore. When she was finished, I slid my tongue inside her mouth. It was a game that we were playing now. We were deaf to the world as we teased each other with our tongues. Not aware that a familiar face to me was watching us out of the corner of his eye while he was on screen. When I heard my name spoken by a voice I thought I'd never hear again, I reluctantly pulled away from Seras. I looked at the small screen of a TV sitting on the end of the table. The Major, a sight I thought I'd never see him again. "Well, maybe I SHOULD go after that little fledgling of yours. She is a fine one. I have reason to believe that she's important, yes?" I snarled at the little man on the screen. "Don't you DARE la a finger on her!" I snarled. He looked taken aback by my reaction to his threat. I growled and hissed. He started shaking violently. "Well, I am actually feeling afraid now. Maybe I shouldn't go after the girl after all. But I'd like to see what chaos would ensue if I did." He said, an insane grin appearing on his face. I growled and hid Seras behind me. Integra looked at me like I was a stranger. I was there since she found me in that cell when she was twelve, and I'd always been nearby her when she was growing up. The past ten years I'd been looking out for my master less and less, but I always obeyed her orders, of course, I would make her mad at times and I guess that I'd done that to almost every member of the family, but having my mate, my No-Life Queen, threatened, I was acting completely different. I was bristling and growling like an animal. I heard the people around me gasp as Seras cuddled closer to me and I started to calm down. She was almost like a drug to me. She calmed me down and turned me on at the right times, such as now. I guess I'd been alone so long that having someone to love was important. It was... nice. I gave one final growl before standing straight up and turning to Seras. She looked up at me with red eyes matching my own. I ran my fingers through her blond hair that smelled like roses. "My dear Seras, I'm sorry if I scared you, but I could not just sit by and let him threaten you. Seras, mea dama, I will protect you, my master and the rest of England as much as I can. But I will need your help to stop this maniac. Will you aid me, lubirea mea?" I asked her. (A/N: lubirea mea means my love.) She stared at me and before I could react, she pressed her lips against mine. I closed my eyes and kissed her back. I held her close. When she pulled away, she smiled up at me. "All you need to do is ask and I'll be glad to help you Alucard." She said before looking at the man on screen. "As for you, I will help my mate hunt you down and we will tear you apart together, because we love each other, and we don't want you anywhere near Sir Integra, the queen, or even the UK!! We will hunt you down, and we will kill you. And rest assured, if anything happens to one of us, the other will not stop until you are dead. That I can promise. Good. Bye." She said before pulling out the Harkonen and shooting the television. I whistled. I couldn't help it. "I've never seen this side of you Seras. I like it." She looked at me, then to the queen. "Your majesty, please, give us your orders, and let us kill him before he even gets the chance to attack us.' I blinked in surprise. 'Not going anywhere without me are you Seras? Hm, I like this. I really do. In fact, I wouldn't have it any other way.' The queen looked at my mate, then at me, the her gaze settled on Integra. "Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, your orders are this, kill him before he kills the many people of the United Kingdom. Send your vampires and your men will take care of the vampire problems. Go and prepare them. I will not tolerate having him kill innocent people." She said. I smiled. "This is going to be fun, mea dama Seras, let us go and rest. We have a big day tomorrow." I said. She walked up to my side and linked her arm in mine. I smiled at her and we walked out of the room, arms linked and smiling lovingly at each other. We ran to the manor, playing in the woods and laughing, smiling and embracing each other. We took our dear sweet time. It wasn't going to be an easy task, It had been a while since I'd tracked anything down. And I might be a little rusty. But now will be the perfect time to bulk up Seras' supply of familiars. And I was going to help her. Two vampires playing a game of tag with a thousand and four vampires. Whoever gets caught dies, and it appears that we are it. 'We're coming for you, Major. Just wait and see, you'll be the one to loose. You and your hunger for war, will fall into the deepest pits of hell, and after the battle, both my No-Life Queen and I, the No-Life King, will be standing victorious on the pile of corpses. That, I promise you.'            

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