Left In Chaos

Mya is a seventeen year old girl, who is the leader of a surviving group during the zombie apocalypse. She faces challenges and a love triangle while trying to find the salvation for all. But after finding out she is immune to the virus, her goal for the group changes, causing conflict to erupt.


1. Among Us

Is everyone ready?” I approach the camp fire, the flames helped reveal our faces. All nine of our faces. “Mya, are you finally going to tell us your story?” says Will tossing a marshmallow into his mouth. I nod, and sit on the tree stump that was placed in the middle. We sit in silence as I recollect the memories into words. Blankly I stare at a knife that was held by Joseph. “I was coming home from a baseball game, the Royals had just beaten the Mets. I had gotten stuck in traffic. Oh man, traffic was a bitch back then.” I chuckle while sticking a marshmallow into the fire. “I remember looking through the passenger window and seeing a family in a convertible. Perfect family, mom, dad, two kids, one boy, and one girl.” I shoo away the mosquitos flying by my face. “I remember seeing the father being pulled from the car by a dead one, his family screaming and crying.” I put my head down, with the only sound of breathing and the crackle of the fire to comfort me.  “I watched him be torn apart and eaten, but some reason I didn’t scream. I couldn’t scream. Too shocked maybe?” I pull the marshmallow off the stick.


            “I was pretty lucky, because had I screamed I would be dead. So I got into the backseat and laid on the floor of the car.” They all chuckle in amusement. “That’s the night I met Noel, fighting four dead ones like a badass.” Noel holds his container up and smiles. “I think yall heard enough. Put out the fire and get into the trees.” Sighs filled the air but nobody said a word. Sometimes, I wonder why they listen to me. I wonder how I became the leader. I watch the group carry out with the orders and climb up the trees. I think it’s around eight or nine o’clock. I climb the same tree as Noel and sit on a different branch. “Some story of yours.” says Noel with a short breath. His black hair hugged the side of his face as he laid his head back upon the tree. “Yeah, with you in it it’s legendary.” We both giggle and he grabs my hand. “We are legendary.” I move my hand away slowly and close my eyes. We are legendary I repeated to myself.  A faint smile painted itself on my face. That night I had a dream about normal days, what a beautiful dream. Mom and Daniel in the kitchen dancing dad and me laughing at them. But sadly that dream ended far too quickly.

            I wake up to the noise of others yawning. In the dead world the slightest noise will wake you that is if you want to stay alive. “Morning Mya!” says Uhl packing her back. The others look in my direction repeating the morning greeting. “Morning you guys” I say, jumping down from the tree. I stretch for a second then go pee a few feet from the group. “You know I always thought how girls go pee was weird.” Says Noel making his presence known from behind the tree. “Noel, didn’t I tell you!” I smack his face and stomp to the group. “What, come on chill out.” He says following behind me. “I just wanted to see you.” I ignore him. He seems to think it’s alright to watch me pee, because he wants to protect me from the world, and we never know when they will come. “Head count.” I say picking up my gun. They line up smallest to biggest. “Uhl…Taylor…Will….Will?” Everyone looks around. “Where is Will?” I put out the fire and began to move swiftly packing the camp site up. I have Noel continue with head count. Will please don’t be dead, was all I could think.

“Everyone is here but Will.” Noel says starring me in my eyes and one hand on his knife. “What are your orders Mya?” I look at everyone in thought. Fright danced on their faces. I pick up the bag and swing it on my back. “We will split, making two groups of four. Noel, Uhl, Joseph and Hawk you four are a group. Taylor, James, me, and Kevin are a group. You guys go that way, come back after 30 mins.” I mark the tree with blue paint. They all nod, and ready their weapons. Noel is looking at me with sadness, I can tell he doesn’t like the fact me and him are splitting. I watch him turn and jog with his group. “Let’s go.” I say, taking the gun off safety. We head towards the streets about 50 feet from out site. I hold my finger up against my mouth to signal quiet. They all nod in understanding. I walk first leading the group in front of a bus. The air smelt rotten, I could tell there were at least five in the area. I hold up five fingers in the air and put my gun up, for the knife. Then James taps my shoulder, and signals he wants to go. Lately James has been taking dangerous risk in our operations, ever since his little sister died a few weeks ago. I nod in agreeance, and give his gun to Kevin. James was the oldest in our group. He is nineteen years old and I’m seventeen. I still question to this day why he wanted me to be the leader.

