Ambers Calum's heartbreak girl.


10. 10


Once Amber hung up i turned the car around and sped of the beaus house. What the fuck is wrong with him. He wouldn't do anything bad. I hope.

Why would Amber even go to his house. Wait. Ambers front door was open and she wasn't there. He fucking went to her house and got her. Fuck. The more I thought about it, the more I got angry. What goes through his head when he does these things. Fuck.

Within five minutes I was already there. I pulled up with a loud screech and jumped out of the car not bothering to turn it off. I ran to the door and tried to open it. Fuck. Locked. I ran around the side of the house and just to my luck a window was open. I climbed up the side of beaus house. Never thought I would be doing this. I jumped through the window. It definitely wasn't his room. Looked more girly. I ran through the house making sure I wasn't making too much noise. I reached a room who's door was closed and locked. She's probably in there. I kicked the door down. Wow twice in a day. I should be a superhero. I was snapped out of my thoughts by a gist colliding with my face. I was instantly knocked to the ground. "Fuck" I whined in pain. My vision went blurry and then it went black.


"Poor poor Calum, I told you not to go near my girlfriend but you don't ever listen do you" a faint voice came from over the top of me. Beau. Slowly my vision came back and I could clearly see who was standing over the top of me. Beau. Instantly I jumped of the bed and ran to the door of the room I was in. I reached for the door handle "no use mate" beau murmured under his breath. "What the fuck do you want from me seriously"

"Cal, I told you not to go near Amber. And what did you do. You went near her. So now I am keeping her here because you are just bad news and she really doesn't need you in her life" he replied with a big smirk on his face.

" don't call me cal" I whispered through gritted teeth.

"Why not cal" he glared at me.

"Where is she, let me go you asshole" I yelled at him.

As beau was yelling at me I could hear a faint yell from downstairs. Amber. I ran to the door and kicked it down. Wow third time. Soon enough I found myself downstairs and in a room looking for her. I heard another faint yell. "Amber" I screamed out. "Amber"

I followed the sound. From the corner of my eye I could see beau with an object in his hand. Before he could touch me I grabbed it and hit him in the head. He fell onto the floor, surrounded by a pool of blood. Shit.

"Calum" it was closer now. Soon I found myself in a room with Amber smashing on the bathroom door. I quickly unlocked it and pulled Amber in a hug. She quickly hugged back.

"Amber, wow are you okay, babe, what did he do, Amber answer me" I practically yelled at her.

"I'm fine, I swear, he just told me to never go near you again, I'm fine , I love you" she whispered laughing.

"Where is he" she whispered underneath her breath.

"On the floor" I whispered as I led her out to where beau was on the floor.

"Calum, what the fuck did you do to him" she yelled as she hit me and went to the floor and looked at her head.

"It's just a little cut, he's fine" I said as I grabbed her and we walked out the door.

My car was still running and the door was still open so we got in and drive back to my house. "Oh and Calum I don't hate you at all" she whispered

"I love you Amber"

"I love you too Calum"

I think I am going to write this book again haha


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