Dead Rising-Hellsing fanic

(I do not own any of the characters. Go and check out Hellsing if you are into anime or the supernatural, or both. I suggest watching the first episode so you know what it's about. To sum it all up, Alucard is the Hellsing family pet and he turned Victoria aka Police Girl into a vampire and there's a lot of people that want to kill Alucard and Seras, not to mention Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing(Who is a woman) because they are "In the Way" and "Are a threat to the public") I bit my lip, waiting to be let into my masters chambers. I sighed. He must be sleeping. I went to turn around when the door opened. "Yes Police Girl?" "M-master! Sorry, did I wake you?" "No, what is it?" "Um, Sir Integra has sent us to Rio De Janeiro. There's a ghoul outburst. She wants us to deal with it." He nodded. (Note:These people are all pretty much from England. I did NOT make this up and no mean no offence to English people. Alucard does not have an English accent, just to make that clear. Enjoy!)


2. Demon Hound-Alucard

 As I helped her up the stairs I heard a growl in my mind. The Hound of the Baskervilles was growling in anticipation. I questioned it on the subject but it only whined. I rolled my eyes and kept walking. The thing with familiars is that after they become your familiar, they literally live in your skull. And after a while, it gets annoying. But when it's near another familiar, it acts up. I froze. 'There's another familiar here isn't there?' I asked it. 'Yes, there's a Demon Hound. Seras' familiar. Don't you smell it?' It asked excitedly. I shook my head. Great, well vampires do take after the vampires that turned them. It only make sense that Seras would have a canine familiar. "Seras,your familiar is near." I said casually. "How do you know?" She asked surprised. "Mine can sense it." I simply said, not going into detail. "Oh, I forgot to ask, what happened to the mission in Rio?" "Sir Integra sent some men from Hellsing to go take care of it. They found and killed the vampire." I said. To tell the truth, the vampire got captured and Hellsing sent bullets to the police so they could kill the vampire. It was the easiest thing to do.  I led her to the dining room and opened the door for her. Integra was sitting with a cheese omelette with two glasses of medical blood. I liked my lips at the sight. I was ravenous. I heard the Demon Hound howl outside and scratch at the door. "The hell is that?" Integra asked, standing up. "It's Seras' familiar. It's here." I said. I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the door. I rolled my eyes. I opened the door and let it in. It automatically jumped at Seras and licked her. "Um, hi." "It's a girl Seras. Your familiar is always the same gender as you." I said. She nodded and stroked its ears. "Her fur is so soft." "Well, dig in." I said. "W-what?" "If you don't drink it's blood in the next ten minutes, it will no-longer be your familiar and will attack you." I said. She swallowed and bit into it's furry neck. I smiled as her familiar exploded into blue flames as soon as the blood was gone and Seras' arm regrew. "Wow." She stared at her arm in awe. My smile grew even bigger when she summoned her familiar. It barked and I summoned mine so he would stop whining. The two sniffed at each other and lunged, pulling us into a collision with each-other. I laughed because it was funny the way hers had mine pinned down. "Is that okay?" She asked. "Yes, they are getting along. That means that we won't avoid each-other because of the risk of conflict." "Great!" She smiled. I made the Hound return so I could get a drink of blood. She followed suit. 'This means I'll make you like her.' The Hound said. 'In what way?' I asked. 'You'll see. You'll see.' He told me and laughed. I sat down and picked up my glass. I was bringing it up to my lips when Seras playfully snatched it away. "Hey!" I growled. She laughed. "Mine now, grab the other one." I chuckled and picked up the other one. Before she could snatch it away again,  took a long drink. I licked my lips and smiled. It was satisfying to get a drink of blood again. She charged at the glass, trying to make the same joke twice. I put it on the table and picked her up. "Hey!" She yelled, fake pouting. " I laughed. "Not getting me again with that one Seras." I smiled and put her down. I took another sip of the blood. She Drank from the other cup on the other side of the table. "Well, I'm glad you two are here. We have to go to a meeting. In three hours, we