I watch James stab one in the back of the head, and others being drawn to his flesh. I walk out and stab one in his eye. Black blood ran down my knife as I pulled it out of its skull. I turn behind me to see Kevin and Taylor taking on one themselves. I saw Taylor struggling, so I helped him. “Mya please come!” He said while holding the zombie from his face. I walk over to him and the dead one and slice its skull in half. We all stood there, catching our breath and examining the dead ones laying. James walks up to me with irritation. ”Why did you come out? I told you I could handle it.” The others step towards us with alert. “There was no way you would have been able to kill them by yourself.” I said wiping my knife on a rag. “That wasn’t your call, it was mine.” He was so close my face I could feel his breath. His dark brown eyes starred into mine and concentrated. “I think you forgot who the leader is, James.” I push him back, and he stubbles trying to rebalance himself. “I’m the leader, and you will respect me.” I cut my eyes and redo my ponytail. “Search the lot for Will.” I say placing my hands onto my hips. I glance back at James and his head was down. I began to search all bushes and cars. Will was good at hiding, so I doubted we’d find him. At least so I thought. “It’s clear over here.” says Taylor on his knees searching under a car. “Yeah same here.” Says James leaning against a house. “It’s not over here.” Says an unfamiliar voice. I became more alert than ever, as a slowly approached Kevin; who was posing with his hands in the air. Taylor, and James trailed behind with their weapons position to fire. “Get your hands up, or I’ll shoot him.” Says the boy with a gun to Will’s head. A young girl stood frightened behind him, but close. His sister? Me, James and Taylor walk closer to Kevin with our hands in the air. “Who are you?” I ask pausing in front of the three. His finger twitched on the trigger. “Don’t bother asking questions Mya.”

“So if she can’t, then I will. Why do you have Will?” James aims the gun toward the little girl. She cries and hides behind the teen boy, disappearing behind his long dirty plaid shirt. “Don’t fucking aim at her, this is between me and you.” He steps closer to James with the gun firmly against Will’s head. Will’s hair was drenched in sweat and his face was bright red. I study his reaction closely, and come to a conclusion. “That’s your sister, huh? You want food that’s it?” I push James gun down and walk towards the teen boy. He doesn’t ease up as I spoke. “Yeah, we need food. I saw fat boy here eating and pissing a few feet from your camp. Decided he’d be a great hostage.” He smiles, sparking rage within me. I look at Kevin and look at James. “You know, our group will be up here in a few mins. It’s been longer than 30 minutes, they are worried.” Says Kevin finally releasing his arms from the air and grinning.

“Ok? You act as if that will change this situation.” Says the boy laughing. The little girl tugs at his shirt while sucking her thumb. He ignores her and watches me. “I’m warning you now, because once Noel gets here you’re dead.” I stretch my arms and yawn. “Especially since you’ve threatened Mya.” chuckles Kevin opening some peanuts. The girl watches Kevin toss a few into his mouth. She licks her lips and swallows spit. “You want some little girl? I’ll give you the whole bag, if your brother lets go of our friend.” Kevin shakes the bag of peanuts in the girls face. I can tell the boy is hungry too. His eyes followed Kevin’s hand as he shook the bag. She tugs on her brother’s shirt harder, forcing him to lose balance. “I’m hungry, Mason.” He moves the gun from Will’s head and puts his head down. “Please give her the food.” Kevin laughs and tosses a few more into his mouth. I snatch the bag from Kevin and hand it to the girl. “Here you go Hun.” Her hand slowly reaches for the bag. I glare at Kevin, disappointed. “That was a dick move, bro.” says James shaking his head and laughing. “Join us tonight.” I say hoping to meet his light brown eyes once more. The area goes quiet, but the munching of the girl eating peanuts. “You can get food.” I say persuasively squatting to address him. The silence is killed with Noel rushing towards the boy with his gun to aim to his face. “Why weren’t yall there?” He looks down at me and then to Will. I knew he was putting the puzzle together. “You took Will from us! You bastard!” He shoves Mason to the ground, scaring the girl to his aid. I grab Noel and try to pull him back. “Noel, stop it. Stop Noel!” He pushes me back and I fall cutting my elbow. A round of gunshots cover my cries. “We got to go Mya!” says James helping me up. I struggle to my feet and see behind the boy a crowd of dead. “Come with us!” I pick up the little girl and carry her on my back.

