Dead Rising-Hellsing fanic

(I do not own any of the characters. Go and check out Hellsing if you are into anime or the supernatural, or both. I suggest watching the first episode so you know what it's about. To sum it all up, Alucard is the Hellsing family pet and he turned Victoria aka Police Girl into a vampire and there's a lot of people that want to kill Alucard and Seras, not to mention Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing(Who is a woman) because they are "In the Way" and "Are a threat to the public") I bit my lip, waiting to be let into my masters chambers. I sighed. He must be sleeping. I went to turn around when the door opened. "Yes Police Girl?" "M-master! Sorry, did I wake you?" "No, what is it?" "Um, Sir Integra has sent us to Rio De Janeiro. There's a ghoul outburst. She wants us to deal with it." He nodded. (Note:These people are all pretty much from England. I did NOT make this up and no mean no offence to English people. Alucard does not have an English accent, just to make that clear. Enjoy!)


4. Mates-Alucard

 I listened to Integra's introduction of the men in the room to Seras and I. The leader, Pip Bernadette had his eye on Seras the whole time. He had his long brown hair in a braid, a band-aid on his nose and an eye-patch. I bared my fangs at him as his gaze drifted to her thighs. is head snapped back to Integra as he flushed red embarrassed. I smirked and put an arm around her waist. I finally knew who the woman in my dream was. It was Seras, she had been holding a little child in her arms, one with blond hair and pale skin. Seras Victoria was my mate. And I wasn't going to let any man touch her. She probably didn't know and it'd take a while for her to realize that she loved me and that I loved her but I'd be willing to wait. I felt her backup into me a little as he walked towards us slowly and cautiously. I tensed as the newcomer held out a hand. "It's nice to meet you both. It will be truly an honour to work with you people." He said, shaking Seras' hand and then mine. I did so acting nonchalant, but I was tense. If I didn't know them well, I didn't like humans. I didn't like approaching them or being approached my them, but I tolerated this. It was an act of kindness and in my eyes submission. I put my hands back on Seras' shoulders. I didn't say a word. The sight of a vampires fangs usually scared people. I felt Seras ripped from my grip and saw her spiral into a hug with him. I tensed and barred my fangs. That time I couldn't help it. "I'm sorry I didn't believe that you where a vampire ma chere! I didn't think you people existed. Can you forgive me mignonette?" He said hugging her. She squirmed. "It's alright! Um, but could you let me go? I can't breathe..." "Oh I'm sorry mignonette! I didn't mean to do that." He said, letting her go and kissing her hand. She took a deep breath and exhaled happily. Before he could do anything else, I grabbed her arm and pulled her away. "That's quite dangerous. I highly recommend not doing that again." I said, not hiding the venom in my voice. "O-of course. Sorry ma chere." He said, bowing and taking off his hat. I tensed up even more. 'Why me?' 'It's fate Alucard. You can't choose your mate. And now that you know, you won't be able to resist her like you normally would. You turned her, you deal with it.' 'So, your point?' 'Alucard, come winter, she will realize it and want to spend time with you. But she'll have left and won't able to come back. She'll be dangerous Alucard. She'll kill all her ghouls and try and come back, but Integra will shoo her away and try and kill her. You half to teach her how to fend for herself. Or just don't pay much attention to her unless she wants your attention. Let's just hope that you can make her realize what you two are or you might get the order to kill her.' I shivered at the mention of it. 'Let's hope. For her sake.' 'Come winter she might have left. I mean, it's in a month.' 'Right.' I said then turned to walk away. "Wait up master!" She yelled joyfully and ran up to my side. "I think I need to each you how to walk through walls." "Really! Thank you sir!" She said joyfully and hugged me. "All you half to do is imagine where you want to go and walk towards a wall. Try imagining somewhere large and where no one is." She nodded. "Um, your room?" I started at that. "Why not." I said trying to keep my calm. She put a hand out and closed her eyes. She walked towards the wall and disappeared after her hand. I imagined my room and walked through the wall. She was standing in awe in my room. I chuckled and made her jump. "Master I did it!" She said joyfully. "Yes you did. Good job. Next time, try it with your eyes open." "Master, can you stand still inside a wall?" "Yes, it comes in handy if you're hiding. What else do you want to try?" She thought for a while. Those level releases. I want to try those." I swallowed hard. "Well, since you have a familiar I guess you could do that." I thought on how to explain it to her. "You want to put your hands touching your thumbs. witch means one hand with the palm out and one hand with the palm in. Your right thumb should touch your lefty index and your left thumb should touch your right index. Try it." She did exactly as I had told her. "Hold that shape up to your eye. You need to focus on your familiar. This is technically letting them draw on your power and come out for a while. Let's start with the level three release. The weakest one, but for you,learning it will be different. If you lose control then I'll bring you back. There's four level releases. Level