half to greet the round table group again. It concerns Millennium." I swallowed hard. "What's Millennium?" "A group creating vampires everywhere around the world and sending them after random people and random towns to instill fear." I explained. "That vampire that wanted to rape you, the one that threw you through the door, he was a member of Millennium." I said, suddenly angry. I put the glass down, it was almost empty, and I wanted to finish it. But while I was like this I risked breaking it. I made my expression blank and raged on the inside. My eyes would betray me if someone looked at them. I blew on my long bangs and made them fall over my eyes. "Master, are you alright?" I nodded. "He gets like this when he's mad. Don't worry Seras." "Is it something I did?" She asked me. "No Police Girl. It's not. Just talking about that incident makes me mad, alright? I should have checked to make sure he was dead." I growled,  scolding myself for not having done that. "No, it's alright sir. Honestly. I feel great after all that sleep! It was a good thing!" I looked up, she was smiling innocently. I sighed. "Still..." "None of that!" She said. I was shocked. "Sir, I hate to seem rude but you're too negative. Try and smile more. It's nice when you smile. Makes you seem less intimidating." She said. I nodded. "Alright then. I'll try." I smile weakly. I brushed my bangs out of the way and finished the blood. I licked my lips and put the glass down. "How about you two go train at the shooting range." Integra suggested. I nodded. "Yes sir." I stood up and waited for Seras to follow. She scrambled to her feet and skipped to my side. I  led her to the shooting range and unlocked the doors. I led her to my corner and handed her a gun I had received from Walter before he'd disappeared. The Jackle. "Try this gun." "Alright sir, but isn't it yours?" "Yes well I want you to try it. I've never shot it before and I figured you should have the honers." "Thank you sir!" She said smiling. I nodded and took out my other gun. I aimed at the targets head when a ghoul burst through it. I fired without hesitation. "Sir! There's a ghoul over there!" She yelled. I used my third eye, to try and see if it was an illusion. I saw nothing there. "Seras, there's nothing there. Don't shoot." I ordered, covering her eyes. "Look with your third eye. Imagine one in the middle of your forehead. Human eyes are only a tool for them to see what they think is there. Letting them see illusions." "A-alright sir." I sensed a surge of power and her breathing slowed to a normal pace. She sighed in almost relief. "Better?" She nodded and took my hands off her eyes slowly. I chuckled and looked back at the target only to see an actual ghoul laying there. Another one was stepping through the torn up target. I quickly used my third eye, it could be two different illusions. It wasn't. I pulled out my gun and shot it. "M-master?" "Seras, there are actually ghouls here. Come along." I said calmly and jumped over the small wall. "Master, I can't get over!" She said distressed. I sighed and helped her over. "Hurry and be quiet." I whispered. We stepped over the bodies of the ghouls and peeked around the corners. There was a huge hoard on each side waiting for us. We tore through the hoard on the right to get out a door leading to the office. Gunshots rang out behind us. I was pushed aside as a bullet hit Seras in the back. I Bared my fangs and took out the ghouls one by one. She groaned on the floor and I pulled her up by the arm. "You'll be fine, hurry along." I ushered her into the office to catch a breather. She tapped on my shoulder. "Sir, you have blood on your face." "It doesn't matter." I growled. "But sir it's..." "Seras, it doesn't matter!" I said a little annoyed. "LISTEN!" She shouted. I started. "It's strangely moving even when you're not. It's like it's on strings, because it's all now moving to your neck." My eyes went wide. 'Strings?' I grabbed the air beside my face and caught nothing. I suddenly was attacked from behind and my shoulder was bitten into. 'Damn ghouls and their tricks!' I growled and shot it's head, feeling sick because of the bite. "Let's go!" I ordered. We ran out of the building and back into the mansion. I was starting to get out of breath and my vision was blurring. I didn't change my breathing, but I kept blinking as much as I could so I could still see.  