Ambers Calum's heartbreak girl.


5. 5


I slowly got out of bed, I could still feel the dried up tears on my cheeks. She left me. Slowly the tears fell back out of my eyes onto my bed sheet. I got out of bed completely and made my way to the bathroom. I was a mess, hair sticking up everywhere. My eyes were red and puffy. My face, pale. I fucked up big time I don't even know why I said it, she loves beau, she always has and she always will, that science lesson came flashing back to me. More tears fell from my eyes and into the bathroom sink. Amber and beau were both right I am just a jealous dickhead. That wants Amber all to myself.

I got dressed and made my way downstairs. Waiting for a text or call from Amber saying that she was going to be picking me up, but I knew that never in a million years was that going to happen. I ate some food and headed out the front door for school. She left me.

I was walking in the front gates when I saw beau and Amber walking, holding hands. I teared my eyes away from them and kept walking to find the boys. I wonder if they already no what I did? I wonder if they got the message?

I soon found the boys sitting in the usual spot on the grass. I kept my head down. Thinking about anything and everything. Ignoring them as I sat on the grass. I was snapped out o my thoughts by someone tapping me on my shoulder I looked to my right and it was only luke. "Huh" I said

"Mate, I said why did you text all of us last night that you 'fucked up big time'?" He asked. All of the boys were staring at me. It sort of made me feel uncomfortable.

The thought of Amber was enough to make me fall to my knees and break down but Luke asking what I did was the worst feeling in the world.

"I uh i I I uh well..." I took a deep breath in and blinked away my tears.

"I told Amber that she should just forget that beau was ever in her life, break up with him because of all of the times that Amber has come to me crying because of him. I don't think that she deserves someone like him. She then told me that beau was right about the whole jealous thing then she ran out, crying" I finished and could feel the tears brimming my eyes.

The boys sat there silent, didn't even move, didn't say one word. The expression on their faces was blank. Nothing. I couldn't take it. I could tell that they were all judging me in their heads. So I got up and ran. "Calum" "cal" "fuck" that's all that I heard from behind me as I came closer to the gate. I slowed down as I was about to walk out of the school.

"Calum" I heard from behind me. Thinking that it was one of the boys I turned around but I was wrong it was beau. His face Wass filled with anger. Amber told him what I said. I looked over his shoulder and saw Amber standing there, all she did was look back at me as a tear rolled down her cheek. She gave me a sly smile. I could feel the tears brimming my eyes again. I looked away from her and headed out the gate.

"Mate I was talking to you"

"What do you want" I snapped

"Don't fucking talk to Amber again okay" he said as he grabbed Amber and walked away. I ran all the way home. Once I got there I laid on my bed and cried myself to sleep.


"Hello" I spoke into the phone. Ashton had just woke me up by calling me.

"We have band practice, you up for it?" He asked. The boys knew I was sad. I didn't go back to school and all of the boys had been trying to call and text all day. I told mum I was sick.

"Y-yeah I will be there in 20" I replied as I hung up the phone and got out of bed. I put on some other clothes and made my way downstairs.

"Cal are you feeling better" my mum asked as she felt my forehead. I nodded and mumbled a quick yes.

"You don't have a temperature, where are you going"

"Luke's, band practice" I replied as I walked out the door. I jumped in my car and headed for Luke's.

When I got there the garage door was already open so I just went through there. The boys came out from inside with food. "Want some" Mikey asked as he handed me some chips. I pushed them away and slowly shook my head. "Mate, you have to eat" he said as he put the chips back down on the table. "I'm just not hungry"

"Are you okay?" Luke asked. Tears brimmed my eyes.

"Fine" I replied blinking back to tears. Luke was my best friend he could tell that I wasn't alright even though I said I was fine.

"Wanna talk about it" Ashton asked as I grabbed my bass.

"Guys... I am absolutely fine okay don't worry about me now can we just practice... Please" I said as I walked over to the stairs.

They all gave me a look of sympathy before grabbing there instruments and we started playing.

After about the fourth song I couldn't do it anymore. Amber was on my mind and I couldn't concentrate let alone play an instrument. "Can we have a break...please" the boys had all noticed that I haven't been playing as good as I normally do but I couldn't get Amber out of my mind.


"Mum I am just going to go to bed okay, I am not really hungry"

"Okay goodnight"

I walked up the stairs waiting for a call from Amber like we used to every night. My finger hovered over the call button in ambers contact. Before I could press if a call came through on my phone. It was an unknown number.


"Hey is this Calum"

"Yeah... Why?"

"I just don't want you near Amber. So I would really appreciate it if you would jut fuck of and go and find someone else I have also got it through her head that you hate her. She hates you. She always has. Bye." Before I could answer he hung up. It was beau.

I laid back down in bed and opened ambers contact. I sent her a quick message like I did every night. But this time I knew that she wouldn't send one back. Goodnight xx

I was falling asleep when my phone buzzed. It was from Amber. Mate what the fuck did I tell you don't talk to my girlfriend and why the fuck would you send her kisses she hates you.

Tears brimmed my eyes. I wasn't going to cry again for the thousandth time today. But before I could do anything they started to stream down my face. I slowly and silently cried my self to sleep.

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Sorry I haven't updated in Like forever I will try an update every day but yeah...

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