Dead Rising-Hellsing fanic

(I do not own any of the characters. Go and check out Hellsing if you are into anime or the supernatural, or both. I suggest watching the first episode so you know what it's about. To sum it all up, Alucard is the Hellsing family pet and he turned Victoria aka Police Girl into a vampire and there's a lot of people that want to kill Alucard and Seras, not to mention Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing(Who is a woman) because they are "In the Way" and "Are a threat to the public") I bit my lip, waiting to be let into my masters chambers. I sighed. He must be sleeping. I went to turn around when the door opened. "Yes Police Girl?" "M-master! Sorry, did I wake you?" "No, what is it?" "Um, Sir Integra has sent us to Rio De Janeiro. There's a ghoul outburst. She wants us to deal with it." He nodded. (Note:These people are all pretty much from England. I did NOT make this up and no mean no offence to English people. Alucard does not have an English accent, just to make that clear. Enjoy!)


7. Important Information-Seras

 Alucard and the Dandy Man stood staring at each other for a good few seconds before I was ripped away from Alucard. I snarled and bit at whatever was restraining me. I felt a man's hand grab my arse aggressively. I snarled an tried whirling around but another hand was busy groping my breast. I snarled and Bit at that one. I heard something like paper cut through the air. I looked up and saw a thin line of blood run down Alucards cheek from a cut on his cheekbone. I snarled at the man who had stopped touching my behind. "What a lovely woman, I'll be taking her now." I had a small amount of goosebumps. Alucard bared his much more impressive fangs and hissed. I smiled at the fact that he was jealous of me being handled by another man. I felt proud. The Dandy Man took off running, he had an arm around my waist. I snarled and scratched at the limb I wanted to tear away from him. He laughed and threw... cards? He was throwing cards at Alucard. How hilarious. The cards cut through a shield and then through a camera man's neck, blood spewing everywhere. I smiled at Alucard who was shooting at the man holding he hostage. He ht him square in the neck He stopped, let out an anguished cry and disintegrated into... cards?I ran toward Alucard. And explosion sounded behind him as he was projected onto me, pinning me to the ground. I smiled. "This is nice." He chuckled. "Yes, very nice indeed. It's a wonder that we haven't done this already." He said, one hand suspending him over me and the other going along my curves. I saw something flash and Alucard jumped, bringing me with him. His feet hit a wall and he looked at the Dandy Man almost amused, then ran up the side of the building. Once he got to the top, he pinned me to the roof. I swallowed back a moan as he kissed my neck up and down, trying to find my sweet spot. Once he found it, he suckled on the area. I wrapped my legs around his torso and kissed his  collarbone. He moaned softly, the sound was a turn on. I mentally slapped myself.  He pulled away and faced the edge of the building. Tublacan was walking slowly up the side. I held my breath. Then I hid in a pile of rubble and pulled out my Harkonen and my gun. I shot at the Dandy Man just as smoke cleared in my direction from when Alucard had done one of his level releases. "Bitch..." He yelled while deflecting my bullets with his cards and was walking backwards. I was out of bullets on my bun so I pulled out the Harkonen and shot at him. "Go to hell!" He yelled as he sliced the bullet in half. The cannon's bullet landed on either side of him, causing more smoke, giving Alucard more cover. I smiled and retrieved my gun. I heard Alucard scaring the poor man that was caught in our trap. I turned around and saw Alucard catch Tublacan's hand and kick his leg. The bones broke under the great strength that he possessed. I licked my lips at the sight of the blood. The Dandy Man yelped in pain. "I want to hear you squeal pig. So, SQUEAL!" He yelled, pulling his arm back. The already muscular vampire's biceps bulged, breaking the leather straps on his straight jacket. I watched as his hand dove towards Tublacan's hand holding a card to try and defend himself, but it was in vain. He screamed as Alucards hand sliced through his arm and through his shoulder. He howled in pain and began to fall backwards due to his leg. Alucard caught him by the face, pulling him close. I snarled and crouched down low, walking towards them, alert and attentive. I