Hellsings' men where running past us with their weapons and started shooting at ghouls that where following us. We ran inside and I collapsed. I quickly got back up and ran next to the Police Girl until we where outside the meeting room, where Integra and the round table group was. I grabbed Seras' arm and walked through the door. We stopped moving and stood up straight. "Your orders sir Integra." I asked, my vision now almost completely blurred. "Seras, catch him!" I heard her yell as I started falling. I felt arms wrap under mine. I struggled to keep my eyes open. "what's going on?" "He's under the effects of a ghoul bite. It's very painful and can last as long as a month if left unattended. Get him to his room and put him in his coffin. Here's the medical supplies. Take the syringe and put it in the injury, keep filling it up if there's green liquid, until you get to blood, then bandage it. Go fast." I closed my eyes trying to open them as much as I could. I hated being as useless as I was now. I felt a soft prick in my arm, and in the few seconds I felt stronger, I opened my eyes. "Police Girl, I'm fine. Go protect the round table members." "Master, sir Integra has ordered me to make sure you are treated." I groaned. "How did you get me here?" I asked very curious to find out. She shrugged. "You weren't that heavy. I mean, we are vampires after all." I nodded. She put the syringe back into my shoulder and came up with blood. "Don't inject it back in. It's not safe. If it has the slightest bit of ghoul saliva in it, it will only cause me more pain." I already couldn't move half my body because of the pain. She nodded and shot the blood into the bowl she had next to her, almost filled with green ghoul saliva. I groaned. "Master, if you're just going to heal in a few minutes, why do I half to bandage your injury?" "Because, injuries inflicted by a ghoul on a vampire don't heal without care." "oh, well, I need to take off your coat and shirt so I can bandage it properly." I groaned and winced in pain as I sat up. I was going to regret this but I removed it all on my own, I didn't even bother hiding the expressions of pain flashing across my face. I threw the coat, scarf and shirt on the ground next to my coffin. She hurriedly bandaged my shoulder and handed me a black t-shirt. "Put this on." I nodded. "Thanks." I almost passed out as soon as I lay down. "Is it really painful master? I can get you something to ease the pain a little." She said standing up. "No, it's fine. I'll be fine tomorrow, just a little stiff." I said yawning. She nodded. I heard someone clap slowly. "Very touching indeed. The master and the servant, with such a good relationship. It's so rare. Especially since ghouls are our slaves. It's rare for a master to actually like their servants. I've never seen it. We only want our own slaves that do whatever we want." A member of the round table was standing at the bottom of the stairs. I worried for the safety of my master. "I am now your new master. And as my first command, Seas Victoria, you will come with me. Immediately. I have a "mission" for you." He smirked. She pulled out the Jackle and shot him in the head. "Alucard's MY master. I only follow his orders." She declared as his body dropped to the ground. Her eyes where crimson red, and she had her fangs bared. I was surprised. The power radiating off of her was almost like mine, only not as explored and dangerous. She'd shot the gun without hesitation, she'd never killed anyone except for the ghouls in Ireland, and even then, she was in a blood rage, only able to kill until injured or the thirst for blood sated. I whistled lowly. It was cute when she lost control of herself like that. I shook my head as quick as I could. 'The hell?!? I've never thought of anyone like that!' 'Surprise, I'm making you fall for her. I'm not letting you get out of it this time.' The Hound said. 'I will shoot myself in the head just to get you to shut up.' I warned. 'Alright fine, be that way. Just don't come crying to me when I'm right and you don't know what to do.' He said and was quiet. I sighed. "Master, are you alright?" She asked. "Fine, thank you." I said, trying to tell her to get out of here was going to be a pain. She might take offence to that. I reached up to my coffin lid and closed it partially, the weight was impressive. I'd never noticed it before. "You should go get some sleep or go find sir Integra." I said suggestively before closing the lid. The darkness greeted me and I yawned. The familiar feeling of silk soothed my pain partially. I closed my eyes and waited for sleep to take me away into a world I only allowed myself to be happy in. I never wanted that to change. I was a solitary creature dammit! I fell deep into that world, the things I was most fearful of where there. I wasn't alone, instead, I was surrounded by people smiling and laughing, I tried to run from it all, to go to a hilltop, but hands grabbed me and pulled me back. 