Ambers Calum's heartbreak girl.


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"Bye Lucas" I whispered into the phone as I hung it up. "Cal,dinners ready" mum yelled from downstairs. I slowly got out of my bed and went downstairs. I ate dinner and went back upstairs to see I had a missed call from Amber.

Amber was my bestfriend but... I loved her, she only ever had and ever will think of me as her best friend, simply because she has a boyfriend. But he's a fucking dick, he treats her like shit, but somehow she goes back to him every time he breaks her heart.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by my phone ringing repeatedly in my ears. I looked at the caller ID. Amber😂❤️.

"Hey ambs" I said cheerfully through the phone.

"H-hey c-Calum" she was crying.

"Babe,what's wrong"

"I-it's beau" she whispered still crying.

"Fuck, what did he fucking do" I was getting angry.

"I saw him i-in the p-park this afternoon hugging and kissing t-this other g-girl"

"May-maybe it was his cousin, or uh friend ambs" I said, trying to make her feel good, I always do it beachside I absolutely hate seeing or hearing her cry.

"Cal, stop trying and stop lying to me I-it just hurts me more" shit.

"Sorry babe, well you know it will get better, be the Amber I love and know and go and talk to him, see what he has to say about this" I replied laughing.

"Okay, bye cal, love you"

"Love you too"

I hung up the phone and could feel tears in the corners of my eyes. Amber and I always said we love eachother, the sad thing is she says it in a friend way and I say it like I truly mean it but she has no idea how I feel, and I can't tell her because I am so scared it will ruin our friendship, and she has a boyfriend, that she will end up forgiving tomorrow. Fuck. By now the tears were streaming down my cheeks. I never usually cry over her but I need her to know my feelings.


"Fuck" I groan as I get out of bed as my alarm was blaring in my ears. I hit the off button and got out of bed.

I grabbed an outfit from my cupboard, some black, skinny jeans and a cold play band tee. I went to that bathroom and did my hair. My phone started ringing from my bed.

"Hello" I sad not even checking the caller ID.

"Hey, cal I am picking you up, I will be there in 10" it was Amber.

"K" I said before hanging up the phone and running downstairs.

I grabbed an apple and watched some tv. I heard ambers car pull up in the driveway so I grabbed my bag and phone and headed out the door.

"Hey ambs" I said as I jumped into the car.

"Hey calllll" she replied laughing.

I have her a hug "I spoke to beau" she whispered his name. I instantly let go and grabbed her shoulders.


"Well, he said it was his cousin, so I forgave him" she finished and a huge smile spread across her face.

I knew beau was lying, I don't know why he would do all of these things he has down over these past months, why the fuck would someone want to hurt someone so innocent, beautiful, nice, just plain amazing. I was snapped out of my thoughts "Calum" Amber yelled.


"We are here... At school"

I jumped out of the car and met Amber at the front. We walked into school and we were met by beau. I instantly felt my blood boil, my fists were clenched by the sides of my body. Amber walked over to him and gave him a kiss. I gave beau a look and stormed off to find Luke, Ashton and Michael. I soon found them on the grass. "Hey guys" I said as I walked over to them sweat dripping down my forehead.

"Wow! What happened to you, did you like just run a marathon Ashton laughed as he hit my arm playfully.

"No,it's fucking beau, lying to Amber again" I yelled at them.

Their faces turned red. "What the fuck did he do this time" Luke yelled. "He cheated again, told Amber it was his cousin, same same"

Mikey was about to say something when the bell rang. First class English, with beau yay. I walked into class and saw him sitting with another girl, his hand on top of hers and just as I was about to sit down he gave her a fucking kiss. I'm over his shit. I ran over to him and slammed my hands down on his table.

"Who the fuck do you think you are, seriously? How dare you fucking cheat on Amber like that. Fuck you. Amber is an amazing girl and all you do it break her heart over and over again. All the fucking time. You have this girl and probably a few more fucking hundred. Seriously fuck you, fuck you beau brooks" I was sick of his shit.

"Oh and don't go near her ever a fucking gain"

All he did was sit there and smirk at me. "Calum, you know, no matter what you say to her, she will just keep on running back to me, over and over again, she is just so deeply in love with me, that soon she will understand that you are just so fucking jealous, that you want her all the yourself, but sorry mate she loves me and only me" he smirked one more before turning to face the front.

"Oh and I will be telling her about our little chat hood" he said as the teacher walked into the classroom. Fuck I hated him so fucking much.

Finally English and math was over. I was walking trying to find the boys or Amber. I spotted her... With beau. Fuck.

I walked past them quickly hoping she wouldn't spot me. "Cal" she yelled, I could tell she was angry. "I will talk to you later, without him" I yelled back and walks away to find the boys.

"Guys, fuck, beau" I yelled running my hands through my hair, pacing back and forth while the boys tried to calm me down.

"Mate what's up" Luke asked with worry in his voice.

"Fucking beau, I confronted him about cheating on Amber, then he told me how I am just jealous and that i wanted her all to myself, now he is probably fucking telling her different things, that didn't happen, to make me hate her, fuck." I yelled at them.

"Mate, she could never hate you, you guys have been in each others life's for more then ten years. You have been best friends for ten fucking years, there is no way in the world she could ever hate you, no matter what anyone says, she loves you to much" Ashton said as I sat down in the chair.

"She doesn't love me that way I love her" I whispered hoping no one would hear. Everything fell quiet. It was awkward. The boys knew I had those feelings for her, I've had them ever since we started the band, a few years after I met her. She has never had any feelings for me in that way.


Finally school was finished for the day, I hadn't spoken to Amber or beau once more today and right now I was walking home. I was about two blocks away from my house when j felt a car pull up beside me.

"Get in, right now" I turned to see an angry Amber.

I hesitated at first but then jumped in her car. "Hey" I whispered knowing she was angry at me for no reason.

"What is wrong with you, Calum seriously? You can't tell my boyfriend that he is a lying dickhead and that I don't even love him"

I knew it, he lied to her once again, about me making up false shit, that was no where near true.

"I didn't say any of that shit, did he tell you that" I said looking at her driving.

"Yes, yes he did Calum who am I supposed to believe" she whispered.

"Me, Amber you have to believe me m, I have been in your life for ten fucking years Amber"

"Calum..." Everything fell quiet.

"He told me in class that I was jealous of your relationship he told me that he was going to make you hate me, Amber please believe me" I sad breaking the awkward silence.

She looked at me tears filled her eyes "Amber please don't cry"

"Why did you get angry at him in the first place" I wanted to tell her so bad, I really did. I wanted to tell her that I saw him in class kissing another girl that was not her. I wanted to tell her that he cheated and still is. I needed to but I simply couldn't. Because I want her to be sad like she is when she finds out he is with other girls.

"B-because Amber I-I I was looking out for you because I love you Amber I am fucking sorry for looking out for my best friend; I am fucking sorry" I replied as I jumped out of the car, tears filling my eyes, "I'm sorry" I whispered as I walked inside and straight up to my room.


so this is my new book, I hope you like it so far even though it was the first chapter, anyway LIKE. COMMENT. FAVOURITE. AND. FAN.


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