three is the weakest one, level two is stronger and you will be able to launch your familiar at your target, level one in the second strongest where your familiar is in full control and you are in it's mind. You can turn into your familiar with the level one release, and finally, level zero release. Where you have an army at your disposal. All those that you have killed and consumed take on a physical form and will be separate from you. You will still be in control of them directly, they are ghouls and you can't kill these ones. When you're ready, I will tech you the level zero release witch comes with a line. Mine is written on my coffin and yours will too. So, hold your hands up to your eye and say, level three release activated. Code C, do not stop until the target has been silenced." I grabbed a practice dummy from the training room and put it a few feet away from her as well as me. "Say that with the dummy in mind. Go." She took a deep breath and held her hands up like I'd thought her. "Level three release activated. Code C, do not stop until the target has been silenced." She spread her familiar around her, her power pulsing with strength. She chopped the dummy in half with one swipe of her arm. Her familiar's head popped up and tore it apart. "I did it!" "No Seras focus!" I yelled as her familiar turned to her and lunged. I summoned my familiar and it blocked her from the attack. The two snarled at each other and growled. I ran up to Seras. "The target has been silenced Seras." "The target's been silenced?" She asked. Her familiar stopped the attack and licked her cheek submissively. I sighed. My familiar licked it's face as a gesture of friendship. The two both returned to their masters. "You always need to stay in control. Acknowledge that the target has been silenced. If not, your familiar will attack you thinking you're the target. Understood?" "Yes sir. Sorry sir." I hugged her. "I'm just glad I don't half to explain to Integra that you where killed by your own familiar. And I hope I'll never half to. I hope I'll never half to." I sighed. She nodded slowly. I didn't know if I upset her so I slowly let go. She had a distant look in her eyes and looked sad. "Seras?" "Yes sir?" She said looking at me. "Did I upset you?" "No sir." I looked at her sadly. "Do you want to leave the mansion?" "Only to go on a walk, but I don't want to be alone." She looked at me and smiled. "Do you want to come with me?" I shrugged. "I don't see why not." I said. She grabbed my hand and led me along behind her. I followed, worried about how she was acting. "Seras, are you sure you're alright?" "I'm a little shaken up but I think a walk will help." "Seras Victoria. Tell me what's wrong." I ordered. She looked at me with tears in her eyes. "Master, they're near! I'm scared, I want them to leave. So I wanted to scare them away." "Who's near Seras?" "The men who killed my parents. They're running through the woods. I can hear them. Laughing about their recent crime." She said, her eyes watering. I sighed and hugged her. "You'll never be at pea e will you?" "No sir. Not as long as they're alive." I picked her up. "I can prove you wrong. Want to know how?" "How sir?" "I'll scare them off. You can watch or join in. They'll be so scared that they'll die of heart attacks. Or we can get them to admit to what they've done and we can spare their family's the heartache and get everyone they've wronged justice. Your pick Seras. I'll go along with either one." She smiled. "Let's get them to confess master. I want to hear them confess to what they did." I smiled. 'That's my girl. Not violent unless she needs to be. I never want her to change.' I thought to myself smiling. I put her down and walked up the stairs with her. We ran into the woods and waited for them to walk by. She then stood up and walked in front of them. "Hey, isn't that the Victoria girl?" One asked the other whispering. The other nodded. "Act cool. No way she'll recognize us." He whispered back. I quietly walked up behind them. "Excuse me miss, do you know your way around these parts? We were taking a walk and got lost." She looked at them with hatred and then turned to me. "Master, should I give them directions after what they've done to me?" She asked. They whirled around and looked at me with mouths agape. I smirked. "Well, are you sure it's them Seras?" "I'm absolutely positive. I would never forget the faces of the men who murdered my parents." I nodded. "Well, I think we should kill them as a punishment but it's your call." She looked at them and frowned. "I'm not happy about this, but I refuse to become like them. I won't kill them, unless they admit to what they've done to the authorities." "Clever Police Girl." She looked at me. "Master, I am no longer a police officer. I work with the hellsing organisation." I nodded. She looked at them. "I will never forgive you two for what you have done to me and my parents. You killed them and left me with the images of their corpses forever burned into my mind. And I will half to live with that for the rest of my life. I could take you both back home and kill you in front of your families, but I won't, because I'm not as heartless as you two!" She said, the venom in her voice gave me shivers of delight. "If you don't tell the police what you've done wrong, we will hunt you down and kill you both. You know where the town is. Get going. Now!" She snarled. They screamed and ran in the direction of the town. I smiled. "You could have gotten revenge." "I know master. But if they don't tell, I will ask for you yo help he