crept closer to the Dandy Man and my mate. I bared my fangs at the look of weakness in the pleading man's eyes. I snarled and dug my fangs into his neck. Alucard followed suit. We drained him of blood. I was surprised. Millennium was in fact, Nazis. I was surprised to see Alucard holding me close over the drained corpse of the Dandy Man, or whatever was left of him anyways. I blushed and wrapped my arms around him. "Well done mea dama. Now, let's get our coffins and get on that helicopter." He said pointing towards a waiting helicopter. Pip was standing next to the pilot who had Pip's gun pointed at his temple. I smiled and ran to our room. I picked up my coffin and ran back outside and jumped into the flying helicopter, much to both men's surprise. I was soon followed by Alucard who did this all so effortlessly. He set down his coffin and took mine from me, placed it on top of his and sat down on it. He motioned for me to join him. I smiled and crawled onto my coffin next to him. He picked me up and put me on his lap and started to kiss my jaw. I held back moans as best as I could and just giggled occasionally. He seemed fine with that. Pip was shooting stares of jealousy at Alucard, who didn't seem to care. "Mele Seras dragi, cum te iubesc." I looked up at him and raised an eyebrow. 'It means, my dear Seras, how I love you.' 'Oh. Thank you.' "Te iubesc Alucard." "Te iubesc pentru Seras." 'That means I love you to right?' He smiled. 'Yes it does draga mea. That means my dear.' I smiled and nodded. "Well, are you going to tell me what you two are doing?" A french accent reminded us that we were not in our own room alone. I blushed. "It's my native tongue, Romanian." "Oh, so that's what it is." I nodded. Alucard nuzzled me and gave me a few love bites. I blushed and held back moans. I licked his cheek, just getting blood that I noticed. His eyes widened as I still had my tongue out, blood on it. He kissed me, licking half of the crimson substance up and swallowing it. I smiled. I knew he'd have this reaction. I cut my tongue on one of his fangs. He swallowed down some blood. Then he cut his tongue on one of my fangs. I swallowed the blood of my lover. We forced the pilot to take us to a previously attacked town. We told him to fly home before knocking him out and carrying the helicopter out about half hour from the small town. Of course, Pip was gathering supplies for himself and finding a place for us to stay. Alucard and I took our time getting back. I smiled as he grabbed my ass playfully. But I whirled around and pretended to glare at him. Making his eyes go wide. I laughed and kissed him. He pushed me against a tree and pressed up against me. I gasped as he kissed my neck and suckled on my sweet spot. He unbuttoned my shirt at the top and licked my collarbone. I was very aware of him, and I was blushing like crazy. He chuckled and unbuttoned my shirt once again. I moaned loudly. He kissed every inch of skin he could. I moaned with each kiss. He slid his large hands up my skirt. I gasped and he chuckled. "Alucard, we need to get back before sunset... Pip will come looking for us." I said. He growled playfully. "and, sunset's in two hours. And even if he comes looking for us, there's a small chance he'll actually find us." He said, sliding his hands up my short skirt even more then before. I gasped and he kissed me. His tongue exploring my mouth. I kept moaning. I heard someone clear their throat. We broke apart and looked towards the noise. I looked towards the origin of the sound. I saw Pip. "H-how did you...?" I asked trailing off and blushing immensely. "Simple really, I followed the sound of the moaning. It was easy." I blushed. I realized that my shirt was revealing quite a bit and rushed to close it. We walked back towards the house that Pip had chosen. It was actually fairly large. I smiled. Alucard grabbed my ass again and then my hips, pulling me to him. I gasped silently. Pip led us to the rooms we'd be occupying. I was on the top floor, Alucard on the floor under me and Pip on the floor under him. This was what led me to believe he was scared of separating Alucard and I. Sadly, as Alucard was leading me to his room saying that he'd take me to my room, his cell phone rang. He answered it. "Yes?" He smiled mockingly. "Yes my master." He listened. His expression changed to one of surprise. "Really, the queen?" He asked. "Yes my master, we will be there as soon as possible." I watched as he hung up and slowly turned to me. He slammed his mouth to mine and pulled me into a hug. "My