Dead Rising-Hellsing fanic

(I do not own any of the characters. Go and check out Hellsing if you are into anime or the supernatural, or both. I suggest watching the first episode so you know what it's about. To sum it all up, Alucard is the Hellsing family pet and he turned Victoria aka Police Girl into a vampire and there's a lot of people that want to kill Alucard and Seras, not to mention Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing(Who is a woman) because they are "In the Way" and "Are a threat to the public") I bit my lip, waiting to be let into my masters chambers. I sighed. He must be sleeping. I went to turn around when the door opened. "Yes Police Girl?" "M-master! Sorry, did I wake you?" "No, what is it?" "Um, Sir Integra has sent us to Rio De Janeiro. There's a ghoul outburst. She wants us to deal with it." He nodded. (Note:These people are all pretty much from England. I did NOT make this up and no mean no offence to English people. Alucard does not have an English accent, just to make that clear. Enjoy!)


3. Taking Them Down-Seras

 I sat in the brown coffin and looked around the room at all our surviving men. Alucard was rushing around trying his best to fix up their wounds. The work looked like it was finally taking it's toll on him. He had really dark circles under his eyes. The Irish priest Anderson's words rang in my head. "You will not be like your master! The demon only wanted a servant that wouldn't talk back." He'd said harshly before stabbing my stomach with his blessed blades. 'That was really rude of him wasn't it?' 'W-who are you?' 'Your familiar. Call me Shimmer. I basically live inside your skull.' 'Oh!' ''Yeah, anyways, don't listen to that guy. Trust me, your master's a lot more compassionate then he lets on. I know because I can communicate with his familiar. You see, he only ever lets himself be happy when he's asleep. You can change that Seras. You need to show him the joys of the modern world. His familiar is worried for him. He know what he was like before you where here. He never spoke to anyone or cared for anyone other than Walter and Integra. Now, he's a lot kinder. He's helping those men and bandaging their injuries. He hasn't killed a single one.' She pointed out. I thought on the subject. 'He doesn't want you to leave Seras. The Hound of the Baskervilles doesn't want us to leave, for Alucard's sake. But he knows that you will leave and wants to keep you here so he has someone like him. Someone he'd be able to care for. Seras, he really cares for you, believe it or not. He wants you to stay his for the rest of your lives, but you'll eventually leave.' She said sadly, almost crying. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up to see Alucard offering me a blood pack. "You need it Seras." He said, obviously starving. I shook my head. "Master, you Need it more. You're thirsty." I said. He frowned and put it in my lap. "Seras, I don't need this, not right now. I'm just tired." I saw the dark circles even worse then I'd noticed earlier. "Master, you should get some rest." I said, holding his face in my hands. He shook his head. "How long has it been since we've been in here?" I asked. I felt tired myself. "Police Girl it's been four days. You should get some rest." He said, sounding suggestive but I knew it was an order. "I will tomorrow. You need sleep and some blood." I offered my neck and he bit into it without hesitation. The sensation was pleasant. He licked under his fangs each time he swallowed. I felt a small trickle of blood run down my neck, making me shiver. He pulled away and licked the small line of blood, the drop now at my collarbone, and licked all up my neck, following the line. I shivered with pleasure and wrapped my arms around his head, curling my fingers in his long black hair. I smiled as he kissed my neck and bit into it again. "Thirsty?" He nodded slowly. When he finally pulled away for good, I felt a little weak but bit into his neck. His blood was delicious. I ignored the blood pack completely. His tasted better. It was warmer. He flinched but accepted this and put his hands on my back. He pulled at the fabric of my shirt as I bit harder into his skin. He winced slightly but let himself relax. I drank his blood until I was satisfied. "Sorry master." "It's alright Police Girl." "Master, why does your blood taste differently than the blood in the blood packs?" "Because I'm not the same blood type. And my blood is that of a vampire." I nodded slowly. "I'm going to get some sleep. Take care of the men and sir Integra. If any of them touch you bare your fangs and hiss." "How exactly do I do that?" "When a vampire bares it's fangs and lets air run out, it makes a hissing sound. Deeper then any animals. Try it." I nodded and pulled my lips over my fangs and let out a breath. A low hissing sound came from deep in my lungs. I felt it reverberate deep from inside me. I clamped a hand over my mouth. He nodded. "Good job Police Girl. You're learning how to be a proper vampire." He