'Damn ghoul saliva.' I was letting fears leak into my head, fears I no longer had fears. Fear is for humans. I do not have the luxury of fear. So why was I, one of the damned, feeling this emotion meant for humans? I was awoken after what seemed like an eternity, just as a figure with her face shrouded in darkness was turning around. "Alucard." She said softly smiling, holding something in her arms. I opened my eyes. 'Who was that?' I asked myself, opening the coffin door, I noticed my arm was incredibly stiff. I stretched and yawned. 'I don't know someone like her. Her hair was too short to be Integra, and it was too long and didn't spike out like Seras' did. She had a gun in her pocket, but I couldn't see what colour and what brand it was. So who was she?' I shook my head. 'Why am I worried? It's not like I should be.' I realized I hadn't heard from Integra yet. I jumped up and ran up the stairs, grabbing my gun on the way. I rushed to the dining room to see her and Seras enjoying their breakfast. "Ah, Alucard. Good evening. Feeling any better?" I nodded slowly, trying to understand what happened. 'Why are they just sitting here? It's not as if it's a normal day, we were just attacked this morning!' I used my third eye. The scene changed dramatically. I stared in awe at the carnage. Men where strewn all over the place, Integra was nowhere to bee seen. Movement attracted my gaze. The police girl lifted her head slowly. "Police Girl!" I ran towards her and picked her up by the shoulders. "------,-'- -----. - ------." "What?" I couldn't catch what she'd said. "Master, I'm sorry, I failed. The Iscariot organisation, t-they took sir Integra and killed our men. I-I couldn't do anything. That priest from Ireland, Alexander, he took me down. I stopped them from finding your crypt though." She whispered. I closed my eyes and concentrated. 'Iscariot. Where are they?' I sighed. "Let's take care of those injuries. Sir Integra is still in the building." I assured her. It was true. She was most likely in the deepest dungeon in the last cell, where she'd found me all those years ago. The door to that dungeon only the Hellsing family could open. I picked up Seras, the distant sound of a helicopter invaded my ears. I walked into the wall of my crypt and grabbed the medical supplies and my coffin. "Where's the Jackle?" I asked her while placing her in my coffin gently. "Right here." She pulled it from her pocket. "I hid it from them. They seemed bent on getting their hands on it. They thought you still had it." I smiled. "Good work." I took the gun from her and hooked it up to my belt. "Just hold on for a minute alright?" I closed the door and picked up the coffin, walking into the cell wall, the medical supplies still in my hand. Integra was laying in the corner of the room with a gunshot wound in her arm. I put my coffin down and opened the lid. "I'll be back with yours soon. Don't move." I went to get her coffin, gun and more things we'd need to stay under the radar for a while. Clothes for sir Integra and Seras and more where put in her coffin. I quickly went back to the dungeon. I put it all down. "Seras, drink the medical blood, only one packet. No more, no less." I walked up to sir Integra with the medical supplies and gently shook her awake. She opened her eyes and looked at me. Her eyes where dilating  due to the loss of blood. "Police girl, pass me the negative." I ordered. The packet was handed to me by a bloodied hand. "Get changed. Hurry." I ordered. All the blood around was messing with my senses. I couldn't smell much else. I gently put the needle in Integra's skin and the tube to the packet. I stuck a nail in the wall an hooked it up to that, fixing the bullet wound. I put a blanket over her and walked into the storage room, grabbed everything in the room and went back to the cell. I put Integra on a mattress and gave her a pillow. I sighed and whipped my forehead. Integra couldn't give me my orders and I wouldn't risk putting Seras in any more danger. I got up and searched the mansion for survivors. By now, Iscariot was landing in the front yard. What was I going to do? Until I could receive my orders, we where sitting ducks. I hated being a sitting duck. 

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