room." I whispered. He nodded and picked me up bridal style. He walked up the stairs of my room. I felt the feeling of a bed under me. His hands ran up my skirt and he grabbed my thighs. I held back moans, but just barely. He helped silence me by kissing me. I moaned down his throat. He rocked my hips slowly. I pulled his coat off him and started to untie his intricately tied scarf. He growled playfully. We removed our boots and went back to what we'd been doing. Of course, I was nervous. I was now down to my bra and underwear. Alucard paused and looked at me, deciding weather or not to proceed, I saw his eyes focus in the scar on my neck, then on the small one on my collarbone from the fork that I'd been impaled with, the scar on my right breast from his gun where he'd shot to kill the vampire priest to save my life, piercing my lung, giving him no choice but to offer to turn me into a vampire, and finally, the scar on my stomach where I'd been shot when I got the scar on my collarbone. I thought I was going to die of embarrassment but instead of leaving, he started kissing them. He kissed the one on my neck, it prickled under the contact, then the one on my collarbone. He kissed that one a few times gently before suckling on the skin. I saw a forming hickey. He then kissed the tip of the scar on my breast gently. It stung a little, and men had a nasty habit of groping me either directly over the scar or touching a part of it. Then he kissed the one on my stomach. I gasped at the feeling of his lips on my stomach. I used to hate my scars and let no one see them except for the doctors that wanted to see how much I healed. And here I was, letting the vampire who had given me two of them kiss them as if it would make then all go away. I sighed in enjoyment. He wasn't pushing me too far with this. I wondered what he was like when he was calmer and more loving, even more so then he was being right now. I felt a hand on my hip and another right next to me. I looked Alucard in the eyes. He kissed me softly. I kissed back. I wanted nothing more then to wake up in his arms. About two minutes later, the bed was rocking. He was thrusting slowly at gently at first, but then It became faster and harder. I moaned loudly. Pip pounded on the door witch Alucard was keeping closed with his powers. I moaned louder. I started screaming Alucards name in pleasure. I heard a loud crack as Alucard forced his hands into the wall behind my head. He kissed me, our hips still rocking together. Pip was silent so I'm guessing he either got the hint that we did not want to be disturbed or that he knew what was going on. I heard the bed crack under us. Thank god we hadn't done this in Alucards coffin, or mine for that matter. He groaned and sweat dribbled down our bodies. I bit into his neck, witch sent us both over the edge. We each moaned and collapsed. Panting, Alucard flipped me on top of him so he wouldn't crush me with his weight. I kissed his neck before running my hand down to his abdomen. I felt scars all over him. I opened my eyes to notice some thing I hadn't gotten the chance to. He had some scars on his arms, stomach, chest and on his lower neck, witch was always hidden by his shirt collar. But the largest scar caught my eye. It was on his chest, directly over his heart. I traced the edges, barely managing to stay awake in what was left of the bed. Alucards eyes fluttered open as I traced the scar. "What happened?" I asked. He looked at me for a while before nuzzling my neck. "It was Integra's ancestor, the one to conquer me, Abraham Hellsing. The only man to have defeated me. He stabbed my heart and kept me as his servant, he tied me to the Hellsing family with these." He said, taking off his glove. There, was a tattoo. I noticed one on his knee, witch was sticking up from under the sheets. "These tattoos were used a long time ago to tame vampires. Very few survived while having these tattoos because their masters wouldn't let them feed unless they did something that they were ordered to." "Is this the bond you mentioned to sir Integra?" He nodded slowly. "But I highly doubt you'd need it. Until the last Hellsing takes their last breath, I will be in service to them, unless my master decides to set me free. Witch might never happen." He said, looking up at the ceiling. I yawned and fell asleep on his chest. I let out a happy sigh. I was with my mate, the man I loved, Alucard. And I hoped it was going to stay that way for the rest of eternity.         

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