said. I nodded. After a few minutes, he went to sleep. I circulated, giving the men their meals and replacing their bandages. At about four in the morning the next day, someone smacked my behind, making me yelp. I turned around to see the new recruit. I forgot what Alucard had told me. "Uh, c-could you not do that?" "Why? There's no harm being done." "No harm? That really hurt!" I snapped. He smiled and grabbed my hips and pulled me to him. He groped my breasts. I tried to push him away but he kept pulling me closer and groped me again. He was yanked away by his shirt collar. "Master!" I sighed in relief. He hissed, his lower than mine. "You won't touch my fledgling against her will again. Understood?" He said, baring his fangs and standing in front of me. "Y-yes sir!" He said, clearly scared and surprised that the highest ranking agent of Hellsing was acting as such. He slunk back onto his cot and sat down, not looking at me. "Police Girl, why didn't you do as I said?" "B-because I forgot what you told me. I'm sorry master." He sighed. "It's alright. Go get some sleep." I nodded and walked up to my coffin. I was sleeping when I felt something soft and fuzzy being placed over me. I opened one eye slightly and saw Alucards gloved hands pulling back and closing my coffin lid gently. Just before it closed I opened my eyes fully. "Thank you master." He seemed startled. "You're welcome Police Girl." "Master." "Yes?" "I'm scared." "Of what?" I sighed. I had been having a nightmare about the Iscariots finding us and capturing Alucard and I but killing everyone else. "I don't want to sleep. I was having a nightmare. The Iscariots found us and killed everyone else but us. And then they where torturing us and I don't want to go back to that nightmare again sir. Please stay with me." I said, the lid of my coffin now entirely open. I had the edge of his t-shirt in my hands. Tears welling up in my eyes. He sighed. "I guess I could stay. Some of the men are feeling well enough and are guarding the room and take care of the others." I smiled. "Thank you master."  He sat down on the ground next to me. I reached for his hand. He looked at my open hand and sighed. I closed my eyes, thinking he was just going to stay there if I had a nightmare, but I was surprised to feel him crawl into my coffin behind me. I opened my eyes. He put a hand on my waist. "Go to sleep Seras." "Y-yes sir.' I closed my eyes and fell asleep seconds later. I woke up to find myself alone with sir Integra. She was awake. "S-sir Integra. Where is everyone?" "They're fighting back against Iscariot. You can't hear it?" I listened hard. I heard gunshots and screams of pain. I jumped out of my coffin and stood up as someone started banging on the door. I grabbed my gun just as the iron doors broke. The priest was standing there, swords raised, ready for a fight. I shot at him and bared my fangs. "Go away!" I was using my third eye, and found the actual priest standing there. Bullets wouldn't stop him. He cackled and pulled out Alucards head and heart. I screamed and was woken up. "Seras, Hey it's just a nightmare. Shh, relax." He said, rubbing my back soothingly. I cried silently, burying my face in his chest. His shirt was soon soaked with blood. Us vampires don't cry tears of water like humans. It's blood.  He rubbed m back and hummed quietly, rocking slightly back and forth. I slowly stopped crying. "Master, we need to stop Iscariot. I can't stop having these terrible nightmares. I feel like I'm going insane!" He nodded slowly. Seras, we're all stressed. But you've gotten less sleep then anyone else. I believe that that's the cause of your nightmares. Seras, we're going to fight back. I promise you that." I nodded. "What was your dream about?" He asked. "Well, I woke up alone with sir Integra and I heard all of you guys fighting upstairs. Someone started slamming on the door so I grabbed my gun.And as soon as I did Anderson broke down the doors. I started shooting at him and remembered that bullets wouldn't kill him. He laughed and pulled out your head and your heart and then I woke up." He nodded. "Well, I still have  my head so no need to worry." He looked over towards sir Integra and hissed. "What is it sir?" "That new guy." He said, clenching his fists. I looked over in her direction and saw him unbuttoning he shirt, chuckling to himself. "Shall we?" "He really needs to stop being a pervert." I said, getting out of my coffin. We stalked towards him silently. "What do you think you're doing?" I asked. He jumped and screamed. "Oh, Seras, I was just changing her bandages." He said staring at Alucards gun. "I just did that before going to sleep. And I'm the only one supposed to do that." "Oh, sorry." He said, staring up at me. I sighed and rolled my eyes. Alucard grabbed him by the shirt collar and pinned him against a wall. "Don't ever touch my master like that ever again! Or I will rip your hands off one by one. Each time you touch her like that I'll rip a finger off. When you don't have any more