Dead Rising-Hellsing fanic

(I do not own any of the characters. Go and check out Hellsing if you are into anime or the supernatural, or both. I suggest watching the first episode so you know what it's about. To sum it all up, Alucard is the Hellsing family pet and he turned Victoria aka Police Girl into a vampire and there's a lot of people that want to kill Alucard and Seras, not to mention Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing(Who is a woman) because they are "In the Way" and "Are a threat to the public") I bit my lip, waiting to be let into my masters chambers. I sighed. He must be sleeping. I went to turn around when the door opened. "Yes Police Girl?" "M-master! Sorry, did I wake you?" "No, what is it?" "Um, Sir Integra has sent us to Rio De Janeiro. There's a ghoul outburst. She wants us to deal with it." He nodded. (Note:These people are all pretty much from England. I did NOT make this up and no mean no offence to English people. Alucard does not have an English accent, just to make that clear. Enjoy!)


9. The Joy of the Hunt-Seras

As I was laying awake on Alucard's bare chest, him running his fingers through my hair, I thought about the mission. "Alucard, how will we track them down?" "We have heightened senses Seras, we can pick up their scent. And I also ate one of their members. So I should know where they are. Or the general area at least. Don't worry, but until then, we need to bulk up your stock of familiars." I nuzzled him. "So I half to kill people and drink their blood?" "Yes." I smiled a little. I looked up at him. I kissed him passionately. He rolled over on top of me and licked up my collar bone. I moaned in response and dug my nails into his back. I heard a soft knocking and gasped. Walter opened the door and looked at us. His face flushed a bright red. "A-Alucard... S-Seras... What on earth are you two doing?" He stuttered out. I yelped and flew under the covers in a blur. I whimpered in embarrassment as the elderly butler stared at Alucard and I. Alucard mumbled a few words and I heard the elderly butler clearing his throat. "There is a jet waiting to take you to you destination. There's only two others left in existence, so don't crash it, and pack up. You both leave in two and a half hours." He said, before the sound of footsteps was heard and the door closed. I felt a large hand on my back. I looked out from under the covers and sighed in relief. Alucard smiled down at me before kissing my forehead. I sat up and looked around for my clothes. I saw two piles of ripped up fabric and guessed that, judging by the colour, used to be my uniform. I sighed and managed to snag my bra and put it on. I looked around for a while before realizing that Alucard was sleeping peacefully. I sighed and hurriedly got dressed. I walked through the wall to my room and packed my clothes, throwing on a fresh uniform and left a note asking Walter to get me a bunch of them because they got destroyed so often. I walked back to Alucards room. He let out a soft snore and rolled over. I saw his tattoos and frowned. 'Just how did they manage to get them on him in the first place? He would have torn them to shreds without hesitation.'  I asked myself before letting out a soft sigh. I wondered why on his knees, but then remembered that he had long legs, and if he wanted, could kick anyone hard enough to harm them or, if in the right area, kill them. I remembered the night I was turned. That bastard of a priest used me as a shield, but led me to Alucard and the wonderful times we had. I sighed happily. 'So, Seras.' 'Yes Shimmer?' 'Is it gonna get crowded in here?' 'Probably, I mean, Alucard said I had to gain more familiars, like his. I believe he briefly explained how he had more then one familiar a while ago.' I sensed someone behind me. I turned around and looked up at Alucard, dressed in his usual clothes and smiling down at me. "Seras, are you ready to go?" I smiled mischievously. "Maybe..." I said in a seductive tone that I only used around him.  