Ambers Calum's heartbreak girl.


4. 4


1 month time skip...

Ever since Amber kissed me that night she was really awkward when I picked her up in the mornings or when I dropped her off in the afternoons. She only ever says one to two word answers and I am always the only one asking questions. If I asked her to sleep at mine she would always make up an excuse. Beau hasn't found out yet but I am scared Amber will tell him due to guilt. I haven't even told the boys.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by my phone buzzing on my leg. Amber. She doesn't call me at all and only ever texts if I text her first. It must be important.

"Hello" I said in a croaky voice.

"C-Calum c-can I please c-come over" she was crying.

This was the third time Amber has called me up crying in the past three months.

"Sure babe, what is it" I said, already knowing what he did.

"B-beau, I I will b-be there in t-ten"

"Okay see you soon babe, be careful, love you"

"L-love you too"

I jumped out of bed and chucked on some pj pants. I ran downstairs and started to make Amber some hot chocolate because I know she loves it when she is sad. I put the lady marshmallow in when the front door opened. She looked terrible, tears stained all down her face, her shirt was drenched due to the tears. Her hair was a mess.

I ran over to her and gave her a long hug. "Amber it's okay babe" she cried more when I said that.

I went back to the kitchen and picks up the hot mug. I led her upstairs and handed her the drink as she sat on my bed. I picked up a big nirvana shirt and handed it to her to get changed into. She put it on and I sat in front of her to see what had happened this time.

"Amber what did he do this time" I whispered pulling her head up to face me.

She didn't say anything, she just got her phone out and went to her messages. She clicked on her best friend gabby's contact and showed me a photo. It was of beau and some other girl kissing. I looked at her, more tears streaming down her face.

"Are you sure that's him"

"Don't Calum, y-your just making it worse" she whispered

"Fuck him, Amber you deserve way better then beau, maybe you should just break up with him for good, forget that he was ever in your life, forget about all these hurtful things he has done to you, Amber you have done nothing to deserve this, start a new life, without beau" my voice raised a little with every word that I spoke.

She didn't speak, she just sat there and stared at me. She does that when you have done something wrong. Fuck. Now I know I have messed up and I have ruined my whole relationship with Amber.

"What the fuck Calum, you know what, beau was fucking right about all the things he said to me. You are just jealous. He was right and I never should of listened to you. What is wrong with you? Don't talk to me okay". And with that she ran out of my room, tears rushing down her face. When I heard her car door slam and the sound of her tires screeching down my street. I knew for a fact that she was gone.

I laid back on my bed, tears streaming down my face, I got my phone out and texted Calum, Ashton and Mikey.

Guys I fucked up big time.

I know that they wouldn't get it to the morning. I then decided to text Amber as well.

Amber please listen, I am so sorry, I have just realised that I have fucked up big time, and I know how much you hate me right now, I mean I would hate me too, I shouldn't of said it, I don't know why I did, but I am so fucking sorry. I love you. Goodnight xx

I put my phone on my bed side table and slowly cried myself to sleep.


Sorry I haven't updated in ages. But I wemt camping, it was the new year and Christmas. Sorry.

I really hope you are enjoying my story. Remember.



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