hunt them down so I can kill them." I smiled and put an arm around her shoulders. "Of course I'll help you with that mission, I promise." She nodded. "Thank you master." I smiled and kissed her forehead. She smiled like she was proud of what I'd just done and grabbed my hand. "Let's go master!" "Seras. If you want to be alone it's fine." "No master, I really want some company." She said almost purring. I sighed. I really wanted to stay with her but I didn't want her to leave. She tugged on my sleeve, pulling me along behind her. I followed wondering where we where going. "Seras?" "We're going to the police station. I want to see what they do. They should almost be there. I want to hear them confess." I nodded as we took off into a run. We passed by them so fast they couldn't see us, they'd only feel a breeze. I smiled at her enthusiasm in trying to guide people into a situation where they had to do something or die. It was exactly what I would do. She slowed to a human pace outside an alley. I followed her into the station and was surprised to see all the officers in the building stop what they were doing and look slowly at her. Then their eyes turned towards me. I looked outside the window at the side of the building. I heard someone approach us and turned my head. "Hi captain." She said happily, she gave him a hug and smiled at some of them. "Seras, it's great to see you again. I'm glad you're alright." He said and looked at her in awe. I looked out the window again. I saw them running towards us. They where a while away, but I could see them. "Seras, we need to hurry." I said. "Give me a minute." She said and turned to them. "We came as fast as we could. The men that murdered my parents, they're coming to confess what they've done. I can't be seen, so bring them to the questioning room. The one with the tinted glass. I want to hear them confess. I received a unanimous message that they where coming here." She finished. "Alright. And he's here why?" "He's my friend. He saved me back in Cheddar. I wanted him here for emotional support and for protection. He knows how to shoot. There's no chance that he's going to let them hurt me if they try." "Well, you two can hid over there, if you need to." "Thanks captain. You know how important this is to me don't you?" "Yes I do kitten." He said smiling. "Come on." She said to me, pulling me by the sleeve. I followed her and walked past her old desk. "Oh, and I'll grab my things on the way out." "Alright." She pulled me around the corner just as the doors opened. I relaxed against the stone wall and waited. "Um, we need to confess to something we know about the Victoria family murder." "That case hasn't been open for few years. But anything that can be of use is welcome." He led the around the corner. We hid inside the wall and popped out after they where out of sight. She led me after them quietly. Each time they would look towards our way she'd pull me into the wall. I let her. She needed this. I followed her without sating anything. When they where in the room, we peeked around the corner. "Alright Seras, come on over here." She smiled and walked over. I stood behind her. "Listen, we... We killed them. We killed the Victoria family except for the little girl. We killed them and we killed the entire Richardson family. We killed them all! We killed the Victoria family, the Richardson family, the Samuel family and even the Peterson. We killed them all!" The one said. I was surprised. "But that little girl from the Victoria family, she's some kind of monster now. We saw her with a tall guy with black hair and red eyes. They both have red eyes. They threatened to kill us if we didn't confess. We need your protection. Please!" I scoffed. "What are they talking about. "They must have seen us while we were on the way here. They must have gotten scared and made up this crazy story. We didn't see them at all." I said. "So you targeted all the families related to the Victoria's?" "Yes, we wanted to kill the girl too but we couldn't! We wanted the whole family dead. They almost got us arrested. We wanted them all dead. She's the last one in her family and we were going to kill her when we ran into her and her friend." The officer in the room looked towards the glass. "Seras I'm terribly sorry. But it seems that the tip you got was legit. They did confess to murdering your family. I feel sorry for you." I saw her shoulders slump, and she seemed surprised. I put a hand on her shoulder. "I shouldn't have come here!" She sobbed. I pulled her into a hug. "Shh, Seras it's alright." "Wait, that little maniac and her friend are here aren't they?" "They gave us a heads up and hid around the corner before you walked in. They are on the other side of the glass." He said. Seras walked to the door and opened it. I followed her to make sure she didn't kill them. She looked at them and looked like she was going to cry. "What did my family do to deserve death?" She sobbed. I hugged her to hide her tears of blood. "Shh, Seras. It's alright." "GET HER AWAY FROM US!" One yelled. I glared at them and they where paralyzed with fear. I rubbed her back soothingly. She sobbed and grabbed onto my coat. I wiped up her tears and kissed her forehead. I glared at the two men again with the hatred I had felt for my father. I bet she didn't even know they had killed her family, other than her parents. "I didn't even know they had died. No one told me!" She cried. I hugged her and led her out of the room. "Seras, it's alright. They'll be arrested." She sniffled and looked up at me with tears in her eyes and a