More and more poured in as the shells hit the ground. “Follow them they will keep you safe. Hawk hide the others in the trees wait for us. We will be there.” He nods and gathers the others to our campsite. I turn around and take a deep breath, as I rush to help clear the area with the others. “Why did you return? Get out of here!” says Noel stabbing a dead one in the back of his head. He was out of breath, everyone was. I could tell we would not win unless we left. “We’re going to have to leave.” I shout to everyone while stomping a zombies head in. We all work our way backwards as the follow us. Good thing they don’t run that fast. “Follow me, I can lose them.” We go in the opposite direction than the group. Staying close to buildings and going through alley ways. “What about my sister?” says Mason whispering. He leans forward looking over Noel. He grabs his hair aggressively, and holds back his tears. “She is safe. My group has her hiding in the trees.”

“Let us worry about ourselves for right now, we aren’t safe yet.” Noel points to the dead ones following us from behind. We make a right turn to another alley way. “It’s here. It’s in there.” I hit my hand against the wall. I began to push the dumpster out of the entry way. The others help, when noticing my attempt of movement had no progress. Behind the dumpster was a small hole, big enough to fit a workout ball through it. Kevin goes in first, followed by Will, and James, then Mason. “Go in.” says Noel expecting to see the dead ones around the corner. I crawl in and watch Noel crawl in after. We place a heavy weight to block the entrance way. Mason grabs Noel by his shirt, making a rip in the collar. “You dumb shit! You made all that noise and attracted them.” Noel head butts him in the nose, making him release his grip. “You threatened Will, you threatened Mya, and the rest.” He walks up to Mason and squats closer to him. Mason was holding his nose, which was bleeding. “You’re messing with my family.” Noel spits and stands back up looking in my direction. I was holding my elbow, which was burning still. “You alright Mya?” says James lifting my arm to examine it. I move my arm and nod. I go up the stairs trying to avoid conversation on my wellbeing.

I peek out the window, watching the dead groan and walk around. Looks like we will be staying the night here. I lay my gun on the bed, and take my shirt off. I have a tank underneath I always wear. I sit on the bed that’s across the room. The sheets were itchy, like the kind of sheets you get from your grandma. Yet, they still provided comfort. I lay back and close my eyes. It has been a minute since I’ve been in an actual bed. I almost forgot how it felt. “Can I come in?” says Mason from outside the room. I sigh, then sit up. “Yeah you can.” I watch as he walks in. I never had a chance to truly pay attention to his looks. He has nice light brown skin, and curly dark brown hair, his teeth are perfect too.

“I wanted to apologize about earlier. You know taking Will as a hostage.” He rubs the back of his head and looks at the wall. “Why did you do it?” I tilt my head to the side, to get a different point of view of him. “Last night I and Andrea were watching you guys. You guys had food and power. I knew, I just knew you would never let us join. So I thought to myself… Would they give us food for a person?” He sits beside me on the bed. “I can’t thank you enough for saving me and Andrea.” Noel laughs, catching me and Mason off guard. “She might be dead, who knows. If I was with the group that has her, I’d let her die as we watched from the top of the trees.” He leans against the doorway. “You’re a sorry bastard…” I say rising. I could tell, they didn’t expect me to say anything. “How could you even say something like that? That’s not the Noel I remember, so I’m going to tell you this once. Apologize to him.” He rolls his eyes at me and looks to Mason. “Sorry.” He turns around and heads down the stairs. “I’m gonna help Kevin and James with dinner.”

I nod, and focus back on Mason. He was fiddling with his fingers and squinting. I pat his back gently trying to reassure him. “She is safe.” He looks to me with a faint smile and nods. “I trust you.” He says standing up. He looks around the room in curiosity. I had a feeling a question was coming. “How did you find this place?” He looks to me with wonder. I smile heavily. “This place use to be me and my brothers hideout.” His face turns cold. “Where is he?” I shrug. I didn’t dwell on the fact I had no clue what happened to my family, I simply accepted the fact they were dead. “Can you stop asking questions?” I giggle a bit, to make the conversation less tense. He walks out the room closing the door behind him. Leaving me in dead silence.

“Where is he?” Mason’s voice kept repeating in my head. The kid made me think about my family now I feel weak. My heart began to beat faster and my chest started to feel heavy. I curl up into a ball with my eyes on the door. I don’t want to think about them… I have a new family to focus on. I close my eyes thinking about Hawk and the others. I wonder if they are safe, or are they hungry. Then I drifted to sleep.


