Ambers Calum's heartbreak girl.


9. 9


Amber hasn't talked to me since yesterday. I have tried to call and I have messaged her heaps. I have asked all of the boys if she was with them or if they had seen her but no. I am sort of getting worried.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by my phone ringing. Amber. I quickly picked it up.

"Hello. Amber. Where are you" I said frantically through the phone.

"Calm down. I need to talk to you. See you in ten" she replied. Before I could answer she hung up.

I got changed and waited for Amber. I wonder why she needs to talk all of a sudden. She didn't need to talk when I wanted to yesterday. Oh well.

Within ten minutes Amber pulled up in the driveway. She let herself in like always and came up to my room.



"I am so sorry for running out on you yesterday. I just got scared. I thought you took advantage of me while I was drunk. I am so sorry Calum"

"Amber, you know that I would never do anything like that, there's no need to be sorry. Can I tell you something?" I asked her.

"Uh.... Yeah" she hesitated.

"Please don't run away or anything and don't think your a bad person. Because your not you were drunk"

She nodded her head waiting to see what I was going to say.

"You you uhh you told me you liked me and that beau was just a distraction"

Everything fell quiet.

Amber's cheeks turned bright red. "W-what umm I uh I was just um drunk. I. No" she half yelled.

"I know Amber. I know" I replied.

"Yeah well I uh I have to go bye Calum" she replied as she jumped out of my bed and ran out the door.

"You said you wouldn't run out" I yelled at her from my window.

"Sorry, I will see you tomorrow bye" she yelled back. She started the car and sped down my street.

It's like she was hiding something. Something she couldn't even tell me, and she tells me everything.


Right now I am in my way to Ashton house. He asked me if I could come over because he needed to talk about something. I have already texted Amber and called her multiple times but she hasn't picked up or answered my messages.

Within five minutes I pull up at Ashton's.

"Hey mate what's up" I ask as Ashton opens the door letting me inside.

He leads me over to the couch and we both sit down.

"Mate I really like this girl but she has a boyfriend I need help" he said

"I no it's weird but I really need someone to talk to"

"Uh well who is it?" I ask confused.

"Um am-Amber"

I was furious he knows I like Amber, he knows that I have for ages. Why would he want to talk to me when I like Amber myself. I am the one who fucking needs help I love my ducking best friend.

"Ashton are you serious?

"Yeah I have for a while"

"Mate you know I love Amber, why the fuck would you ask me to give you advice when I need it seriously"

"I'm sorry I just thought the we would be on the same page because we both like her and she has a boyfriend ya no"

"No I don't fucking no, bye Ashton" I yelled as I ran out to my car and sped of down his street.

Why would Ashton do that? Why would he ask me for advice when I love her. Fuck.

As i was on my way home I decided to pull up at ambers house to ask her why she ran out.

I made my way up to her front door. "Amber" I yelled as I saw the front door was wide open. Her parents weren't home so I just let myself in.

"Amber" I yelled once more.

No answer. I made my way upstairs and into her room. She wasn't there. I checked the whole house but she wasn't home. Why was the front door open? Oh well.

I made my way downstairs and back out to my car. As I was driving home I checked my phone and saw a missed call from Amber.

I quickly pulled over and called her.

She picked up.

"Help me cal" she whispered

"Where the fuck are you" I yelled into the phone.

"Beaus, he's coming I love you" she whispered before hanging up.


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