Ambers Calum's heartbreak girl.


8. 8


"Amber you better start getting ready, the party starts in two hours" I yelled from downstairs.

"Okay" she yelled back.

I got up of the couch and went to my room to get changed. I put on my black, ripped skinny jeans, my plain white t-shirt and my red and black flannel. I wore my black vans. I styled my hair like normal and headed back downstairs to wait for Amber.

Around and hour and a half later Amber came downstairs. The dress looked so good on her. Her hair was curled to perfection, an her makeup was lightly done. "You look beautiful" I said as she came over to me.

"You don't look to bad yourself" she replied, looking me up and down.

"Okay, grab whatever you need, cause we need to go" I said as I grabbed my phone.

Amber got her purse and her phone and we headed out the door to the car.


We got into Ashton's street and cars were everywhere. Ashton's house already had people passed out on the grass and the party only just started.

We pulled up and I ran around to ambers door to open in for her. "Oh what a gentleman" she laughed.

I grabbed her hand and we made our way into the party. Ashton's house was full of drunk teens grinding in eachother and all that you could smell was sweat and alcohol.

As we made our way around the party we grabbed a drink and went to say hey to everyone. Ashton came up to us. "Heyyy, guuuuyyyyssss" he slured. Yep he's already drunk. He kissed Amber on the cheek and gave me a hug. "Wanna dance" she yelled in my ear over the music.

I quickly nodded and grabbed her hand, I pulled her out to the dance floor and we started to dance. Around 15 minutes later beau rocked up. He saw Amber and I and quickly grabbed her and started to kiss her. I shrugged it of and went to Luke who was making out with some chick from school. Once he saw me he pushed her away and grabbed us another drink.

"Thank god, you showed up she wouldn't leave me alone" he said whilst drinking his beer. "Where's Amber"

"With beau" once I said beau Luke's eyes widened.

"What the fuck is wrong with you seriously Calum why the fuck would you leave her alone with him" he said as he ran his fingers through his hair and paced back and forth.

I was so confused. "What"

"You haven't heard"

I slowly shook my head no.

"Beau is going to fuck Amber, take her home and then he is planning on breaking up with her when he takes her virginity"

"How do you know"

"I have a mate, that's friends with beau" he replied.

What a fuckhead, why would he do that to Amber. I ran of and searched everywhere for her. Soon I found beau. Without Amber. "Where the fuck is Amber" I yelled at him causing him to stop making out with the other girl.

"Iii don't kknnnooowwww, sheeee left Meee" he slured.

I ran outside and found Amber sitting by the pool. I ran beside her and sat down next to her putting my arm around her shoulder. I looked at her and saw the tear stains and the vomit on her dress. "Amber"

"Calllum" she slured. She was drunk. Amber leaned in and was about to kiss me when I quickly pulled back.

"Amber. No. I can't take advantage of you when you are drunk." I said as I helped her up.

"It's not takinnngg advantage off me whhhheeennnn I want it cal, I like you heaps" she slured. I couldn't believe a word that came out of her mouth she was drunk and She was just saying that. Amber didn't really like me. Did she? No. She likes beau. And she is just drunk. I grabbed her hand and pulled her inside.

We made our way outside. I dragged Amber to the car. "But, cal o don't wannnnaaaa go home" she whined. I put her in the car and got into the other side.

"Calum, whyyy do you hate me, I wannnnaaa stay at the party" as whined as I started the car and started driving away.

"Amber, I love you that's why we are leaving okay"

"Okay" she replied happily.


After a 15 minute drive of Amber complaining and questioning me we finally got home. I turned. Of the car and walked around to ambers side of the car. I opened the door for her and we walked inside.

"This is a really nice house, were are we?" She asked really confused.

"Amber, we are at my house, and we are going to bed" I said as I dragged her upstairs.

Amber laid down in my bed an just as I thought she had fallen asleep she shot up. "Cal, I don't have my pjs on" she whined.

I laughed and helped her get up out if bed. I got one of my shirts and handed it to her. "I need help" she yelled getting frustrated because she couldn't reach the zip on the back of her dress.

I laughed, walking over to her. I helped her get changed and we laid down in my bed. "Calum, I really like you, and beau is only a distraction because I really like you" she said while smiling. I could t believe her once again. I mean Se was drunk and in the morning she won't even remember saying any of this.

I was broke from my thoughts by ambers lips touching mine. I kissed her back for a second but then realised what I was doing. I can't kiss Amber while she is drunk. I feel bad. "Amber, goodnight"

"I hate you" she whined.

"Love you too" I replied as we both fell asleep.


I felt Amber get out of bed and go somewhere. After about 20 minutes of her not coming back I decided to go and look for her. I went to all the bathrooms and she wasn't there. The kitchen. Nope. The lounge room. Nope. She left. I decided I would call her. I turned in my phone and saw I had a message from Amber.

It read: Calum how dare you take advantage of me last night, I was drunk. You knew I was a virgin. Fuck you Calum. I hate you so much. Don't bother calling me at all. Bye.

She thinks I took advantage of her last night I need to call her. And tell her that I didn't.

I tried calling her 4 times but each time she didn't bother picking up. She better not be at beaus house.

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