I slowly awoke to Will’s face. “It’s time to eat.” he says laying in the bed beside me. His green eyes always have fascinated me. I think it has something to do with the contrast of his blonde hair and his green eyes. “Alright chubby butt, I’ll be there in a second.” He smiles and rushes down stairs. “She’s coming!” he shouts to the rest. I laugh and shake my head catching a glimpse of my face in the mirror beside the bed. I had no unique features just dark brown skin, and black hair. My eyes look black too. I take my hair down from a ponytail and watch it frizz into a fro. My elbow burned as I moved my arm, making me hiss in pain. I wrap it in a ripped sheet and head downstairs.

The room was lit by a dim light. Making my watch my footsteps down. “Hey My...” Noel says looking at my wrapped elbow.  The room that was once filled with laughter and chatter came to a complete hold. “Hey Noel, hey you guys.” I say getting a plate. Their eyes followed me promising. I sit beside Noel and start dipping out food. “It smells good. I could smell it all the way up there. My mouth was watering.” I take a handful of beans and put them in my mouth. Mason grabs my arm and unwraps it while holding it firmly. He glares at Noel. “You’re going to need stiches.” He puts his plate down and gets the aid kit. “But I feel perfectly fine, I really do.” Kevin, James and Will turn to Noel. Who had stopped eating and covered his face. “You do know this is your fault right?” says James. Resting his head on his hand. “Yeah.” Says the others in unison. “Let’s not play the blame game. I thought we were mature.” Noel uncovers his face and looks at me. His eyes were filled with tears and turning red. “I didn’t mean to… I’m so sorry.” A tear drops and lands on his arm. I quickly hold him in my arms, his head on my neck. “I’m okay, don’t cry for me please.” I release him and he wipes his tears and sniffs. He takes his plate and heads upstairs. I smile at Mason. “Now, about those stiches. Can you stich me?” He says nothing, while gathering the materials. James and Kevin look at each other than the stairs. I take another handful of beans, then dump the rest on Mason’s plate. He watches it slide across the plate. “Ready?” He says holding the thin needle to my arm. I smile and close my eyes. Reopening them to Will watching closely. The string moving through my skin made me feel uneasy. “That’s so cool.” says Will on his knees.

You could tell his size made it uncomfortable, but he pretended as if it didn’t bother him. Kevin takes my plate and places it on the counter. “I’m going to sleep.” He watches Mason pierce my skin and turns in disgust. “I’ll join” says James placing a cover on the floor, and scooting his bag over as a pillow. I watch them both get situated, hoping to pass the time. Each time I felt the needle pass through my skin, I grasped upon Mason’s leg. The sound of the thread passing through my flesh made me want to cringe.

After several minutes passed, Mason breaks the thread. “Alright. Almost new again.” He says clapping once. I sigh slightly, now focusing on Will. “Go to bed, tomorrow you will need your strength.” He rolls his eyes and lays next to James. “Thank you Will.” I say with force. The room was a mess, papers and clothes laid upon the floor. “It’s not gonna clean itself.” I pick up a shirt and began folding it. Mason watches me closely, following my movements. “You should talk to Noel.” He grabs onto the new shirt I recently grabbed. I let the shirt go, and nod. I didn’t think much about Noel after the first stich.

I knew he felt guilty, I could only hope he understood that I’m not upset. I head up the stairs leaving Mason to the organizing of the room. It was dimmer than downstairs, and a few lights flickering here and there. Yet somehow it gave off a cozy affect. I stop immediately when noticing Noel standing in a doorway. His black hair dangled in front of him as his head leaned forward. I walk to him, his eyes now meeting mine, were filled with tears. Sadness overwhelmed me. The slightest smile peeked on my face, making him blush.

“I’m okay.” I say while stepping closer to him. His eyes travel down to my elbow. “I should have never pushed you, I was just upset.” I hug him tight, my head laying on his chest. I could hear his heart beating fast, and somehow it made me feel warm and safe. He kisses my forehead and sniffles. “I promise, I’ll never hurt you again.” He tilts my head up to look at him. I nod, and pull away. “Alright, well I’m going to sleep. We got a challenging day tomorrow.” I head towards my room keeping my eyes on him.

The hall felt less tense now. I move the pillows and the cover and crawl in. The covers making me want to itch all over. I stare at the ceiling blankly, taking deep breaths… I sigh, tomorrow. 

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