fingers, I'll rip your hands off one at a time. Slowly." I leaned over and started buttoning up her shirt. I heard a click. "Master was that you?" I asked. "No." I looked up towards him questioningly. I heard a creak and looked towards the door. What looked like Walters gloved hand slipped away from the tiny opening. I stood up and ran to grab my gun. I crept silently towards the door. I peeked through the crack and my eye was stabbed I stumbled backwards. I saw the door fly open and Anderson charged in. I screamed and pulled the trigger, hitting him in between the eyes. I ran to the safety of my master. He took my face in his hand and licked the blood dripping down from my eye. I opened it now that it was healed and closed it again. He licked the blood up and let me go. "Next time he goes down, rip his heart out and tear it in two. It's the only thing that can kill him." He whispered as Alexander got back up. I turned back to him and Alucard and I drew our guns. We pointed them at him as he charged. We shot at the re generator. He stumbled and I managed to shoot him in the same place again. He fell down and stopped moving. Alucard and I ran towards him and punched into his back, grabbing his heart. We tore it out and ripped it in half. We looked at each other and smiled hungrily. We charged out the door and tore anyone in our way apart. Not even caring as the others ran up the stairs. We chased down a large majority of the Iscariots trying to escape. We ran outside, slaughtering those who weren't fast enough to get on the helicopter. We used or bare hands and our fangs. By now, we were covered in blood. The surviving Iscariots flew away in their helicopter. I licked Alucard cheek, smiling at the taste of blood. He growled playfully and licked my forehead. We pulled away and smiled like maniacs before licking the blood of the other. I pinned him to the ground and licked the blood off his back. He laughed and licked up my arm, neck and face. I licked his arms clean and let him lick the blood off my back. After we finished he picked me up and spun me around in the air. I laughed. "This is so much fun!" I shouted. He laughed and put me down. "Yes I agree. This was entertaining." He smiled. "I've never seen a vampire act more animistic during a blood rage. It's impressive." I smiled. "You were also acting like an animal so I wouldn't say anything yet." I pointed out. He smiled even bigger and laughed. "I guess only one of us is truly insane though." I tackled him and licked the small bit of blood I missed right beside his mouth. He turned his head slightly and licked beside my mouth as well. I blushed. I heard a groan and saw an Iscariot stand up. "I've got it!" I shouted and jumped at him but Alucard caught me by the waist. "It' s ghoul. Give it an order, I want to know if you turned it." I nodded. "Shoot yourself in the head." I did as I told it too. "Sorry master. I didn't mean to turn anyone. It was an  accident." I said sadly. He licked along my neck. "Missed a spot. It's alright Police Girl." He licked along my collarbone. I gasped and grabbed his shirt. He hadn't bothered with my front. He pinned me down and licked my stomach. "Master, cut it out that tickles!" I said laughing. He chuckled and then started tickling my sides. I laughed and gasped for air. "I guess this is an agreeable punishment for having turned someone into a ghoul." He said while raising an eyebrow. I nodded while gasping for air. He laughed and stopped. I smiled and tackled him, tickling his sides. "This is just for fun and revenge." I said smiling. He laughed uncontrollably and tried stopping me by pinning my arms to my sides but I managed to wriggle out of his grasp. "Sears! Stop!" He said gasping. "Fine." I said licking his collarbone. He sighed contemptibly. "We should go make sure that there are no more ghouls." I nodded and stood up. We ran through the mansion at top speed and killed whatever ghouls that where there. Witch was only a few. After that we put anything that could be re-used or that hadn't been used at all back where it was supposed to be. Then we took Integra back to her room. I sighed and fell back on the couch after five hours of cleaning up the bloody mess all around the house, getting rid of the corpses and locking the doors. Alucard sat down next to me, breathing a sigh of relief. I looked at him for a while before realizing our clothes where soaked in blood. "Um, master." "Yes? " "Our clothes are still covered in blood." He jumped up, revealing a large blood stain. I stood up and walked towards the cleaning products. After washing off the couch, we both went and got changed. I sighed as the moon rose over the treetops. I walked up the stairs to watch some television. I sat down on the couch and picked up the remote. As a commercial hit, I felt someone watching me. I turned slowly. Integra was standing at the bottom of the stairs. "Sir Integra, how are you feeling?" "Fine, thank you." I smiled and patted the couch cushion next to me. She sat down and