trembling lip. I shyly licked the blood off her face and kissed beside her mouth. An hour later, we walked out the doors of the station. It was raining. I took off my coat and wrapped it around her. "Seras, how do you feel?" I asked. "Terrible. I can't believe I'm the last one of my entire family alive. I wish I'd have been able to stop them before all of this. Now I'll never be able to see their faces again and the joy that the murder of my parents is solved. I guess I can just be happy that their murders where solved." I nodded and put an arm around her. "Master, can I sleep in your room tonight?" I started. "Why is that Seras?" "I don't want to sleep by myself. I might have nightmares if someone isn't there." I nodded. "Well, we can sleep in your room. It's a lot warmer in there. I'll even stay awake if you want me to." "No, I just need a positive presence with me. That's what everyone at the orphanage used to do for me. They would take turns sleeping with me at night so I wouldn't have nightmares. And they are a lot less frequent when I sleep next to you." I nodded. "Alright. I'll stay with you tonight." I said, walking her to the woods. As soon as we were far enough into the woods not to be seen, I picked her up and ran through the woods to the mansion and put her down. Seras hugged me and shivered. "Still cold?" "A little. I did get a little wet." I nodded and walked down the stairs with her. I saw Integra tapping her foot outside Seras' door. 'Oh no.' 'Oh yeah, you're busted.' 'I'd stop that!' 'Alright. Fine.' "Where have you two been?!?" "We were out on a walk, and it started raining and so we decided to head home and..." "Actually we were at the police station." "WHAT?!? ALUCARD! WHAT DID YOU DO THIS TIME?!?"  I winced as she yelled. "I didn't do anything. She ran into the men that killed her parents and apparently her whole family and so she told them to confess or we'd kill them so we ran ahead of them to the police station and listened to them confess to the murder of her whole family. And we had to wait an hour so she'd stop crying and we brought her stuff back and we had to wait for everyone to let us go because they really missed her around the station. Then it started raining and there were people around so we couldn't run home fast so we had to walk far enough into the woods then I carried her the whole way here." I explained. "I need to have a little chat with you later Alucard, but you both should get some sleep, so it can wait until tomorrow." She said glaring at me and walked away. I looked at Seras wide eyed and then we started laughing. I went and got my pyjamas on. I knocked on her door and waited for her to answer it. She opened it and smiled. "Thank you master." "No problem." I said smiling. She let me in her room and sat on the edge of her bed. I closed the door and sat down next to her. She still looked upset and like she'd cry at any second. "Seras, are you okay?" "Yes sir I'm... I'm..." She started crying and I wrapped her into a hug. "Seras, it's alright." She cried and hugged me back. I started. 'She's never hugged me before.' I sighed and smiled. I rested my head on her shoulder. After a while her breathing slowed to a regular pace and I looked at her. Her eyes where closed and she was sleeping. I lay her down under her covers and licked the tears off her face. She smiled in her sleep and rolled her head to the side when I was licking the blood next to her mouth. I licked her lips and pulled away surprised. She didn't open her eyes so I tried licking the side of her face again and the same thing happened to me. This time, her eyes fluttered. I gently held her face in my hand and licked the blood up. As soon as I finished she rolled over completely. "No master stop licking me." She whispered. I growled playfully and crouched down lower. She looked at me worried and I tackled her. She squealed and laughed a little before aggressively pining me to her bed. I smiled and we wrestled for a while longer. I started trying when I couldn't sit up. She Bared her fangs in a playful smile. I pinned her on her wall above her pillows and licked her neck. She laughed and pined me to her bed again. We laughed for a while then when we stopped it turned very serious. We locked eyes with each other and didn't move for a while. Seras inched her face closer to mine hesitantly. I closed my eyes slightly. She came so close I could feel er lips brushing against mine when she breathed. I closed the gap and kissed her for about ten seconds before slowly pulling away blushing. I looked away. "Sorry." She pulled my face to hers and we kissed again. I was surprised but quickly got used to it. She was hugging around my neck. I knotted my fingers in her hair. She pulled away for two seconds before kissing me again. I allowed it. The phone rang and we broke apart. She yawned and answered it. "Hello?" "Hello ma chere, I just wanted to know if you wanted to go for a walk." She rolled her eyes. "Pip, vampires sleep during the day. I'm really not in the mood. And I don't have the energy." She hung up and looked at me sheepishly. "I'm a little tired master. I'm going to bed. Goodnight!" She said and kissed me on the cheek. I blushed slightly and waited a while before crawling under the blankets with her. She rolled over and put her head on my chest. "Goodnight Seras." I said smiling. I drifted off to sleep laying right next to my mate. It was going to be a long story if Integra found us like this. But I didn't really care.                                        

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