"Oops!"..... "Hi"?

(Y/n) is a 25 year old girl who recently moved to LA to live with her best friend Easton. One day (y/n) decided to go to the local market to shop. In a hurry to get home she bumps into a guy. Little does she know that her whole world is about to be turned upside down.


3. "Oops!"..... "Hi"?


Easton's P.O.V

   ​I woke up with a horrible headache and yelled "(y/n)" she walked in and said well "sleeping beauty is up". I rolled my eyes and asked her what happened she started laughing and said " Check your phone". I said crap and grabbed my phone. I opened photos and to my surprise it was only pictures of Colton and I. She winked at my and walked out for a minute then came back in with some headache medicine and some water. I said thanks then she asked "if I wanted anything specific to eat for my hang over"? because she was gonna run to the market across the street.  I said no and she said "okay."   (y/n) P.O.V    ​I had already showered but now I needed to pick out a little outfit to wear to the market. I decided on (down below)


​(y/n) P.O.V


I grabbed my little book bag and headed to the market. I was walking around the market grabbing the things that were on my list. I had one more thing to get but while I was looking down at my list while walking I bumped into someone I said "Oops!" and quickly apologized while looking down trying to find my list. Then I heard a deeper yet soft voice say "it's okay I was my fault". I was getting ready to look up and see who was talking when my clumsy self slipped and fell but before I touched to ground to arms rapped around me and caught me.    ​I finally got a good look at him now he had nice brown eyes and a nice, strong physique. His hair was dark but had been died red on top. He was looking into my eyes and said "Hi"? I then replied with a "Hi I'm (y/n)". He said "I'm Mark". We then smiled at each other and he helped me to my feet and in his hand was my list he handed it to me.

He then apologized again and said he had to go because was gonna be late for a meeting. I said okay and he started to walk away but then turned around and in his kind voice said nice to meet you (y/n) and smiled then ran off. Once I came back into reality I realized I didn't get his number or anything else about him only his name. I sighed while saying, "crap"! I thought to my self I'll never see him again... Then I looked down at my list and to my surprise it said ill meet you here tomorrow at this same time . My face lit up I couldn't wait till tomorrow and to tell Easton everything. Something else inside me thought he looked a little familiar but this was my first time in L.A. interesting I thought to my self with a smile then headed home.. I didn't even get the last thing on my list..





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