yawned. "Sir, you should get some sleep." "Now Seras, I want you to tell me the truth, how many survived?" "Out of the Iscariots? Only ten. Out of our men, about fifty. But we'll still need more. If they attack again, we won't stand a chance." She looked shocked. "What's wrong sir?" "Ten Iscariots survived?" "That attacked the mansion, yes. Even Anderson is dead." She looked like she had just seen a ghost. "Sir?" "How?" "Master and I killed them all in a blood rage." She went pale. "A blood rage?!?" "Yes, why?" "Was Alucard calm, well as calm a you'll ever see him?" "Yes, he was fairly calm. Why?" She sighed in relief. We sat talking for a while until Alucard came up. He sat on the other side of me. I smiled and looked at the television screen. I hadn't looked at the channel and I was surprised to see a horror movie on. I went pale. "Oh no." "What's wrong Police Girl?" "I-I can't watch this! I'm sorry  but I can't." "Seras, there's nothing to be afraid of." Integra said. Alucard stiffened. I didn't say anything but wondered why. 'He likes you.' Shimmer singsonged in my head. 'Oh stop. No he doesn't.' I blushed. "We're right here police Girl. There's nothing to be afraid of." Alucard said, putting and arm around my shoulders and smirking. I nodded. "Thank you." I turned my attention back to the screen and screamed at the sight of a creatures face, it barred it's fangs and jumped at the people. I jumped into Alucard lap and hugged his neck almost crying. He sighed. "Some things never change." I whimpered, and started to crawl off of his lap when he hugged me to him. "You don't half to watch." He said. I nodded and buried my face in his chest. I heard screams and squeals and eventually got curious, so I peaked at the screen. The creature was devouring the people that where hidden in a van. I flinched back into Alucards chest. He chuckled and rubbed my back soothingly. I couldn't tear my eyes away from the screen even though I was horrified. I seemed to sink into his chest. "Oh lord, Alucard, she's watching the movie! The poor girl is terrified!" Integra yelled. He reacted very quickly, he took my face and turned it away from the screen. "Seras, what where you thinking?" "I was curios to see what was going on. I'm sorry!" I said. He sighed and hugged me. "It's alright. You where curious. But if you keep me up all day because of nightmares, I'll be very angry." "Yes sir, sorry sir." I realized something. "It's not like we're staying in the same room tonight." "Yeah well I can hear you scream from my room." "Oh, sorry." I smelled something good. It was close. I shyly took a sniff of his neck. It was him! 'I wonder if he's wearing cologne.' 'No, that's his scent. You're just coming into contact with it for the first time.' 'Until this movie is over, I want to talk with you, okay?' 'Alright.' 'Tell me a little about yourself.' 'Well, I've always been with my family, so being away from them is kind of new for me. I'm from Canada. It's cold there, but it's really beautiful. I've never met another demon hound before. It's rare to come across one unless it's mating season.' I shivered. "Are you cold Seras?" "No sir." I said, lying. He grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around me anyway. "I know when you lie." "I just didn't want to interrupt your movie." "It's fine." He said then went quiet. 'Hey Seras.' 'Yes?' 'Did you know vampires have a mating season? It's weird.' I swallowed. 'Can we not talk about that?' 'Oh, right, you're sensitive on the subject aren't you?' 'Yes, very' 'Well, anyways, I think you'd like it in Canada. It's lovely. There's a ton of nature, it's hot during the summer, and really cold during winter. But either season it's beautiful.' 'I'll half to ask master if he's ever been.' 'Well, that's all I can think of. Your turn.' I took a few seconds to think about what I was going to say. 'Well, I was raised an orphan.' 'What's an orphan?' 'A child who has no parents. Mine where killed when I was very young. I was hidden in the closet the whole time. I tried to hurt one of them, I managed to stab one in the eye with a fork, but the other man shot me in the stomach. I had to go to dozens of rehabilitation facilities. I was dumped off at an orphanage and was never adopted. My father was a police officer, so when I was old enough to leave, I got a job as a police officer to stop people from getting hurt. I really enjoyed it. It was loads of fun. I miss my old friends but some of them are dead now. I chose to become a vampire. A vampire priest wanted to rape and turn me into a ghoul. Alucard had to shoot through my heart to hit his and offered to turn me to save me. I honestly didn't want to be killed by a criminal. And you know the rest.' 'Interesting. Do you even know why he offered to turn you?' "No, but I'm not going to ask.' 'What if it's something like he felt lonely or wanted someone to teach?' 