Jesus the Savior

Poetry on Lord Jesus.


1. Jesus the Savior


When twilight of the moon, 

bestowing its tiny dim essence of joy. 

a new life blossoms with an immaculate heart with earth as an abode,

igniting the world through his charm and benevolence known as a son of God.


a divine beauty spread across the world,

a heavenly breeze blowing in the universe.

brought the light in the world of darkness,

for which lovely bow down to his lotus feet,

when he called as a Jesus Christ.


Hark! Hark! with all my heart,

let us worship and adore the prince of peace.

Crucified on the cross ,

just to save the world from all its sins.


I feel your love within my heart,

gives the wings to soar high in the sky.

with your fullness of mighty love,

the kingdom of heaven is appeared nigh.


Sometimes in my life I go astray,

forsaken on the way tears run down my face.

with your fathomless mercy and divine grace,

the way, truth and life again I retrace.


O Savior O my lord,

with your blessings my soul is revived.

with full of glory my soul I see,

I will be eternally indebted as you died for me.


The words you said everyday I ponder,

insight-fully my heart fills with wonder.

Let us thank him for all his divine mercy,

the way he showed the world all his courtesy.

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