Ambers Calum's heartbreak girl.


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Amber and I have barely spoken ever since she dropped me off that one afternoon, she doesn't believe me when I told her that he was with that other girl in class. Her and beau are still dating, she hasn't caught him with another girl yet, but I am waiting because I know it will happen again.

I looked down at my phone sitting on my bed as it rang. "Shit" I mumbled as I saw that the caller ID was Amber.

"Hey Amber" I whispered, she hasn't called me in forever so I had a feeling it was about beau.

"Cal-Calum" she was crying fuck.

"Babe,babe calm down what's wrong?"

"B-beau I saw him with another girl" she cried even more.

"Babe, it's going to be alright I promise you"

"M-my heart hurts, h-he's cheated on me twice in the past two months" she whispered the last part.

"I know, I know babe it's okay"

"Calum it's not okay, I'll never get over him getting over me" she cried more.

I had no idea what to say. How dare he cheat on her again. He acts as if he is so in love with her at school, but when he isn't with her he is with another girl. Amber always forgives him though and by tomorrow she will be back with him.

"Good night Calum, I love you and I am so sorry for not speaking to you for a month, thanks for being a friend"

"It's okay ambs, love you too" I whispered before she hung up the phone.


I woke up to my phone beeping.

Amber:😂❤️: Hey cal cal, I am picking you up okay, be ready in 15.

I got out of my bed, used that bathroom, got dressed, did my hair and ate before Amber came. "Hey ambs, you okay?" I said as I got into her car.

"Yeah, I'm fine, I guess" she replied pulling out of my driveway.

Amber looked beautiful today, her long, brown hair was up in a high pony tail, she was wearing her ripped, black skinny jeans and a super man tee, with minimal makeup, how I like it.

"You look good today" I said looking at her. A smile spread across her face, one thing she loves is when I compliment her. Her wide smile showing of her pearly whites. God I love her. "Oh uh thanks Calum" she replied her cheek turning a bit pink.

We talked for a while until we arrived at school. We were walking in the front gate when Amber was pulled away by beau. "Bye, cal see you first period" she yelled as I walked away from her and beau.

I found the boys and sat down on the grass next to ash, not saying a word. "What's up with you" Mikey asked noticing something was wrong. The others looked over to me eager to see what I had to say.

I shook my head "Amber" I whispered looking at the ground.

"What" Luke yelled. He was just like me, he hated seeing Amber sad, he cared about her a lot.

"It's beau, he cheated on her again"

"Why are you so, you know this" Mikey said waving his hands around in the air.

"Because I know that she will forgive him, like she always does after he breaks her heart. She called me last night and told me that her heart hurts and that she will never get over him getting over her, I'm just fucking sick of him cheating and I am sick of her always forgiving him every time" I yelled and stormed off.

As I was walking away the bell rang and I ran to class. I sat down at my normal table that I sit at with Amber. She walked in with a huge smile on her face, saying hi to everyone as she walked past them. Stopping at me.

"Calum, sorry about before, beau needed to talk to me" she smiled at me before she sat down.

"Let me guess, you forgave him" I said playing with the pen that was in front of me.

"Calum don't be angry or upset with me please, i love him, I always have and I always will" she said as the teacher walked in.

"I love you too Calum" she laughed before the teacher started the lesson.

Inside I was fucking furious, why would she forgive him for like the hundredth time. When Amber said that she loved him my heart sank. I blinked back the tears as quickly as I could. I defiantly did not want her seeing me cry especially over her relationship. But it is beau and she can do way better, Amber deserves way better... Someone who is as nice and as loving and as caring as her.

The rest of the day flew by and right now I am walking to the car with Amber so she can drop me of at home. I jumped into the car, we were about to pull out when beau ran up the the car.

"Be nice" Amber whispered before she rolled down her window.

"Babe, can you drop me home please" beau asked. Amber nodded.

Beau ran around the car and stopped at my door and opened it. "Hey Calum, get out" he whispered

"Fuck off" I yelled

"Cal" Amber said as she hit me softly.

Beau muttered something under his breath then got in the back of ambers car. Amber dropped him home and I let out a breath of relief.

"Amber, your staying at mine tonight" I said as we drove of to my house.

She laughed "whatever you say mate"

We pulled up at my house and went up to my room. The night was spent eating pizza, watching movies and cuddling. I loved how Amber didn't feel like she was cheating on her boyfriend by doing this, it wouldn't matter if she did anyways.

I turned of the tv and turned to face my best friend.

"Guess what?"


"I have the most beautiful best friend in the whole entire world" she laughed. "Well I have the most prettiest best friend in the whole world" she replied and kissed my cheek belfry rolling over, still in my arms and we both fell asleep.



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