'I have a feeling it's not.' I said yawning. I buried my face in his shoulder and fell asleep. I felt myself being lifted. I was too tired to open my eyes. I was placed on something soft and felt something warm and fluffy being put over me. I heard Alucard yawn. So he must have carried me to my room. "Master?" "Yes Seras?" "Thank you." "For?" "Today. It was fun." He said nothing for a while, then I felt him sit down next to me. "No problem Seras. I enjoyed myself as well." I somehow managed to open my eyes. I was on my bed and covered with my blankets. I sat up and hugged his neck. "Good night" He seemed surprised, but slowly hugged me back. "Good night Seras." He said quietly. I smiled. He was warming up to me. "Master, have you ever been to Canada?" "No, why?" "I wanted to know what it was like. Shimmer told me it was nice since she used to live there." "Who?" "Shimmer, my familiar." "Oh. Well, maybe we'll have a mission there someday." "Maybe." I said, yawning and not convinced.  I lay back down and pulled the blankets up a little, smiling slyly. I really wondered what tomorrow was going to be like as I drifted off to sleep, I felt something hit the bed hard and stop moving. I opened one eye and saw Alucard, laying next to me, facing the wall. I moved over a little and pulled him along. He stretched and rolled over, facing me. He was out cold. I smiled and fell asleep. I woke up the next morning laying on Alucards chest. I listened to his breathing and felt the slow rising and falling of his chest. I smiled slightly. He was sleeping with a look that seemed to show that he was displeased. I looked at his sleeping face for a while and looked away, blushing. I sighed and cuddled into his chest. I looked up again and saw the expression change, from displeased, to shocked then to happy. A smile crept across his face. I looked in surprise as he rolled his head to the side and softly bit my pillow. I moved a little to see if he was tearing it, and heard a strange crack. I felt a sharp pain in my neck. I looked and saw his arm leading up to my neck. He jumped and opened his eyes. "Oh, god Seras I'm sorry." He said before moving his hand and feeling down my neck. I felt a sharp pain but didn't acknowledge it. I felt the bones crack in my neck and after that I felt great. "It's nothing master, my neck just cracked, that's all." I said smiling. He looked up at a strand of hair in front of his eye. "what is it master?" "The Hound is getting annoying." He growled and shook his head. I smiled and rolled off his chest. I felt the soft pillow under my head and sighed happily. "Seras, it's almost night time. Three more hours until the moon is out. Go back to sleep." He said, wrapping an arm around my waist. He yawned and rested his head on my shoulder. He was taller then me and hie was stronger, but i felt like I was in power because I was more awake then he was. "Master, can we just talk?" He yawned. "I don't see why not." He said, propping himself up on an elbow. "What do you want to talk about?" "um, well, I don't really know that much about you, and I'd like to." He nodded slowly. "Well, if you really want to know about me then I guess it wouldn't hurt to tell you." He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Back when Integra was twelve, her father, my master before her, died of a sickness. Before him, when she was five, her mother died in an accident. Instead of leaving the family business to his brother, her uncle, he left it to her. Her uncle was not happy with that, so he chased her around the mansion. Her father, before dying, told her to go the the cell we where in, the last cell in the deepest dungeon if she ever needed help. So she went in through the vents. Her blood awakened me. Her uncle found her inside my cell and shot her arm. I managed to break my bonds and protect her. I ripped his arm off and she took his gun. I let her use my arm as a stand to shoot off of. I've taken care of her ever since. She is my master, and I have a bond with her that can only be broken by death. If she dies without any children, I will no longer have a master and will be a threat to the world. So naturally, you will follow my lead. But Integra is different. She want's to stay a virgin until death, and adopt children. I think t would be better if she did have children of her own so that the business would stay in the family, but she does what she thinks is best. Now, tell me a little about you. I am your master and yet I know very little about you." I swallowed. "Well, my father was a police officer, and I obviously took after him. I would have anyway had I not been orphaned. A few months after he'd discovered an important clue in a crime spree, he managed to solve it and make an arrest. But two members of the gang got away. They killed him and my mother, I had been hiding in the closet the whole time. When the gunshots stopped, I peeked out the door and saw both my parents dead. They kicked my after telling him to squeal, and they crouched over my mother, one said you where just for fun. I grabbed a fork and stabbed the one that said that in the eye, and his partner shot me in the stomach. I