His eyes when wide and flashed a dangerous shade of red. I smiled and purred, making swirls of darkness curve around me. He pinned me to the bed so quickly that I gasped for air. He smirked and kissed my collar bone. I moaned and tangled my fingers in his hair. He simply smiled even bigger. I heard a faint voice calling Alucard and I. It was Sir Integra's voice, ordering us to her office. We sighed and walked through the walls to Integra's office. Walter was there, as soon as he saw us, a blush peppered his face as well as mine. Integra, on the other hand looked downright furious. She stood and slammed her hands down on her desk. "How dare you, servant! You embarrassed me in front of the queen and the entire round table comity and now you've engaged in this kind of activity with the Police Girl? This is an order! Unless she is injured, you are not allowed to touch her! And Seras, you're going to follow me, right now!" She said, her face red with anger. I nodded slowly and sadly. Alucard's face when even paler then it was, if it was possible. "Master! No! Don't do that! It's not necessary! Please Master!" Alucard said, distress oblivious in his voice. I looked up at him, saw the alarm in his eyes and realized what was going to happen. "S-Sir Integra... Are you going to make me wear the tattoos for the bond?!?" My voice shook in fear. "It is necessary, Seras. Now, you too will call me Master." She said before I felt something pulling me towards her. I snarled and thrashed around and felt whatever was pushing me towards her dig into my skin. "WALTER!" Alucard roared the poor man's name and caused him to jump. Whatever it was cut even more into my skin and caused me to yelp in pain. Alucard snarled at the man and ran to my side and started pulling strings off of me. Integra glared at him. "That's enough servant! You will not have any objections! Is that clear?" She said, smirking, knowing that it was a direct order to add to the previous one he had given him. I looked at him with big eyes. His shoulders slumped and he looked at me with sadness in his eyes. "Yes Master." He said, the sadness in his voice was absolutely terrible. He looked as if I was dead, and I knew why. Integra put a gloved hand on my shoulder and led me out of the room. She took me to the basement and led me to a cell I'd never noticed before. I saw blood on the walls, white gloves, a table with metal clasps, surgical instruments and the whole room smelled like Alucard and humans. Although the scent of humans was faint, Alucard's scent was strong. I was shocked. Integra pushed me down onto the table and pulled my stockings down bellow my knees. She put the shackles on me and opened a door on the left side of the room. "It's time." She said and then walked up to me. An old man followed her and looked me up and down. His face went pale. "Sir Integra, may I speak to you in my office for a moment before we begin?"  At this, Integra seemed confused, but she nodded and followed the man, leaving me alone in the room. I waited for a while, it seemed like only a few seconds before she came storming out of the room, her face twisted in anger and red. She glared at me and balled her hands into fists. "Seras, we will continue the procedure. Do you understand?" She said through clenched teeth. I managed to nod despite a restraint on my neck. She looked at the old man. He looked at her and scowled. "It's dangerous Integra. I told you, if anything goes wrong, she'll find out and so will he. When that happens, they'll break free from the spell and kill you, you do understand that right?" He said, looking at my stomach the whole time. I raised an eyebrow but said nothing. She clenched her fist. "Then nothing better go wrong." She simply said and sat down in a chair I hadn't noticed earlier. He sighed and pulled out latex gloves. "I will try my best." He said before coming closer to me and smiling. "Hello, I'm doctor Harvey. I will be the one binding you to Sir Integra like what has been done to Alucard. Now, if there is any pain, tell me and I will stop. Okay?" I nodded, scared about what was happening. I watched him with predatory interest. Integra was glaring at me, then the floor and then me. I felt a small poke and a pain shot through my system. I howled in pain and glared at the man. He had my hands split open in a pentagram, exactly like Alucards. He stopped and looked at me wide eyed. I snarled and bared my fangs. He looked at the wall behind me and when pale. I heard a deep snarl and felt a gloved hand on my shoulder. I looked up at Alucard and smiled reassuringly. He looked down at me and looked on the verge of tears. I tilted my face into his hand and purred. I didn't notice the stinging on my knees until I smelled Integra's blood. I looked at her and realized she had a cut on her hand and was holding the bloodied wound over the same cuts on my knees. I howled in pain when her blood made contact with my skin. I howled in pain every time I felt the blood on one of the pentagrams. She pulled her hand away and put a bandage on the injury. I, however, was writhing and screaming in pain. Alucard kissed my lips and the pain partially went away. I sobbed and felt as if a part of me was dying. I screamed and yelled, thrashing around in my restraints. The doctor's eyes when wide. "Something's