Ambers Calum's heartbreak girl.


7. 7


I woke up to see Amber wasn't in bed with me. She couldn't have left. I used the bathroom and went downstairs only to smell bacon and eggs. Amber was cooking me breakfast that's a first. I ran up behind her and grabbed her by the waist and spun her around. "Calllllluuuuuummmmm" she squealed. I put up down and kissed her forehead. I then went to the kitchen chairs and sat there to watch her make breakfast.

"It's ready" she said as she grabbed two plates out of the drawer. She piled food onto my plate and handed it to me. Once we both finished our food we went upstairs to get dressed. Amber has left clothes here from the many times she has stayed at my house so we didn't need to go to hers.

"Cal what are we doing today" Amber asked as she brushed her hair.

"Well, we have the party tonight so I was thinking we just went out for lunch and then we go to the mall to buy you a new dress and shit" I said as I laid on my bed watching her straighten her hair.

"Okay, but you are not paying for me or your not ordering for me" she said

"I am paying for you but I will let you order" I said with a smirk on my face.

She gave me a death glare as she started to do her makeup. "Whatever" she said as she closed the bathroom door to get changed.


"Hurry up Amber" I yelled from downstairs. She was taking forever today. "Wait a sec cal" she yelled from my room. I stood at the door impatiently waiting for Amber to get ready.

She came down the stairs in her black skinny jeans and a plain white t-shirt with her black vans. She was wearing some makeup and her hair was perfectly straightened and down. I chucked on my shoes and made my way to the car.

"You look hot today" I said as we jumped into my car. Almost straight away ambers cheeks turned bright red and she turned to look out the window thinking I didn't see anything.

"Thanks cal, I would say the same about you but it would be a lie" she said as she began to laugh.

"Amber why do you blush every time I complement you" I questioned her.

"W-what, I um, no way um I don't" she stuttered out.

"Whatever" I said as we kept on driving.

After about a few more minutes of silence I spoke up. "So where do you want to go for lunch"

"Umm, how about the diner we went to not that long ago"

"Okay" I replied and headed in that direction.


"Okay so food, what can I get for you two today" the waitress said as she placed out drink on the table.

"Can I please get the cheese burger and fries and she will-" Amber cut me off.

"And I will get the lasagna please" Amber replied giving me the death glare. The waitress scribbled down our orders and left.

"Calum, I told you that you weren't going to order for me" she laughed. I was about the speak when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned to my right to see who it was. It was the lady that had given me her number the other month.

"Hey baby cakes, why didn't you call me" She questioned me as she poured her lip.

"Um" I didn't want to sound rude and I could think of anything to say. I turned to Amber who had a disgusted look in her face. I winked at her.

"Because, I have a girlfriend" I replied as I grabbed Amber hands from across the table. Amber looked a bit startled at first but the got the idea to play along.

"Yeah" she said as she intertwined our fingers. The lady gave Me a look before she stormed of. Before either of up could speak we both burst into laughter.

The waitress gave us our food and Amber and I couldn't stop laughing about the event that ha occurred a few minutes ago.

Once we finished our food we drove to the mall.


"Amber we have already been to like 600 shops is this the last one" I asked as we walked into a shop that had loads of nice women's clothing. Amber grabbed a bunch of dresses and ran to the changing room.

She had tried on about ever single dress in the store. "None of these look good cal" she whined. I looked around for a dress that she hadn't tried in yet.

There it was a nice black dress that went a little past her bum. It was skin tight and was really sexy. I handed it to her and her eyes lit up.

She walked out of the changing room. "That looks sexy ambs" I said as she smiled at me, her cheeks turning a bit pink. She went back into the changing room and got into her normal clothes. "This is the one" she said as she handed me some money.

"Amber I told you I am paying for you" I said as I gave her back the money and grabbed my own. I paid for the dress and we headed back to my car.

"Calum, thank you so much, I seriously couldn't ask for a better best friend"

"Ambs, I couldn't ask for a better one either" I said as we drove home.

Once we got home I checked the time. 4:24. The party starts in five hours.

Next chapter is the party


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