had to watch them have sex with my mothers corpse before the police and the ambulance came. I was the only one that survived. They never made an arrest, and they're still out there somewhere. And it honestly scares me just thinking about it. If I ever saw them again, I'd arrest them on the spot and cry after. They need to pay for what they did. I sometimes wish I'd died then so I could see my parents again." I picked up a picture of them and me that had been taken only days before their murder. I felt a tear run down my cheek. The picture had been delivered to me in a frame at the hospital by the man who took it. It was the last picture I had of my parents and i together. I felt the ache of missing them again. Alucard put an arm around my shoulder and looked at the picture. "You look like them." He said softly. I'd been told that I looked like my mother and that I had my fathers eyes. He licked the tear up and kissed my cheek, as a friendly gesture, I think. 'He likes you Seras, why won't you believe me?' 'Because you could be wrong.' 'Seras, he just kissed your cheek. He likes you.' Shimmer said with a huff. I blushed slightly. "I no longer have family alive. They all died many years ago. The price to pay when you're a vampire. You out live your family,and it makes you lonely. I have been alone as well Seras. I don't want to be alone again, but I know it will happen. And I'm willing to accept you back with open arms when you come back." He said sadly. "Master, I never want to be alone. I don't know the full extent to my powers and I don't think I'll ever learn by being alone." I started crying. He licked up my tears and kissed my forehead. "Seras, shh, it's alright. That's not for a long time." He said, pulling me onto his lap and rocking back and forth slowly, he traced shapes on my back soothingly and hummed a low tune I didn't recognize. After a while, I stopped crying and curiosity got the best of me. "Master, where did you learn that tune?" He stopped humming but kept doing everything else. "My mother used to sing it to me when I was sad, scared or when my father was drunk. He'd abuse us if we weren't doing what he told us too when he was drunk. And when he sobered up the next day, he'd apologize at every chance he got. It never made anything better. One day he went to far and pushed my mother off of my balcony. She died the next day, but not after telling me that she was always there. My father was constantly drunk after that. He'd beat me and blame her death on me. When I turned fifteen, he started doing things I hated. I killed him when I was twenty. He was dying when he said he was sorry he hadn't been a good father and I just left him to die. Some things, you apologize for, and are never forgiven. He was a terrible king and a terrible father. I used to love him and look up to him like any other boy would do. We used to be happy. But then he started bringing home women and drinking too much, and it just got too much and I snapped. I drank blood just before dying, that turned me into what I am today. I was to be beheaded, and just before the axe went down I drank blood and I came back to life. I killed them as revenge. I was a wild creature before I met Integras father. He moulded me into who I am today. I owe a lot to him." He said, smiling and looking off into the distance. I curled into his chest and smiled. He ran his fingers through my hair. I smiled. "It must have been a hard time for you master." I said, feeling sad that he'd had a rough past. I started humming the part of the tune I could remember. He hummed along with me. By time we fell asleep, I knew the whole tune by heart. We fell asleep, me on his lap, him holding me close and being gentle. I heard the phone ring, but he answered it and I drifted back into sleep. I woke up at eight thirty seven. Alucard had left a note explaining that he had to go on a mission and he'd be back soon. I washed up and got my uniform on. I walked outside my room and up to the lounge where a group of men where sitting. I was a little startled. "Allow me to present to you a genuine vampire." Integra said, pointing at me. I smiled shyly. "what, you have got to be kidding me? You are really a vampire?" A man asked in a heavy french accent. "Yes, I am, hello!" I said smiling. He burst out laughing. "If you're a vampire, then I'm Frankenstein's monster!" He said, lumbering towards me. I poked him in the forehead. I kept doing that until he fell against the chair he'd been sitting on. I zipped back to the wall and moved my finger in a circular motion in the air. "S-she just kept poking me, and it all happened so fast! So you are really a vampire?" "She may be a strong vampire, but she's not even at the halfway point of her powers." Alucard said, walking through a wall. The men all screamed. I smiled and ran towards him. "Master! You're back!" I said happily. I wrapped my arms around his neck and laughed.  He smiled and chuckled. "Hello Police Girl."     

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