wrong, it should be done by now..." He went pale. "Sir Integra, it's what we discussed earlier. It's happening." He said, shock and fear in his voice. I passed out to Alucard roaring in anger and demanding an answer. When I woke up, I felt as if there was a part of me that had been torn.I looked around my room and saw Alucard sitting in a chair, head bowed and a small whimper coming deep from within his chest. "Alucard? What's wrong?" He looked up at me and looked at my hands. I noticed the feel of a glove, so I too looked down. I saw a glove mirroring his. I looked up at him and saw the sadness in his eyes. "Alucard, what's wrong?" He bit his lip and looked around the room. "Maybe Sir Integra should tell you... This is all because of her anyway." He said, a snarl now building up deep in his throat. I sat up and nodded. I remembered that he couldn't touch me unless I was injured so I scratched my neck and waited for him to help me up. He did so and lapped up my blood. I walked to Sir Integra's office with a little bit of help. I knocked on the door once and waited. "Enter." She said, her voice sounding worn, sad and tired. I opened the doors and she almost fell off of her chair in surprise. "S-Seras... Did Alucard tell you about..." She trailed off and looked at Alucard. I heard a growl and looked back at him. He looked away from her and stared at the wall as if it were the most interesting thing in the world. I turned back to Integra. "Sir, what is it?" She bit her lip and looked around the room. "Alucard, restrain her if she attacks." He grunted in acknowledgement. "Seras, the binding spell we used on you... There was a complication. You see, you were... Pregnant and the spell... It... It killed your unborn child." I felt as if I had been slapped. My knees quivered. "W-what?" I fell to the floor on my knees. "It killed the child and bound you to me. Seras, if the child didn't die, you wouldn't have been loyal enough. I'm sorry, normally I wouldn't have done that, but when I heard what you two had been doing, and that I was mad about being embarrassed, I didn't care. I'm terribly sorry." She said, tears in her eyes. I felt a void open up. 'Shimmer, did you know about it?' 'No, I only knew as much as you did Seras... I'm so sorry!' My familiar sobbed in my head. I opened my mouth and closed it, worried that I might start crying about it. "I... H-how could you?!?" I shouted, a sob escaping my throat. Alucard ran up to my side and nuzzled me, then let out a cry of pain. I looked over at him to see his pentagrams glowing red. "Alucard!" I sobbed. My mate couldn't comfort me, or he'd be hurt. I looked at Integra and momentarily felt powerless. I stood slowly and wiped the tears up. I looked at her again and put up a clod front. "What are your orders Master?" I said, my voice trembling. "What do you mean? I just told you that I caused the death of your child!" I snarled at the woman of steel. "I know that, but if we don't stop Millennium, then more children will die without reason." I said the last few words with venom. She looked at me then Alucard. "Alucard, you can touch her again." She said softly. He immediately wrapped his arms around me and nuzzled my neck. I turned to him and started sobbing into his cold chest. He rubbed my back and let a few crimson tears spill from his eyes. When we were finished, we turned around and faces our master, hatred gleaming in our eyes instead of the fondness we usually had for her. "Your orders are simple, destroy the Millennium group and return. Understood?" We nodded and left. "How long was I out?" "Only three hours. we can still track them, of course. We can use the Dandy man's blood to fin where they might be at." He wrapped an arm around me waist and led me towards a plane with both of our coffins and a small amount of luggage. I looked at the plane in awe. "I don;t know how to fly a plane." He chuckled. "I do." He then led me to the cockpit. He patted a the seat next to the controls. "You'll be sitting here... But you don;t half to come if you don't want to." I shook my head. "I might kill Sir Integra if I stay here. I need to kill some of those damned men that took the happiness of some families around the world because of their reckless attacks." I said before planting a kiss on his lips. We each shed a tear at the loss of our child. But we made a silent oath right then and there. We weren't going to have another child until we were free. I wasn't going to forgive Integra for this. I was furious, but managed to keep a calm front. I just let my rage build up so we could kill Millennium. An that, was the truth.   

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